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Problems of persons with disabilities in the context of the integration into working life
NOVÁ, Zuzana
The thesis describes the current issues of employment of persons with disabilities with special focus on the Tábor region in 2010. In the theoretical part are described the possibilities of fulfilling the mandatory proportion of employers, explained the concept of a person with disability, the working conditions of persons with disabilities and employer contributions to the Labour Bureau. Object of my research were the companies employing people with disabilities in the region of Tábor. The sample consisted of 182 employers. Mandatory share, which under the Employment Act must be met, it is usually implemented through a combination of employment options of persons with disabilities and the purchasing of products or services.

The Incidence of Suicide Among Alcoholics
LHOTSKÁ, Veronika
For my master thesis, I have chosen the topic of alcoholics' suicide occurrence. There were 1647 people who have committed a suicide in the Czech Republic during the year 2012. Out of the 1647 people, there were 1370 men, and 277 women (ČSÚ, 2013). The deaths of alcoholics are not recorded by the National Evidence Center. The thesis is divided into theoretical and practical parts. The information for the theoretical part was gathered from academic sources. The two examined parts are the suicide commitment in the Czech Republic, and the alcohol consumption. The practical part is simply a primary research that I have done in PL Červený Dvůr. The research had two parts; quantitative and qualitative. The qualitative part was done through interviews with chosen respondents. The quantitative part was done through surveys distributed in PL Červený Dvůr. I have chosen to do the quantitative part first, so that I could choose the right candidates for the quantitative part based on their responses. The interviews helped me to complete the information I was looking for. I have set various goals that I wanted to reach through the research. The main goal was to chart the suicide behavior of alcoholics who are patients of PL Červený Dvůr. In order to reach such goal, I have set partial goals. The first partial goal was to contras the reason that lead the patients of PL Červený Dvůr to try to commit a suicide. According to the results I received, the most common reason for committing a suicide is either unfulfilled love, or the breaking-up with partner. Another goal was to discover the way the patients tried to kill themselves. As the majority responded so, the most common way is to cut the veins while drunk. The third goal was to compare and contrast the different reasons why as well as the ways how to commit a suicide. I have focused on two groups of patients of PL Červený Dvůr; the alcoholics and the toxicants. The alcoholics had proven that the reason why the tried to kill themselves was love, but the toxicants stated that they did it because they simply did not have a reason to live anymore. Both of the groups decided to end their lives by cutting their veins.

Differences between men and women in the Czech labour market
Stroukal, Dominik ; Kadeřábková, Božena (advisor) ; Pavelka, Tomáš (referee) ; Němec, Otakar (referee)
This thesis consists of five articles that apply current world research on labor economics at the Czech Republic and confirms the significant differences between men and women in this market. It shows that gender has a significant influence on the preference on the labor market and, consequently, on employment and health. First, the thesis shows that preferences are relevant determinant of career and then we study the difference in preference of salary for men and women. Subsequently it shows that gender plays a significant role in explaining the relationship between homeownership, and unemployment, as well as unemployment and health. The first chapter was able to demonstrate that the preference for a career has a positive influence on the choice of career. The influence of higher education on prioritizing career proved to be positive and significant. Probability of a career choice is reduced by the presence of children, however, is not dependent on their number, which is contrary to the theory of preferences. The second chapter shows that Czech women prefer more non-monetary rewards than men. It has also been shown that people with university education are same in the preferences of non-monetary rewards regardless of the gender of the respondents, however, compared to the world's research, the Czech higher education increases this preference. It turned out that women prefer risk less than men. The third chapter demonstrates that although the housing market undermines labor mobility and employment in the Czech Republic at the regional level, therefore, that in regions with a higher rate of home ownership is higher unemployment, at the individual level, the owners of housing are unemployed are less likely. The estimates are significantly different for men and women. Men living in owner-occupied housing have a higher likelihood of employment than women. At regional level, however, this thesis shows that the high rate of home ownership increases unemployment for both men and women, in the long run only to women. The fourth chapter showed that men transition to homeownership reduces the likelihood of unemployment next year. For women, this relationship has proved to be insignificant. In addition, as insignificant showed the opposite relationship, the transition from unemployment to the newly acquired home ownership. The last chapter shows that the change in the working status to unemployment will increase in the future probability of worse health. Influence in less than two years, however, proved to be significant. An important conclusion is that men have a significantly stronger relationship between health and unemployment than women.

