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Podpora zavedení systému environmentálního managementu a auditingu (EMAS)
Zpráva popisuje výsledky informační kampaně, která proběhla ve vybraných okresech střední Moravy. Je diskutován vztah podniků k zavádění EMAS a podtržen zásadní význam komunikace, výcviku a státní podpory pro přijetí myšlenky EMAS v podniku zavést. Jsou popsány kroky nezbytné k zavedení systému EMAS na národní i podnikové úrovni. V přílohách jsou uvedeny výsledky kampaně, hodnocení výukových modulů i návrhy postupů pro konkrétní podniky.
Memory Training and Physical Activities by Clients at Seniors Houses in Planá nad Lužnicí.
My bachelor thesis is in its theoretical part mainly aimed to the sphere of memory and physical excercises of seniors and their motivation. Further on it deals with problems in these field. It is practical part contains intervening programmes how memory and physical activities are possible to be trained. To obtain results, if these programmes can influence improving seniors emotional aspects, POMS questionnares had been used. Next we had also used the questionnaire of social health at seniors. Then we set up profesional questions. Cant he intervening programme for training of memory and physical activities at seniors influence changes of their mood: Is their emotional condition influenced positively after the programme of training memory and motion activities? How are senior´s social relatives with their family? Are there clients in senior´s house in Planá nad Lužnicí satisfied with their life? Results questionnaire investigation have answered to professional questions. Results POMS questionnaire have pointed that senior´s emotional state is positively affected after intervening programe training memory and physical activities. From questionnaire investigation has been discovered that the senior´s relatives are very good with their family. Seniors in house with nursing service in Planá nad Lužnicí are satisfied with their life.
Circumstances reflecting marathon runner´s performance\\
This dissertation focuses on the composition, examination and comparation of the endurance runner's one year training plan. This includes a runner, who competes in a 3.000m to 10.000m run and a half marathon. The dissertation is divided into three parts. The first, theoretical part, is about the history of the marathon, general patterns in endurance training and the factors, that affect the endurance runner's performance. There is also an analysis of the literature used in this disseration regarding endurance run. The second, research part, is aimed at the practical creation of one year training plan. The third part examinates and checks this plan on the basis of its accomplishment and shows the results of the control heats, tests, their graphs and evaluates them.
Assessment of traning and health status of sport horses
The aim of this thesis was a literature research on the training of sport horses - its importance, methods and procedures, and assessing the health of horses and their use in various sporting disciplines. The paper defines the basic concepts related to training horses and distinguished the different methods of training (continuous, interval, AC). Separate attention is paid to the selection of horses for various sports disciplines and basic procedures of training used by the preparation of these horses. It also mentioned the selection of race horses and training methods for racehorses. Health assessment process involves a horse in identifying the fundamental values of physiological body functions. In this work, conclusions are formulated as recommendations for breeders of horses.
Production of special florbal tutorial publication
Floorball as a modern sport branch has been recently under intensive development in the Czech Republic. The rules are simple and the equipment is not expensive. This sport is easy to train and it is attractive for many scored goals. It becomes very popular among boys and girls. Floorball represents a suitable alternative sport in both compulsory and optional physical education at schools. There are also competitions for all categories. The lack of methodical guide-books has led to creation of this new publication. It includes basic knowledge about floorball and it is intended for PE teachers, leaders of interest groups, coaches and others. The publication focuses especially on methodical aspects of floorball skills training. The book also provides information on history, choice of equipment, interpretation of rules, efficient training forms, leading the team in matches, corrective exercises or injury prevention, for example.
Localization of sport clubs for childern at the age from eleven years - region České Budějovice\\
PRŮŠOVÁ, Martina
The Bachelor project watches and maps out sports clubs for children older than 11 years in České Budějovice, which can be attended in leisure time. Aim of the project is to find out basic information about the sports clubs (data about operation, activity, structure, base for members, background) and make it accessible to general public on websites. Basic method for data collection is using questionnaires. In the project I have also took advantage of statistics of south Bohemian association ČSTV. 29 people replied. There are 24 sports clubs involved in the project, which devote to children aged 11 years above. The overview is accessible at
The events of recent climbing
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to describe current structure of rock-climbing. The thesis covers events sectioning, proper equipment recommendation, bouldering competition rules, condition and technique training including relaxation and regeneration. It is based on the analysis of Czech and foreign literature available in Czech Republic between years 1996 - 2007. Enclosed CD contains demonstrations of particular events." \\
The shooting accuracy of junior basketball in different levels ( regional league, junior league)\\
In my thesis I have been dealing with shooting accuracy of juniors in Bohemia Poděbrady in regional league. The aim of my work was to find out the effectivenes of shooting during matches, from particular positions and distance. The data were gained from technical records during one season period. The gathered data were compared with the results of technical records of juniors playing the first junior league and with the results of a shooting test in noncompetitive conditions. The examined group contained thirty players. Obtained results will be used for improvement of shooting training of juniors in Bohemia Poděbrady and can be the basement for works of similar kind.
Identification talents competitors on mountain wheels and evaluation their efficiency growth and bullpen empty weight.\\
In the top sport training is one of the basic idea the principle of forward direction. In this meaning talented and somatic appropriate individuals are selected for different sport branches. By the young sport like a mountain bikes competitions are missing the detailed studies. For that reason is necessary to perform an casuistical analysis to study the increasing performance of the most successful competitors. Purpose of this diploma thesis is selecting successful racers on the mountain bikes and to search for common factors useful for the identification of talented persons. This diploma thesis should contribute to explain how athletes heve been achieved their successes.\\

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