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Creation of incomes, expences and income from operations of company
definition of incomes, expences, income of operations and return of sales, analysation in real firm, named a few main factors which influence them
Waste and Container Management Analysis at Selected Area
The goal of my bachelor´s work was the analysis of economical use of waste products and packing in the chosen area from the standpoint of both environment, economy and logistics. For my work I have chosen the town of Vodňany where refuse collection is provided by the company RUMPODL 01 {--} Vodňany L.t.d. The charge for the system working of gathering, collection, transport, sorting out, use and removing of the waste products was determined by the town of Vodňany to 480 Czech crowns. This charge was calculated from the real costs. If people sorted out more, this charge would fall. It follows from my questionnaire that most inhabitants of this town sort out only sometimes and that´s why the amount of waste increases. The amount of sorted waste also increases but not in sufficiency. People sort out mostly the plastics.
Recyklace PET lahví
Veselý, Václav ; Hanika, Jiří
Chemical PET recycling to therephtalic acid and ethylenglycol is carried out through alkaline hydrolysis and subsequend electrodialysis. The alkaline glykol solution is recur to the hydrolysis. Crystallic therephtalic acid is separated from suspense and is washed and dried. Vakuum destilation is applied to get ethylenglycol.
Treatment of waste rubber by co-gasification with brown coal
Straka, Pavel ; Kříž, Vlastimil ; Káš, Václav ; Hanzlíček, Tomáš ; Brožová, Zuzana
Experiment in industrial scale proved that waste rubber can be treated by co-gasification with brown coal.
Příprava geopolymerního kompozitu s odpadní gumou
Skoba, O. ; Bednařík, V. ; Vondruška, M. ; Slavík, R. ; Hanzlíček, Tomáš
Study of the behavior of geopolymer composite with tyre- shreds (waste material of tread tyre production). Possibility of the futur use of new composite material.
Lean management - the way how to manage your company more effectively
Medková, Jana ; Khelerová, Vladimíra (advisor)
Nowadays, the world is undergoing financial and economic crisis (at least its effects die away), many companies deal with the problem how to reduce costs, streamline production etc. Particularly manufacturing enterprises face problems of high stocks of unfinished material, spoilage, low machine utilization, low efficiency of human labour, etc. These problems and deficiencies are caused by wasting. With the help of specific tools lean management seeks for the answer of how to eliminate waste and streamline processes. The resulting effect is higher added value due to lowered consumed time and money. Enterprise is lean if it can rationally and systematically use all resources available and prevent waste in all its forms. In the first part of this work I describe the historical development of lean management. Subsequently the work is focused on the whole concept of this idea with an emphasis on understanding the philosophy, principles and target areas of leadership of lean management. As the next section I list the specific tools which are being used in current practice. The practical part deals with the process of Value Stream Mapping. My findings are consequently supported by international Lean Management Study 2008 which shows the relevance of implementing lean processes.
Is Waste to Energy an alternative?
Hanigovský, Štefan ; Slavík, Jan (advisor) ; Kotoulová, Zdeňka (referee)
The world waste hierarchy is changing under the pressure of growing population, strict standards of living and environmental standards, as well as new technological experiences. Strengthening of environmental standards in Europe leads to restraining the most used and cheapest waste treatment method - landfilling. The limitation of landfilling will force the countries to search for alternative treatments. This diploma thesis is supposed to give certain conclusion whether the incineration of waste with gaining energy (waste-to-energy) can be the right way how to deal with waste in the future. Current market position of waste-to-energy is being examined in selected European countries, focusing on whole environmental, economic and social aspects of using this technology. Incineration as commercially proven state-of-the-art technology is still having problems entering the new markets even if the technology with its sophisticated approach shows a great environmental service. The results of the examinations show the potential for Czech Republic, as well as other countries where WTE is not utilized yet.
The waste management of the town of Třinec
Pokorná, Veronika ; Hadrabová, Alena (advisor) ; Dvořák, Antonín (referee)
This diploma thesis concentrates on the waste disposal in Třinec. The first chapter of the thesis is focused on the theoretical mooring of the waste disposal issue, both on the basis of the valid legal legislation, and the basis of the literature. The second chapter already concentrates on the area of the Třinec waste management itself. It describes the functioning of the waste management system, informs about the aims of the Waste Management Plan and evaluates their continuous fulfilment. Then it acquaints with the waste disposal of both the corporations and the individuals, and it also names the establishments competent to dispose with the waste, situated in the area of theTřinec town. Further, the thesis analyzes the waste evidence system of the corporations and the individuals authorized to the business, describes the weak points of this evidence and proposes to the necessary solutions. Hereinafter, the thesis focuses on the weak points of the waste management system funding, and also suggests the possible solutions on the basis of the valid legislation.
Business Management and Environment
Jankůj, Miroslav ; Dvořák, Jiří (advisor) ; Syrovátka, Oldřich (referee)
In the theoretical part we will focus primarily on the definitions closely linked to management and its relationship to the environment. We will also focus on waste management and legislation in the field of waste in the context of environmental protection. In the practical part we analyze the selected enterprise from the perspective of environmental protection. The next last objective of this study is to explore whether it is economically efficient for the selected enterprise to separate waste by type or to dispose of as mixed waste.

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