Multicriteria games
Tichá, Michaela ; Dlouhý, Martin (advisor) ; Lachout, Petr (referee) ; Čičková, Zuzana (referee)
Theory of multicriteria games is a special field of game theory, when one or more players have at least two payoff functions and want to maximize simultaneously. The work introduces a number of new findings. It examined the concept of finding equilibria in pure strategies in noncooperative multicriteria game. It is possible to find all the equilibria in pure strategies by full search and solving two linear programs for each point. Furthermore, two linear programs are formulated for verifying that a selected point is the equilibrium of the game or not. In the noncooperative games is also introduced the concept that with knowledge of the equilibrium of bimatrix game determines preferences of the players. Although finding the equilibrium point of the bimatrix game is nonlinear problem, finding the preferences is linear problem. The latest findings in the noncooperative games is a generalization of the concept that solves multicriteria game by assigning weights to each criterion of each player. The work demonstrates that it may not be necessarily linear weights, but it can be more general function that describes the player's preference. The remaining part is devoted to knowledge in cooperative games. There is considered that the players know their preferences and are able to express them by weights. The game with known preferences is defined and solved with the use of bargaining theory. Then it is generalized to a case where players have more payoff functions, from which they can choose. Finally, the multicriteria case of voting game is defined. It is designed completely new concept, which selects the winning coalition in the voting game. This concept is then applied to the real situation after the elections to the Chamber of Deputies in 2013.

The leveling of the newly stabilized elevation points in RA Detmarovice in 2016
Kajzar, Vlastimil ; Waclawik, Petr ; Staš, Lubomír
In the northern area of mining areas Doubrava and Karvina mines on the border RA Detmarovice and Doubrava are implemented, the mining activities. For this reason, in order to detect possible effects of the mine to the surface and surface objects twice a year height focuses, points in this area stable. From 2014 he was a contractor for these works chosen by the Institute of Geonics, v.v.i., Ostrava. The measurement results are annually presented in the final report - elevation measurements in the northern area of mining areas Doubrava and Karviná Mines I. In 2016, the existing network of height points in a cadastral municipality Dětmarovice expanded by 11 new points. New points are stabilized by means of steel bench mark on objects. Elevation point near house No. 713 is a stabilized form of measuring support cast-in steel casing

Analysis breeding of milk cattle on the chosen biofarme
Plášková, Pavlína ; Toušová, Renata (advisor) ; Ducháček, Jaromír (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to evaluace the conditions of dairy cattle breeding in ecological agriculture and to compare them with concrete values taken from the chosen ecological farm Bílčice, which has been part of ecological agriculture since 2011 and which is focused on czech fleckvieh breeding and bio milk production. The first part deals with dairy cattle breed characteristic, main objectives and ecological agriculture principals, welfare problems, breed cattle and utility control, housing technology, nutrition and feeding, mechanical milking technology, milk production, reproduction, health condition and breeding economy. The practical part contains the rating of milk yield index (milk production, % proteins, % fat) and reproduction index ( meantime, perioda service, insemination index and after first parturition percentage). 650 pieces of cos were stabled at farm, from that 200 pices of dairy cos were mostly czech fleckvieh. Monitoring was made in 2013. Dayily milk production was around 2 750 kg. The milk utility for lactacion was in 2013 6 100 kg of milk, 3,89 % fat and 3,34 % proteins. The dairy cos were free stabled with high bedding, They were mechanically milked twice a day in herringbone parlours. Milk is being delivered once in twodays to Olma dairy. Cows are regularly driven out to pasture in summer feeding period. They are extra fed with 10 kg of clover silage and 6 kg of scarp (barely, wheat, triticale). Cows stays in stables for winter time. The ration consists of 45 kg of clover silage, 6 kg of scarp, 2 kg of lupine and 1 kg of corn in first time of lactacion. The cow utility in transitional form of economy at farm Bilcice was 7 477 kg of milk in 2010, a value in the Czech Republic was 7 726 kg of milk. After entering the ecological agriculture in 2013 milk yield at the farm decreased on 6 100 kg of milk and the average value in the Czech Republic increased to 8 370 kg of milk. The cow utility in transitional form was 4,03 % fat in 2010 and 3,89 % in 2013 (ecological agriculture). A diference between 2010 and 2013 is 0,14 %. Proteins were 3,39 % in 2010 and 3,34 % in 2013. There was average value for every reproduction index. The service period was 96 days and the meantime was 400 days, the insemination index was 1,8 and the after first parturition percentage was 54,2 %.

