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How to motivate primary school children to think and act in an environmental way
The contents of the Thesis feature a survey of contemporary international attitude to environmental development and its effect on the educational trends in the Czech republic. Also, the short-term eco-educational project intended for primary school children is included here in the Thesis. The aim of the project is to arouse environmental awareness of children and excite their interest in this matter, which is considered to be the first essential step towards the sustainable development.
Příčiny a důsledky krize na trhu druhotných surovin
Gojišová, Ivana ; Slavík, Jan (advisor) ; Šeflová, Jitka (referee)
Subject matter of the diploma thesis is a crisis on the market for secondary raw materials. The crisis was observed in the end of 2008 and in beginning of 2009. The diploma thesis is deal with current situation on the market for recycling and identifying its specifics. First, it is focused on the European Packaging Waste Directive institutional framework of the market for recycling. Consequently it is discussed how successful is implemented Directive in each European Union member country. The second chapter is about the market for recycling and about the recent crisis. In the third chapter we discover causes and consequences in connection with the collapse and we will confront with specialists through the interviews. In the last part of the diploma thesis is suggested original solution.
The Regional Aspects of Secondary Raw Materials Market in the Czech Republic
Botková, Zuzana ; Slavík, Jan (advisor) ; Hadrabová, Alena (referee)
This thesis deals with the market for secondary raw materials. First, basic terms are explained together with the close analysis of different interpretation of the term "waste" and "secondary raw material", next "recycling". Then general principles of the functioning of markets are applied to the issue of secondary raw materials. It is discussed if theoretical knowledges described below follow the reality of markets in which commodities produced from the solid waste are traded. After that structure of the market is analysed from the mikroeconomic perspective. The objective of the qualitative research was to determine the impacts of the crises on the regional market.
ICT scrap and recycling
Végh, Petr ; Mildeová, Stanislava (advisor) ; Dalihod, Martin (referee)
The objective of this thesis is to find an optimal solution for recycling and ICT scrap take-back. In order to attain this target a thorough analysis of ICT scrap recycling's current conditions was conducted. This work also examined recycling facilities dealing with ICT scrap and analysed recyclers based on defined criterions and the best one was chosen. Furthermore products' content was analysed and suggestions were made to optimise its content and eliminate contained dangerous substances having negative impact on the environment and scrapyard operators. Once analysis of take-back schemes in the Czech Republic had been done a new model of take-back system was introduced. This model should be able to achieve nearly 100% return rate of purchased ICT products.
Effect of flash ads on the environment and its comparison with the production of PET bottles
Krejčí, Martin ; Koblovský, Petr (advisor) ; Rod, Aleš (referee)
This bachelor thesis examines the impact of online advertisments created using Flash technology on the environment in the U.S. and then compares it to influence of production of PET bottles on the environment in the U.S.. The thesis describes the functioning of the flash ads. In the analysis there are compared the carbon footprint left-out of the difference in electricity consumption in the enabled and disabled Flash ads and production of PET bottles. The aim of the analysis is to compare the costs of flash advertising and PET bottles in term of environment and to consider revenues resulting from them and to answer the question whether the flash advertisement market is not regulated only because it does not seem originally to damage the environment as much as PET bottles does, and if it should not be regulated.
Increasing the efficiency of the production process in Metal Holding Ltd.
Zacharčenko, Jevhenij ; Svobodová, Hana (advisor) ; Mejdrech, Vlastimil (referee)
The present thesis is dedicated to improving efficiency in a producing company. The thesis is based on a detailed analysis of operation of the company Metal Holding Ltd. active in the field of metal processing and waste recycling. The goal is to evaluate various proposals for raising efficiency in order to help making a decision about either acceptance or rejection of options and to show practical application of various methods how to increase operational efficiency on the example of a real business. The work includes qualitative and quantitative analyses of various options, which are also investment projects, in order to assess their effectiveness and potential. The first part provides an introduction to the topic, explains the basic concepts related to the above-mentioned field of business, creates a theoretical basis for the thesis. The second part introduces Metal Holding company, covers various aspects of its operation and describes the technologies currently applied. Next chapter contains a detailed description of the proposed actions and the reasons for their eventual implementation. Finally, the application part concentrates on quantitative evaluation of the proposals from the point of view of efficiency and helps select one of the options. The contribution of this work is demonstration of various methods how to improve efficiency of production on the example of a real company. The work presents the business, the field of hard metal recycling and some innovative ideas. It has also become a valuable source of information for the discussed company, the results of the research helped the management to make the investment decision. During work on this thesis various methods of primary and secondary research, from study of professional literature to direct measuring of various parameters in the company, were applied.
The use of recycled waste in activities at kindergardens
NOVÁKOVÁ, Stanislava
This bachelor thesis deals with information on integration of the issue of waste sorting and recycling to environmental education system in nursery schools and the possibilities of using various sorts of waste for creative and handcraft activities in nursery schools (inspired by both Czech and foreign sources). The thesis consists of three parts: theory, practice and enclosures. In the theoretical part I will try to explain several terms concerning litter and ecology by means of specialized literature and online texts. The practical part and enclosures cover the usage of recyclable sorted waste in some activities of nursery schools I had the opportunity to visit during my continuous pedagogical practice in the second and third year of studying Teaching for nursery schools. I will analyze those activities I personally put into action using recyclable waste material. I carried out preparation of said activities, their realization and evaluation of feedback in Kapříků class, MŠ Větrná České Budějovice, in Žluťásků class, MŠ U čtyř barviček separate site of MŠ Mozaika Jihlava, in Ptáčků class, MŠ Zeyerova České Budějovice and at out-of-school activities {--} free-time activities for children at some weekend trips of PS T.O. Mešnice.

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