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Diagnostics of failures of the state castle of Veltrusy
Drdácký, Miloš ; Cikrle, P. ; Wendrich, A.
The report presents results of diagnostics of two objects of the Veltrusy Castle which was damaged during the 2002 year flood - Laudon pavilion and the main outdoor staircase. The following NDT methods were utilized: long term monitoring of movement in cracks, thermography and radar measurements.

Complex survey of fish community of Kamýk reservoir in 2012
Draštík, Vladislav ; Jůza, Tomáš ; Kubečka, Jan
The report summarizes results of complex ichthyological survey of Kamýk reservoir in 2012, which purpose was to evaluate possible influence of considered building of pumping hydroelectric power station (increased daily water level fluctuations) on ichthyofauna of Orlík and Kamýr water bodies.

Seismic effect of blast operations and induced seismic events in Rožná 1 Mine - 2015
Kaláb, Zdeněk ; Lednická, Markéta ; Kaláb, Tomáš
This research report describes results of experimental seismological measurement in Rozna Mine in 2016. Mining induced seismic events were not detected.

State Security in 1989
Procházka, Libor ; Vilímek, Tomáš (advisor) ; Štefek, Martin (referee)
Thesis wants to show how well the Czechoslovak secret police was informed about the activities, plans and tactics of the political opposition especially in the year 1989. The main sources for the paper are the authentic records of the State Security as regular situation reports, information on the security situation in the country, inside directives of the secret police, but also some documents of the Communist Party leadership. Text shows which were the most important activities of the independent initiatives in the viewpoint of StB and prove that the security forces of the regime seem to might have had (surprisingly) good information on the opposition initiatives. Paper is also aimed on some functional aspects of the State Security, which did not exist in a political vacuum, but was directly subordinated to the Communist Party. Finally, it describes changes in the organizational structures of StB, particularly linked to the reform in 1988. Key words: State security, year 1989, opposition in Czechoslovakia, Charta 77, Movement for Civic Freedom, Obroda, Democratic initiative

Final report on Project M/19/05: National Time and Frequency Primary Standard
Čermák, Jan ; Buzek, Otokar ; Čemusová, Blanka ; Šojdr, Ludvík ; Kuna, Alexander ; Pánek, Petr
Zpráva obsahuje přehled výsledků prací v oblasti primární metrologie času a frekvence dosažených v rámci plnění úkolu M/19/05 Programu rozvoje metrologie v Laboratoři Státního etalonu času a frekvence /SEČF/ v ÚRE AV ČR v roce 2005.