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Assesment of learning outcomes in inclusive educatin at a primary school
Mužíková, Tereza ; Hejlová, Helena (advisor) ; Pěnička, Jaroslav (referee)
This Master's thesis is focused on assessment of learning outcomes in inclusive education at primary school. First part of the thesis involves theoretical basis for learning assessment in inclusive education. This theoretical basis is further applied in the practical part. In the practical part, a set of research questions was presented, which were subsequently subjected to qualitative research. To answer the questions, action research supplemented with interviews and questionnaires submitted to teachers and parents were used. Samples of questionnaires are included in the annexes. The research questions were answered at the end of the research. KEYWORDS assessment, formative assessment, inclusive education, inclusion, social development, socialization, younger school age
Education a pupil with Duchenne muscular dystrophy at the selected elementary school
Vopatová, Jana ; Hanušová, Jaroslava (advisor) ; Blažková, Veronika (referee)
In Diploma thesis, the author addresses the issue of educating a pupil with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD). In the introduction, she explains her choice of the theme. In the theoretical part the author presents muscular dystrophy, its course, manifestations, treatment options and support, based on a study of professional medical, pedagogical, psychological and specifically pedagogical literature, It will also describe the specifics of the disease in relation to education of pupils with Duchenne muscular dystrophy and will list the educational possibilities for pupils with this disease in the Czech Republic. In the practical part, the author presents a qualitative research conducted through the analysis of a case study of a particular pupil, from his passive as well as participating observation in the classroom, from semi-structured interviews with the pupil's mother, with his teachers and his teaching assistant, with this particular pupil with DMD and his classmates. In addition to this the analysis of school documents, SPC reports and medical reports are considered. The author evaluates the possibilities of education of pupils with Duchenne muscular dystrophy. This issue is viewed from the side of the pupil himself, his classmates, teachers, teaching assistants and parents. Based on her...
Role of a service dog for people with autism spectrum disorder
Cihlářová, Kristýna ; Jamrichová, Jana (advisor) ; Šumníková, Pavlína (referee)
This thesis is dealing with the role of the service dog with autism spectrum disorder and its benefit. The aim of this thesis is to determine the influence of a dog on socialization in children with ASD within school, leisure activities and to determine its influence within the whole society. The thesis summarizes the opinions of social workers and parents, who can, considering their own experience, evaluate comprehensively the benefit of the service dog for this client group. The thesis is divided into theoretical and research part. The theoretical part deals with the defining the autism spectrum disorder, etiology, classification, diagnostics, areas of development of social skills and socialization in people with ASD. Further it deals with the topic of service dogs, canistherapy, training and selection of a dog, organizations that help this particular group of clients. It describes in detail the activities of one chosen organisation, so that it comprehensively captures the process in which the service dog can function and its training in the people with ASD. The research part defines the aim of the research, which is to find out the role of the service dogs on socialisation in the people with ASD. Furthermore it describes the research questions which are: How does the assistance dog contribute to...
Collaboration of teachers and parents
Nováková, Barbora ; Viktorová, Ida (advisor) ; Trpišovská, Dobromila (referee)
The subject of this thesis is teacher-parent communication and cooperation with school management within this communication. The research took place in two Prague schools, high school and grammar school. Qualitative methods were applied for the analysis. Data were acquired via in-depth interviews with six teachers and two school psychologists. The main goal of the empirical research was to map how teachers perceive communication with parents and assess cooperation with school management in this communication. The results of the analysis suggest that there are many similar elements in teacher-parent communication. The communication usually takes place during formal class meetings with parents and via group e- mails. In case of problems teachers contact parents by phone or meet them individually in person. The variability in the category content of one teacher and in the frequency profile of the other teacher seems to be closely related to the risks associated with communication. One of the risks is crossing the boundaries of school competence by parents. In the latter case, there was a vague delineation of boundaries and the confluence of school and family competences. KEYWORDS School, family, socialisation, communicarion, competences, support
Reproduction of Gender Roles in Kindergarden and Family
Mastíková Švantnerová, Anna ; Baslarová, Iva (advisor) ; Jarkovská, Lucie (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the gender-differentiated attitude to which children are exposed from birth. The aim of ethnographic research, which was carried out in the kindergarten environment, was to find out how parents and teachers socialize pre-school children. Another aim was to find out whether gender stereotypes were reproduced in a kindergarten. For this purpose, I conducted an observation in the kindergarten class, which I then supplemented with interviews the parents of the children and also with the teachers of the kindergarten. An experiment was also part of the research. The thesis consists of two parts - theoretical and empirical. The theoretical part introduces the basic concepts and arguments related to the research question. The empirical part of the work is devoted to methodological procedures, further it consists of analysis of interviews with parents, teachers, but also analyzes of the observation in kindergarten and experiment with children of preschool age.
"All for one, one for all, but it needs to make sense" Etnography of majorettes sport fans
Soukup, Anna ; Halbich, Marek (advisor) ; Ezzeddine, Petra (referee)
Baton twirling is a sport industry with a specific fan base. The fan community typically consists of parents and supporting friends of the baton twirling children. Baton twirling represents a significant socializing environment for both children and their enthusiastic parents and friends - fans. The social status and the role of fans within this community are subject to a symbolic capital in the form of experience and knowledge of "how-to-do-it". During the training and competition period, the hierarchy is changing within the group of fans that were monitored, which provides the community members with either a dominant or, alternate, subordinate position. The changing of the "leaders" in the role of the fans' base brings along high emotions and usually also short-term conflicts in social interactions. In other situations, a hierarchy is not created and the group members perceive each other as equal and support each other in the achievement of their common goal. The researcher has been exposed to the environment she describes and to the emotions and tensions existing therein, and she has separated her own personal perceptions, attitudes and biases with the aim to correctly reflect her experience in the research. The ethnographic research of an athlete's group, or its fans' base, respectively, has...
The attitude towards addictive substances by high school and university students from Ostrava and factors that can have impact on this attitude
Běnková, Hana ; Rössler, Jan (advisor) ; Filinová, Eva (referee)
Tato práce rozebírá problematiku návykových látek, konkrétně tedy postoj návykovým látkám studentů ostravských středních a vysokých škol. V práci jsou rozebírány pojmy, které jsou spojovány se samotným výzkumem. Dále obsahuje informace o opatření problému ve zkoumaném městě. Také se soustředí na již provedené výzkumy, a to jak zahraničí, tak v České republice a základě jejich výsledků pak byly položeny výzkumné otázky a formulovány hypotézy. Kromě zjištění postojů ostravských studentů středních a vysokých škol se práce snaží zjistit, jaké faktory by samotný postoj mohly ovlivnit. Tyto faktory byly rovněž stanoveny na základě již provedených výzkumů. Samotný výzkum bakalářské práce byl prováděn pomocí strukturovaných anonymních dotazníků a následné analýzy získaných dat v programu SPSS. Na základě výsledků analýzy byl vyvozen závěr, a to sice že ačkoliv mají vysokoškolští studenti větší zkušenost s návykovými látkami, jejich postoj k nim je negativnější než u středoškoláků. Postoje středoškoláků jsou také více ovlivňované vnějšími faktory. Oproti tomu postoj vysokoškolských studentů je zkoumanými faktory ovlivňován minimálně.

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