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The Teacher through Eyes of the Public
Koutníková, Šárka ; Hlaváčová, Lucie (advisor) ; Němečková, Linda (referee)
The diploma thesis "The Teacher through the eyes of the public" is focused on analyzing public opinions and attitudes towards the teacher personality. In further detail, it is focused on a teacher of the sciences, specifically science lessons and biology, and its educated subject. The diploma thesis is divided to two parts: theoretical and practical. The theoretical part describes the relation between the school and society, defines the term Teacher, and maps the teacher career with problems they can meet with during their career. Teachers of natural science/biology are described in their dedicated chapter, where the teachers themselves and their achieved educational background and selected teaching elements are analyzed. The practical part provides a questionnaire survey by method of quantitative research with a total of 144 responders. The collected data is presented in columnar graphs together with its word characterization. A Z-Score test was used in an attempt to prove the hypothesis. The first part of the survey is focused on teacher personalities. The results show that the responders perceive teacher personality as very positive and that professional experience is definitely preferred within the subject. In the second part, the results introduce that the addressed public recognize teaching...
Application of supportive measures in the education of pupils with dysgraphia from the perspective of teachers at the second stage of primary school
Smíšková, Eliška ; Felcmanová, Lenka (advisor) ; Bartoňová, Miroslava (referee)
Diploma thesis deals with application of supportive measures in the education of pupils with dysgraphia from the perspective of teachers at the second stage of primary school. It aims to a recommendation that a teacher can support provided to students with dysgraphia. It will bring teachers' insight into the use of selected support measures for pupils with dysgraphia. The theoretical part of the description of the education of pupils with special educational needs, especially with a focus on support measures, further recording of problems with learning disabilities, where there is more space for imprisonment of dysgraphia and application of support measures for pupils with dysgraphia at the 2nd level. The empirical part contains qualitative research, which enables methods of semi-structured interview. Subsequently, it is possible to analyze the data using open coding. Research questions and formulation recommendations that may be available in practice are answered. According to the research results, teachers use support measures in the field of teaching organization, methods and forms of teaching and evaluation in the education of a pupil with dysgraphia. Of great importance for the application of support measures for teachers is cooperation with the family of a pupil with dysgraphia and...
School inclusions in our country and in selected western countries
Švarc, Ivo ; Váňová, Miroslava (advisor) ; Janošová, Pavlína (referee)
The diploma thesis is devoted to the inclusive education of pupils in the conditions of the Czech Republic and a comparison of approach to inclusive education with neighboring countries at primary and secondary education. The theoretical part defines the concepts and describes the system of inclusive education, including the diagnosis of pupils with special educational needs in our country and also in selected Western countries. The empirical part is based on a questionnaire survey. The respondents are teachers and assistants of special schools, teachers and assistants of mainstream schools and parents of pupils. The aim of the research presented in the empirical part is to find out what expectations from inclusion have its individual actors, for which pupils with special educational needs is the inclusion suitable, and what are the crucial criteria of success in inclusion according to selected groups of respondents.
Teacher professions from the point of view of pupils, parents and of teacher selected primary school
Melenová, Lada ; Zvírotský, Michal (advisor) ; Thorovská, Alena (referee)
This diploma thesis brings information about the perception of the teaching profession by secondary school students, their parents, and teachers of a selected primary school. The aim of the work is to find out with the help of questionnaires, how pupils and their parents subjectively see and perceive teachers and how the teachers who teach pupils themselves see their profession as a teacher. In the theoretical part, I deal with the historical development of education and the teaching profession in our territory. I also deal with the characteristics of the teaching profession by clarifying the very concept, personality traits, and typology of the teacher's personality. This section also includes chapters on the competence of the teacher, his authority and motivation to choose the teaching profession. In the last part, I deal with the current form of the teaching profession in primary school, the requirements for the profession, and including selected problems of our education. In the practical part, I used a questionnaire survey to evaluate the data obtained by individual respondents among students, parents, and teachers and then I analyzed the data of individual groups of respondents and drew a conclusion. Keywords profession, teacher, elementary school, parents, education, teacher's personality,...
