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Student´s learning styles
BICANOVÁ, Michaela
The main topics of this thesis are students? learning styles. The text is divided into theoretical and practical parts. The former deals with the students? learning styles in a theoretical way. Basic idea is mapping of the fundamental concepts of pedagogical educational process and the definition outline of the main concept of a learning style. The text deals with the possibilities of influencing a learning style from the student?s part, as well as from the teacher?s or other external ones. There are defined and described the types of learning styles, its diagnostics, potentials of influence and possible changes in the former part of this thesis. The latter, practical-based, part focuses at comparison of learning styles of secondary vocational schools (finished by the leaving exam) students and grammar schools students. In the process of qualitative research there are two aims set and two hypotheses pertaining to each of these aims. The first aim is to find out which learning style students prefer regarding the school type they attend. There are two hypotheses pertaining to this aim. The first one presumes that secondary vocational school students prefer the strategic style, whereas the second hypothesis presumes that grammar schools students prefer the in-depth learning style. The second aim is to discover what intelligence skills students use regarding the school type. Again, there are two hypotheses pertaining to this aim. The first one presumes that secondary vocational school students tend to use the interpersonal intelligence skills in the learning process, whereas the second hypothesis presumes that grammar school students prefer to use the logical and mathematic skills in the learning process. The information detected by the questionnaire research is graphically demonstrated in diagrams with comments. The findings about confirmation or disproval of the hypotheses are summarized in the discussion and conclusion parts.
Stress in profession of a pedagogue
Work deals with stress problems in the profession of a pedagogue. Theoretic part of the work describes stress problems, its causes, manifestations, effects plus ways of managing from the viewpoint of pedagogic profession. Conclusion of theoretic part of work is applied to personalities of a pedagogue of spare time, demands on his occupation and presence of stress at doing this profession. Practical part of work surveys whether pedagogues of spare time consider, on the grounds of subjective evaluation, their occupation as stressful and if factors of teacher's stress on teacher's and pedagogues of spare time agree.
Teachers' and pupils' attitudes in teaching and learning English
This diploma thesis deals with teachers´ and pupils´ attitudes in teaching English at elementary school. At first, the theoretical part focuses on explanations of main notions related with this theme, on attitudes forming between pupils and teachers in school background and on factors influencing their common interaction. Next, it devotes to the status of English as a foreign language not only in worldwide basis but also within school curriculum at elementary schools. The practical part tries to find out what language attitudes of the chosen pupils there are in teaching English. Principally, it focuses on the attitude towards English as a foreign language, the English lesson, particular activities in English lessons, towards the teacher and it also finds out the pupils´ reasons for learning English.
Educating Gifted Children and Specific Features of Teaching Foreign Languages to Gifted Children
This thesis concentrates on contexts and view-points, that should determinate the character of activities designed for gifted children in foreign languages classes. This work proposes some methods and ways that are convenient for gifted learners. It deals also with the characteristics of the teacher, who is able to conduct the gifted and the characteristics of the gifted in order to devise such activities that satisfy their special cognitive, emotional and social needs.
Activating Methods in Education and Their Influence on the Climate of the Class
The thesis ``Activising methods in education and their influence on the climate in class{\crqq} is based on activising methods and their influence on the climate in class. The purpose of this work is measuring the climate on class, using of activising methods and then a consequent measuring of the climate in class. The results have been compared, the hypothesis analyzed and so found the influence on the climate in class. In the theoretical part are explained the basic terms connected with the subject (education method, activising education methods, environment, atmosphere, climate in class). Then is the problematic of researching the climate characterized, other methods of observation etc. The practical part offers a review of methods of investigating the climate, subscription of some chosen methods and the process of the research. The obtained entries are utilized, analyzed and enlisted in charts and graphs, which provide better evaluation of the whole climate in class and the particular parameters of the climate in class (concern of the student for school work, relationships between the schoolmates, teacher{\crq}s help to the students, orientation of the students on homework, arrangement and organization, clearness of the rules). The object of exploration have been especially the finding and comparing of the whole climate in class before and after using of the activising methods in education.
Creation and verification of reservoir of minor locomotive games at primary school
The aim of this theme is the questions of minor locomotive games at primary school. In theoretical part there is the description of a game, a locomotive game, a minor locomotive game, its division, importance, placing and organization. There is also characteristic of a pupil at primary school, the teacher´s role, methodology of a game and inadequacies in profession in this subject. Practical part illustrates the methodology of locomotive games, their selections, verification and recommendation in profession.
The Meaning of Communication in the Work of a Pedagogue
The work is written theoreticaly based on the expert texts. The first chapter is occupied with meaning of social communication in human life. In other chapters is social communication spread on the pedagogy communication with its meaning in the work of a teacher and of a free-time pedagogue. In this part is indicated problem of pedagogy rules, which are different in their work. It is valid for the kind of their verbal and nonverbal communication. In whole work is refered to connection with relations and communication. There was paid attention to kind of relation between a teacher and children and between a free-time pedagogue and children based on their communicative arts.
The means of communications of physical education teacher with pupils and their exploitation in instructed units of physical training on district of Znojmo
PLÍŠKOVÁ, Kateřina
This diploma work deals with snapping of the communication of the physical education teacher with pupils and their exploitation in instructed units physical training on the district of Znojmo. The objective of work is found out how physical education teacher communicate with pupils on district Znojmo. Purposes work is find out how communicate physical education teacher with pupil on district Znojmo. The method of short-term espial was utilized for determination of results. The research of work proceeded at three primary schools with six teachers on district of Znojmo. The thirty-six of lessons was got off of the physical training. The results were elaborated into the well-arranged of the graphs and tablets.
The Native Speaker English Teacher in the Czech Republic/Rodilí mluvčí vyučující angličtinu na českých školách
This diploma work deals with the situation of Native Speaker English teachers at Czech schools. The theoretical part focuses on the roles, autonomy and responsibilities of teachers and compares the authority of Native Speakers to the authority of Czech teachers. Further, it defines the term English Native speaker, follows the factors which influence the differences between Native Speakers and Czech teachers, deals with the qualification of and job openings for Native speakers in the Czech Republic, and outlines the problems of cultural shock and bridging of cultural differences in lessons. On the practical part, it tries to enquire the opinions of school directors about the existing problems. It intends to chart the attitudes of Native speakers towards Czech learners, the degree of qualification, reasons for coming to and leaving the Czech Republic, fields of action at Czech schools and the rate of satisfaction with the current situation in the Czech Republic.
The Use of Didactic Guiding Styles in the Teaching of Sports Games on Secondary Schools in the District of Břeclav
This diploma thesis is focused on the use of didactic guiding styles in the teaching of sports games on secondary schools in the district of Břeclav. The research was made on randomly selected secondary schools by means of a questionnaire and an observation. The questionnaire was given to the teachers of physical education personally after finishing the observations of the lessons of physical education. The results gained by the methods of the questionnaire and the observation are processed into graphs and charts which are supplemented with brief comments. The gained results are given a more detailed commentary in the discussion section.

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