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Design sedacího prvku
Steinerová, Romana
This diploma thesis focuses on the design of the seating element, namely lounge chair. It consists of two parts - theoretical and practical. Theoretical part focuses on the issue of seating furniture, history, ergonomic and safety requirements. Informations acquired in the theoretical part were applied in the practical part, which in addition to the design itself also contains the theory of design, researches, informations on the used materials - felt and wood.
Design sedacího prvku s moderními aspekty zdravého sezení
Klempová, Simona
The thesis deals with the design of a seating element with a focus on healthy sitting. This sitting is by tilting the seat so that the spine is deflected correctly. The seating element is designed for use in the so-called semi-sitting semi-seat, ie using a higher, sometimes inclined table. The work has two parts. The first one focuses on theory, history, sitting issues, ergonomics and the influence of sitting on human health. The second practical part deals with the design, searches, stages of the seating element such as sketching, 3D modeling, production of the working model, seating test and finally production of the functional sample. The result is a seating design that allows a healthy sitting.
Návrh sezení do veřejného interiéru
Chudobová, Věra
This bachelor thesis deals with seating furniture for public interiors of clubs, tearooms and department stores. The thesis is divided into two parts, the theoretical part and the practical part. The first theoretical part deals with the history, typology and ergonomics of sitting, materials and shapes. The second, practical part of the thesis, contains research, which precedes the design of sitting in the public interior. Drawing documentation, 1: 5 scale models and visualization, were created for this design. Modeling is supported by photographs. The result of this bachelor thesis is the prototype production, which is also documented by photographs. The conclusion of this work is to evaluate the applicability of the results achieved in practice.
Vysoká pracovná stolička
Agricolová, Eva
This thesis deals with the subject of sitting at work. It is aimed at a dynamic work environment specific for the customer service department in the IKEA store. Ergometry, design and simplicity are the basic elements inspiring the whole work. First part of the thesis describes the history of work chairs, history of IKEA and ergometry of working sessions. Second part deals with the production of the prototype, inspiration which lead to the creation and records the progressive path to its final form.
Rekonstrukce interiéru restaurace
Mourková, Karolína
This thesis deals with reconstruction, design of a new interior Restaurant O2 Extra Zone in the O2 Arena in Prague by transforming the original O2 sports bar. The new interior is focused on quirky bar for different age categories in casual design, for sport or any kind of different events and concerts. The main objective is to solve its interior functionality and space. The theoretical part focuses on the history and the analysis of thecurrect situation with regards to the location. The transformation focuses on suitable place for drinking events with the atmosphere of the bar. Another added value of this new interior can be utilized differently for many special events or as a place where the costumer can rent or buy accessories from O2. The practical part is focused on equipment solutions, lighting and color of the interior. The draft of the interior is based and the information gathered, which gives the subsequent proposal for bench space at the bar counter and the consulting table for the promoter of O2 company for accessories.
Design sedacího čalouněného prvku do bytového interiéru
Kábelová, Aneta
The output of this diploma thesis is a functional prototype of a positioning upholstered armchair in a scale of 1: 1. In the first part we find the history of seating furniture with emphasis on positioning and upholstered armchairs. Furthermore, ergonomic requirements for seating furniture, safety requirements for seating according to standards and, last but not least, current trends in seating furniture. The practical part includes the research, description of the design of the upholstered armchair and its subsequent production, including description of the structure and materials used in the prototype production. The text is accompanied by visualizations of the armchair itself and photographs from prototype production.
Studie čalounění křesel v meziválečné době, doporučení pro rekonstrukce
Kalousová, Adéla
Diploma thesis follows up the classical technologies of upholstered seats from the interwar period. It is particularly focused on the composition of the individual layers of upholstery and feasibility of the construction nowadays. The theoretical part includes description of the interwar period and selected designers and manufacturers of that time. It also describes construction of different types of upholstery and materials used for the construction. The ergonomics of seating and impacts of seating on the human health is mentioned. The practical part comprises of the reconstruction of an upholstered chair from the interwar period. The upholstery was made from contemporary materials, however keeping the classic upholstery technology.
Design židle
Streck, Filip
The task of the thesis is to design a new chair design with respect to current requirements for this type of furniture. The work is divided into two parts. In the first, theoretical part is at the beginning analyzed the history of design. The following chapters are focused on the theme of sitting, its negative consequences, alternative solutions and basic types of sitting positions, an overview of main dimensions, standards and materials that were used for the design. The second, practical part deals with the design process. At the start is compiled research focused mainly on the actual situation on the market and innovative design concepts of a chair. Work continues with finding own concept by sketches and 3D visualizations. The final phase is deticated to work on the selected concept, where are specified all details of the project from the dimensions and shape to manufacturing process and versions, including a fabrication of a model in 1: 4.
Design sedacího prvku
Ambrožová, Viktorie
The goal of this thesis is design od seating element. To reach this goal is necessary to have knowledge but also creativity. The teoretical part analyze theory of sitting, ergonomics, anthropometry, materials and technology, design icons and current situation on the Czech market. Second part of thesis is dedicated to the process of creating new design from research stage to model 1:1.
Barové sezení
Frödová, Kristýna
Topic of my bachelor thesis is barstool, designated to be placed in public ar-ea. Design of the barstool focuses on ergonomics and simple lines, which than provide its functionality and variability. First part is focused on brief history and development of stools. Also, in this part a various types of barstools and bars are presented, along with new materials used for production. Second part deals with the production of the model, than production of the prototype itself. Precise development of barstool shape is described and also modeling in 3DS Max, in which visualization of the stool was created. Visualization shows the prototype in different interiors.

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