Experience and knowledge of primary schools teachers with diabetes mellitus
Pošustová, Kristýna ; Malá, Michaela (advisor) ; Majorová, Simona (referee)
Title: Experience and knowledge of primary schools teachers with diabetes mellitus Objectives: The main aim of my thesis was to find out what the experience and knowledge the teachers from selected primary schools have with diabetes mellitus. The research study focused on knowledge of causes, symptoms and first aid for acute complications. Methods: I used the method of an anonymous questionnaire, in the range of 30 closed questions, which was divided into 2 parts. The first part contained 14 survey questions and dealt with teachers' experience with diabetes. The second part consisted of 16 test questions and examined teachers' knowledge of diabetes mellitus. I carried out a research study which included 55 teachers from 2 primary schools in Písek. The survey was always conducted once in each school during a school meeting. Results: Based on the collected data, I found out that more than half of the respondents have had an experience with a diabetic student during their teaching career. Only some respondents had to provide first aid for acute complications caused by diabetes mellitus. The most common mistakes were made by participants when answering the test questions about symptoms and first aid for acute complications. More than a third of physical education teachers do not know the general...
Teaching volleyball in physical education classes at the primary and secondary school
Plochá, Johana ; Vorálek, Rostislav (advisor) ; Kočíb, Tomáš (referee)
Title: Teaching volleyball in physical education classes at the primary and secondary school Aims of work: The aim of this thesis was primarily focused on student's knowledge and experience with volleyball at primary and secondary school. A secondary aim was to find out what is the way the teachers teach volleyball. Methodology: The bachelor thesis was written based on the quantitative method. All data were obtained through anonymous questionnaires from physical education teachers and primary and secondary school students. Results: The results show that students from primary and secondary schools are interested in studying volleyball in a physical education class. Students have demonstrated knowledge of volleyball rules at a sufficient level and teachers have demonstrated optimal conditions for teaching volleyball in a physical education class. Key words: Physical education, school subject, student, teacher, framework education programme.
Portfolio of professional development - Tomáš Mikule
Mikule, Tomáš ; Zvírotský, Michal (advisor) ; Thorovská, Alena (referee)
The goal of my bachelor's work is to prove, that during the studying at the university I got many capabilities, which could not be obtained in the practise. The work has been divided into several parts, but all of them go in for the teaching profession of the professional training, and so even from the theorethical or the practical point of view. The part of this work includes the structured curriculum vitae, the technical essay, conspectus of the book according to one's own choice, the case school study, the written preparation for the pedagogical activity, finalized by the concluding considerstion over the contribution of the study. case study, preparation, essay, teacher, abstract
Self-education as a specific professional acitvity of a teacher
Hovorková, Karolína ; Zvírotský, Michal (advisor) ; Blažková, Veronika (referee)
The diploma thesis is focused on observation of a teaching staff of a small Czech rural primary school with regard to self-education of these teachers. The theoretical part focuses on the methods and principles of self-education and self-education of the primary school teachers. In the practical part, the quantitative method is used - all teachers of the surveyed staff completed a structured questionnaire as well as a qualitative method - these teachers were interviewed individually. The aim of this work is to map the methods and principles of self-education and aspects that make it difficult or impossible for teachers to self- educate, or circumstances in which the teachers would be willing to educate themselves. This work can be considered an action research that has been subjected to a small but maximum possible sample. The survey showed how these teachers educate themselves, what prevents them from self-education, and under what circumstances or in what areas they would like to be self-educated.
Professional development portfolio - Petra Trojanová
Trojanová, Petra ; Zvírotský, Michal (advisor) ; Thorovská, Alena (referee)
The content of the professional development portfolio of Petra Trojanová includes 10 obligatory chapters, dealing with questions about personality and work of a high school teacher. The portfolio brings a look at professional development and self-reflection of writer during her Bachelor's program of Teacher Training in Vocational Education and Training at Faculty of Education, Charles University. One part of the portfolio is devoted to a case study of one selected school focused on teaching vocational training in the field of cosmetic services. The author also maps teacher's individual work activities and their schedule over a month using analysis of professional development of a particular high school teacher. Theoretical knowledge is gathered from the fields of pedagogy, sociology and psychology. KEY WORDS teacher, pupils, burnout syndrome, case study,professional development, individual work activities

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