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Social situation of children suffering from enuresis
Social situation of children suffering from enuresis In the process of socialization, people often achieve a certain social status (grading on social ladder). The social development and position of the person are principally influenced by their health state. This is the basic determinant of the whole socialisation process and of maintaining the achieved social status of the man/woman, as the social position of a completely healthy and efficient man is completely different than the position of a chronically ill person, with a defect or limitation of movement. Enuresis is one of the most frequent long-term problems in paediatrics. A number of epidemiologic studies has shown that 15-20% of five-year-old and 10% of seven-year-old children have problems with urine leakage. Incontinency brings psychological and social problems to children. These problems may cause considerable handicaps to children. Enuresis may be stressing for children, may initiate the feeling of shame, failure, inferiority. Moreover this means a limitation in the usual activity for a number of them (travelling, participation in camps, school trips etc.) The target of the thesis was to find out if the illness worsens the social status of the child in the society of contemporaries and how. The research was performed at the summer camp for children suffering from enuresis and encopresis, organised by the Faculty of Health and Social Studies of the South Bohemian University in České Budějovice. In the thesis, the following methods and techniques of data collection were applied: method of observation (hidden participant), method of document analysis (contents analysis), method of questioning (non-controlled interview). It was found out by the research that the social status of children suffering from enuresis is endangered. Within social interaction these children avoid the other children on one hand as they are ashamed because of their illness, on the other hand they need social contact with contemporaries. However, all the children with enuresis do not have necessarily such experiences. The thesis has shown that the orientation on the personal identity of the child is necessary in the social work (i.e. the children have to learn to respect their own personality and to strengthen their good and healthy self-confidence).
Hiporehabilitation as a tool of integration
One of the parts of the whole system of rehabilitation is also the treatment using horses or so called hiporehabilitation. Thanks to its complex effectivity, it is a unique and irreplaceable therapeutical method. The aim of this work is to prove how hiporehabilitation helps disabled people integration into the society and how it contributes to social contacts improvement of the users.
Integration of paraplegics in society
The theme of the submitted Baccalaureate Thesis is as follows, ``Integration of Paraplegics in Society{\crqq}. The theoretical part of the work maps the current state of the given subject from different points of view. It concentrates on rehabilitation as a whole and description of the individual factors for example: medical rehabilitation, social rehabilitation, pedagogical rehabilitation as well as rehabilitation at work. Further on, the role of ergo therapy and psychotherapy, not only in rehabilitation centers, is briefly analyzed. One of the chapters is devoted to the important process of incorporating paraplegics back into society, which means socialization and integration. The following chapters deal with analyzing actualities concerning psychology in the lives of people with physical handicaps and the importance of exercise and sport. In the text we shall also find reference to various employment possibilities of handicapped citizens including the use of computers in incorporating them back into work environment. The issue of social services is treated in the thesis as well. In order to evaluate the importance of long-term rehabilitation, questionnaires that had been filled out by paraplegics themselves, are analyzed in the practical part of the work.
Important factors for development of primary school children
The work describes important factors for development of primary school children and deals with socialization of children of school age, development of cognitive processes and also describes a social development of these children. The work continues with the chapter of emotional development, interests of children and then there is an important factor which is family. The last the part of my work contains theoretic information about the influence of the media over children of school age and present life situation of families. The practical part is devoted to secondary analyse of information from research which is included in three parts: The relation of children and money, the relation of children and parents towards the television and internet and the approach of the parents to the present school. There is also a discussion compared with theoretical and practical parts, which is resulting in chosen research.
The Psychology of Computer Use in Relation to the Age of Users
This thesis discusses the usage of computers in different age periods of human life. It is focused also on educational process. It mentions software and attitude of pedagogues towards the new educational methods. Important for school education is family and communication with it, therefore the foreknowledge of parents is mentioned. Since this thesis covers also the adult population, a part of this thesis attends to ergonomics of computer workstation. Not only healthy people need and use technical. Devices helps the handicapped ones. In this thesis activities which help better education are mentioned or better socialization of handicapped people. Important part of this thesis covers the health problems and dependencies, which may occure after long-term computer usage. An important part of this thesis is the free time which got also its space herein. The conclusion of this thesis covers the internet and its specifics in adolescents and a general virtual reality reception.
Social development in the period of adolescence
The thesis, ``Social development in the time of adolescence``, has a theoretic-empirical character. It deals with terms of adolescence, social development, emotionality, identity and socialization in the theoretical part. It also describes individual phases of adolescence, social and psychological features of adolescents. The thesis also gives brief information about characteristics of secondary schools. Practical part deals with questionnaires and personality tests which were fulfilled with the first, the second and the third year students of multi-year gymnasium. Illustration of attitudes to studies and relationship with oneself, authorities and with contemporaries are the main aims of the practical part. The survey deals with cognitive and emotional maturity and with the scale of significance of adolescents as well. It also should point out potential differences between evolution and maturity of boys and girls.
Integration of children with multiple handicap
In my assignment ``Integration of children with multiple handicap{\crqq} I focused on the findings what problems parents of children with combined disability within school integration have to face, especially primary schools in the region Karlovy Vary. I also focused on teachers with these children integrated in their class. Performing the research, the main methods I used were questioning and analyses of documents. As to the questioning, I chose the form {\clqq}interview``. Collecting data from analyses of documents, I used the form {\clqq}secondary data analysis``. The research has revealed many hypotheses. My assignment should serve as a valuable source of information on this issue that has been discussed very often in the last time.
The forms of cooperation of kindergarten and family
I focused on alternative kindergartens, especialy on Waldorf´s pedagogy in theoretical part of my bachelor dissertation. I aimed my another attention to sociology in families as well as sociology with in kindergartens. A Family and kindergarten are first places where childeren have their first contact with sociology. A practical part of my dissertation is focused mainly on using kinds of communication between family and kindergarten - formal and informal. I paid increased attention to communication at Waldorf´s kindergartens. The research is based on two outcomes, the first is observation and the second is questionnaire survey. Observation research reveals a way in which parents mostly communicate with a trachet. Questionnaire survey reveals those kinds of communicition which parents consider the most suitable.
Teacher´s knowledge about children in foster care
This diploma paper is devoted to the problem of children in surrogate families from the teachers´ point of view. Upbringing of a child in a surrogate family ( adoptive or foster) has its own specifies and cause a numer of problems, which result from the possible deprivation of a child over the years of his early development. Education and preparation for chool have thein own specifice as well. That is why teachers schould have sufficient knowledge in this spere. In the theoretic part of my work I focus on the characteristics of surrogate family care, on the problem of psychic deprivation and subdeprivation, thein reasons, demonstration and diagnostics. This work is also devoted to the probleme of the education of mentally deprivated children. The survey was carried out by the help of focus groups. The aim of the survey was to find out the level of teachers´awareness of surrogate family care, thein positions, opinions, expectations, experience and understanding the questions of psychic deprivation and subdeprivation. We carried out the survey in two groups: teachers with work experience and future teachers (students). The next part of the work contains the casuistry of two foster families aimed at effective cooperation between family and school. The obtained results could be a starting point for another research and a source of topics for possible suplement to the education program of padagogical studies.
Future trends of the Internet marketing
Levakova, Anna ; Štědroň, Bohumír (advisor) ; Kozler, Miloslav (referee)
The work described current trends in internet marketing as widgetization and socialization. On the basis of clear examples of large companies are judged on the success of social media as marketing tools on the Internet.

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