Impact of Current Information Technology Trends on the Future of Grey Literature
Savić, Dobrica
This paper deals with emerging information technology (IT) and other trends and their impact on the grey literature. It is based on analysis of the most prevalent trends in general information management and new IT solutions, which will define and impact the digital future of related information management activities, as well as the grey literature. The analysis was done based on seven reports issued in 2016 by five world leading consulting and service companies that have a special interest in researching the impacts of IT on our business environments, work procedures and behaviors.
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Personal income taxation from employment, self-employment and rental income in 2014
The aim of my diploma thesis is to analyze the principles of personal income taxation including social contributions and health insurance. Overall personal income tax is composed of five different partial tax bases. The first partial tax base consists of income from employment, the second one is self employed income, the third is income from rental property, the fourth is income from capital and the last is "other income". This thesis will deal with the first four partial tax bases. In the theoretical section I have described the most important concepts of personal income tax structure, social contribution and health insurance. The practical part is divided into four chapters according to partial tax base. I have chosen six different amounts from 100 000 CZK to 5 000 000 CZK which were used for tax calculation. The main goal is to compare partial tax bases of personal income tax in 2014.

Volby do Evropského parlamentu v roce 2014 (území České republiky)
Český statistický úřad
Ve dnech 23. a 24. května 2014 se na území České republiky konaly již třetí volby do Evropského parlamentu. V ostatních členských státech Evropské unie volby proběhly v období mezi 22. a 25. květnem 2014 Volební období poslanců Evropského parlamentu je pětileté, příští volby se tedy budou konat v roce 2019.
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Dance as a means of integration adults with intellectual disability
The goal of the bachelor thesis called Dance as a means of integration adults with intellectual disability was to create, implement and evaluate a dance course focused on the development of social competences in adults with intellectual disability. The thesis deals with adults with intellectual disability and with a leisure activity focused on dancing. There is some space for the development of social competences in adults´ leisure time. In response to the current situation of leisure activities proposition for adults with intellectual disability. I found it beneficial to found a dance group of adults with intellectual disability, and at the same time a group of individuals intact in places unfamiliar to them. Based on an activity which may be implemented amusingly it is possible to develop an individual´s personality as well as his or her social competences, which become a presumption of a successful integration, universally. The bachelor thesis consists of four chapters.The first chapter defines the term ´intellectual disability´. Further on the attention is paid to the characteristics of the target group, i.e. adults suffering from a slight and medium mental retardation. Further on, the disability´s impact onto the human psyche as well as social area is described. In the second chapter the term ´dance´is defined and then the description of its usefulness within the leisure, artistic and therapeutic areas is given. In the third chapter the presumptions for a successful integration are described. In the conclusion of the theoretical part there is an interconnection made between the target group and the activity for developing social competences. The theoretical part of the bachelor thesis is continued with a practical part, the fourth chapter. It is a programme of a six-month course which I have set together based on the analysis of expert literature and my experience gained during the leadership of dance lessons and working with adults with intellectual disability. The programme will include work methods and an evaluation of partial activities. The six-month course was held in the school year of 2015/2016 and 6 intellectually disabled adults took part in it. Students of the University of South Bohemia joined the course. Partial goals were set for individual dance lessons and the activities were set so that they would develop social competences in participants non-violently and in the greatest extent possible. The course was implemented in the IN Civic Association facilities. To evaluate the activity and find out the progress within the area of the participants´ social competences, several development fields have been set. Several chosen social competences were divided into evaluation scales. The participants were evaluated at the beginning of the course and then again, six months later. The evaluation method chosen was my own observation. I focused on the evaluation of my own working, on group evaluation and the evaluation of each individual. Evaluation was also done on the part of each course participant, too. Dance lessons and activities connected have proven to be a suitable means for developing social competences in intellectually disabled adults. In five participants the values have risen in 5 10 out of 17 competences observed. A recourse occured in a participant who was going through a difficult life situation during the last two months of the course. Values have risen dramatically and in all participants in the area of group cooperation. Five participants made a progress in establishing and keeping eye contact and in starting a conversation. One participant has made a progress in the area of group performance, another one has made a progress in the area of independence and another one started to call the other participants by their names, as opposed to the beginning of the course. In general, the members of the group became more self-confident.