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Optimization of Production Processes Using Lean Methodology
Jablonka, Ján ; MBA, Marek Chromý, (referee) ; Juřica, Pavel (advisor)
The aim of this thesis is the implementation of lean manufacturing principles according to the lean methodology in selected company to minimize waste and effectiveness of production. The theoretical part is focused on defining the terms lean manufacturing, waste and lean methods that serve as the foundation for the practical part. The practical part is divided into several parts. First step is to do a SWOT analysis of production in a particular company. Using the lean tools, we find the root cause of the problem and propose solutions to effectiveness the manufacturing process. Part of the proposals will also benefit the proposed solutions. It is necessary to note that according to the lean methodology, not every proposal must automatically have a financial impact.
Adding value to waste material - eggshells
Zlámal, Filip ; Pernica, Marek (referee) ; Brummer, Vladimír (advisor)
The submitted thesis deals with the utilization of waste materiál – eggshells and the evaluation of this waste raw material to obtain interesting and valuable products. In the introduction of the thesis are described properties, composition and structure of the eggshell rich in minerals and the composition of its membranes. In the next part of the thesis is evaluated potential utilization of this waste as a fertilizer, adsorbent, possible uses in medicine and pharmacy, utilization in electronics, as a catalyst in the production of biodiesel and its further uses.
Environmental Protection Legislation and The Possibility of Using Waste as a Secondary Raw Material With a Focus on the Recycling of PET Bottles
Hejl, Martin ; Pavláková Dočekalová, Marie (referee) ; Kocmanová, Alena (advisor)
The aim of this bachelor's thesis is to analyze the recycling of plastics and the analysis of the recycling process of PET bottles in the company PETKA CZ, a.s. In the last analysis of the work influencing the ways to obtain input material for the production of recycling from PET bottles, management of plastic waste, proposals for improving the production of this company and at the same time the possibilities of reducing waste in the production of recycling. Furthermore, this work describes the legislative regulation of environmental protection, general principles of recycling, how to recycle the company PETKA CZ, a.s. It currently determines and at the same time how we could recycle this to use in the future.
The Use of Alternative Sources in the Building Industry
Dvořák, Jakub ; Vymazal, Tomáš (referee) ; Žižková, Nikol (advisor)
This bachelor thesis is focused on the use of waste as alternative raw materials in construction industry. The first part is dedicated to the historical development of waste management, to the valid legislation in the Czech Republic in 2017 and outlines the distribution of waste according to various criteria. The information about waste production and waste management is processed in the form of tables and graphs. The more extensive second part of the thesis uses theoretical knowledge in the field of waste management and on the base of the Waste Separation Catalog is composed a list of waste materials which can be used in construction industry. Further are described the possibilities of suitable waste utilization at production and also mentioned some particular construction products with their features.
Residential building
Bíla, Martin ; Bartlová, Jana (referee) ; Vajkay, František (advisor)
Main objective of my bachelor’s thesis is elaborating design documentation for performs of structures for apartment building in cadastre unit town of Velká Bíteš with almost zero consumtion. Object is located on the edge of the town in built-up area designated for living in apartment houses, on quiet flat plot number 2051. Apartment house is located on the edge of the plot and no its volume does not disrupt original charakter surrounding buildings. Object is designed like apartment house with a cellar and 3 above-ground floor containing 8 apartment units. Ground floor contains 2 apartment units and the other two floor contains 3 apartment units in each floor. 7 apartment units are designated for 3 to 4 members of families, 1 apartment unit in ground floor is designated like a accessible flat. To ensure parking space for transport is necessary to built a parking place, pedestrian walkway and space for waste storage. Structural system is wall and masonry system made from clay bricks HELUZ. Ceilings solved in the same construction system like a ¨put together¨ceilings HELUZ MIAKO with addition reinfored concrete slab in area of cantilever balcony slab and area of stairs. Roof is designed like a warm flat roof.
Verification of possibilities of hazardous waste transformation into a new material
Bína, Tomáš ; Dohnálek,, Pavel (referee) ; Drochytka, Rostislav (advisor)
This work deals with the use of solidification technology for the disposal of hazardous waste with the aim of its material recovery. The goal of this Master's Thesis is to find and verify a new solidification way that will allow efficient transformation of hazardous waste into new material and its further use in civil engineering.
Cogeneration in units for thermal processing of biomass and waste
Uhmann, Petr ; Šomplák, Radovan (referee) ; Pavlas, Martin (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with the cogeneration in units for thermal processing of biomass and waste. The theoretical part deals with the description of biomass and waste and energy recovery from these sources. In theoretical part is also focused on cogeneration and description of computational models of steam turbines. The practical part is focused on a specific calculation of the three steam turbines and comparison of computational models. On the base of the results is designed implementation of computational models to the simulation software W2E.
Design of a technological line for recycling autoclaved aerated concrete
Bajzík, Martin ; Bojanovský, Jiří (referee) ; Skryja, Pavel (advisor)
The diploma thesis is focused on the design of a production line for processing waste material from autoclaved aerated concrete production. The introduction of the thesis describes the current situation with aerated concrete waste processing, it´s characteristics, raw materials used for the production and the production technology. The theoretical part of the thesis reviews the crushing process and the equipment used in mineral processing lines such as: crushers, mills, separators and conveyors. In the practical part of the thesis the focus is on the design of the production line, selection of the equipment, mass balance and economical evaluation of the investment.
Proposals of Lean Management of Logistics System in the Field of Fasteners in the Production Company
Soukup, Jakub ; Opletal, David (referee) ; Bartošek, Vladimír (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with the introduction of lean management of selected processes. In these processes is looking for a suitable setting to eliminate waste to reduce the cost of material procurement logistics. Based on the analysis in the company is created a proposal, including its costs and benefits, after implementation in the selected company the set goals are achieved.
The Material Flow Production System Analysis and Improvement Proposals
Marešová, Petra ; Kuruc, Miroslav (referee) ; Bartošek, Vladimír (advisor)
This thesis focuses on the analysis material flow of the production system at ABB Ltd. and suggestions for improvements. The work consists of theoretical, analytical and design parts. The theoretical part contains the basic concepts of production. In the analytical part, there is described a current situation in production areas of the company on the basis of theoretical knowledge. In the final part, the solutions are designed to help improve the business.

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