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Importance of pre-school children's play for mental development
Domkářová, Lucie ; Šulová, Lenka (advisor) ; Šírová, Eva (referee)
The bachelor's thesis deals with the importance of preschool children's play for mental development. The main target of the theoretical part is create the most comprehensive overview of current knowledge on the topic. The first part provides general theoretical definition games. Here I present various definitions, classifications and theory of play. Another part is devoted to a detailed description of the importance of the play for the mental development. I focus here on the cognitive, motor, motivational-voluntary, emotional and social development. Since the preschool period begins to appear cooperative play, I consider it important to include a chapter on playmates. Parents, grandparents, siblings, peers and imaginary friend. This chapter describes the importance of the participation and style of play of playmates in the preschool children's play. Conclusions of the thesis is a research project focused on the parents play with preschool children.
Importance of children's play for mental development
Sechovcová, Eliška ; Šulová, Lenka (advisor) ; Horáková Hoskovcová, Simona (referee)
The bachelor's thesis deals with the influence of play on children's mental development from birth to preschool age. The first chapter is dedicated to general concept of children's play, its definition, the main different approaches to children's play and the basic characteristics of play. The next section describes the main stages of development and play from the birth in the specific periods (newborn, infant, toddler, preschool child) when the exact period is briefly described theoretically and then the most of the work is dedicated to play in this periods. The third section of theoretical part focuses on social groups in which play takes place. In conclusion, the practical part, there is designed research in the field of specifics of children's play preschool institution. Key words Play, developmental stages, children, mental development, social groups
The development of defense mechanisms in children of younger school age
Kratochvíla, Jan ; Šírová, Eva (advisor) ; Šturma, Jaroslav (referee)
This thesis deals with the development of defense mechanisms of children in younger school age. The theoretical part discusses the history and development of the concept of defense mechanisms, provides an overview of the diagnostic methods, which are useful to identify defense mechanisms in children and reports on the current state of research of defense mechanisms and their development in children and adolescents. At the end of the theoretical part, the concepts of "defense" based mostly on gestalt psychotherapy perspective are discussed. In the practical part, the children of the research group in younger school age were tested with The Fairy Tale Test and The Thematic Apperception Test. The results are discussed with regard to age, sex, inteligence and also considering the results of other research methods. Data based on psychoanalytical concepts are compared with results of the questionnaire based on gestalt psychoterapy theories of contact cycle and contact styles. Two parents (or the closest adults) evaluated their children by the questionnaire and inventory of typical contact styles. The results suggest the existence of certain connections, these research methods also complement each other and serves together as more comprehensive view of the child's personality, a way of its interacting...
Education problems of children could be produced after separation their parents and part of Social authority help them to solve it
Kernerová, Sabina ; Burešová, Karolína (advisor) ; Lorenzová, Jitka (referee)
This thesis deals with the education of children after a separation of their parents. It focuses on the fact how the parents handle education of children even after such a difficult situation that all the family members have passed. The theoretical part is divided into five main chapters. This part focuses on family, education and family problems arising in connection with the disintegration of the family. The practical part of the thesis deals with the research itself. Interview and document analysis were chosen as the main research methods. Interview was conducted with parents with underage children. The interview was focused on coping of the situation in the family after the parents' separation, how separation of parents can impact the further development of minor children, child behavioral problems at school or at home. Subsequently, an evaluation of the above materials was made.
Child from a Foster House in a Kindergarten .
This thesis points to the problems and needs of children from children?s homes in kindergartens. The theoretical part of this thesis describes children?s homes and other children?s facilities of institutional care and their brief history. In other part of this work the process how, and under what circumstances children are placed in children?s homes is outlined. There are also described conditions of a healthy mental and social development of pre-school children. The great part of the thesis points out the disturbing factors of this development and the consequences of the negative conditions for institutional children and their influence on their psychological and social development. The research is focused on attitudes and environment of institutional children, also their parents (childcare) and teachers in nursery schools. The conclusion draws attention to the specifics of kindergarten teachers working in classrooms with children from children?s homes.
Media influence on upbringing and personality of children 1st grade of primary school
Into mass media of current modern time belong periodical press (newspapers, magazines), broadcasting and internet. It´s one-way form of social communication available to everyone and significantly participate on human socialization. Thanks to diversity of their contents, provides many kinds of using (spending free time, education, entertainment, relax). But in the most of these subjects we can find besides actual information, factors, which can have negative influence on upbringing and children personality development. These factors include information but also elements of violence, aggression and erotic. Media influence on children depends with their age, which reflects the level of cognitive functions, critical thinking and intellectual abilities.
Influence of sports on human mental and physical development in various stages of life
The thesis deals with the impact of sports and physical activity on human physical and mental development in various developmental stages of life. It contains a brief description of the stages of life and presents the possibilities, nature and influence of sports and physical activity on human physical and mental state.
Surroundings Influance on Speech Development
The bachelor's thesis deals with influence of home environment on development of children's speech. It aims to describe present conditions of home environment, which completely influences the development of children?s language in the preschool age, and to identify whether children have higher level of speech when their parents read to them. The theory part deals with basic opinions on development of children's personality, and describes some present influences of environment on children, especially the influence of family and media (TV, computer). The next chapter explains the development of children's speech from birth to the end of preschool age. To the development are added possibilities of speech stimulation according to age of the child, includes using of a book as a device for development. The practical part deals with the research, which is focused on reading to children in the family, and the level of speech in the age group 3 - 4. It explains whether the reading has positive influence on quality of language. From the conclusion of research is obvious that parents read to their children relative regularly and children have average level of speech when their parents daily read to them.
The Children´s and Youth´s Attitude to Sports and the Influence of Sport to their Psychic Condition
This work deals with the relationship of children and the young towards sport and how sport influences their psychic development. It discourses upon leisure sports and their pedagogical, social and also economical possibilities. This work offers an insight into history of sport activities since the dawn of humanity, categorisation of sport disciplines and individual phases of a human development on the subject of sport. Further on, it deals with cognitive functions concerning sport activities and also the importance of sport at schools and interested education. The practical part of this work is a survey comparing different views on sport as seen by chidren and the young. The survey helps to understand why some people do sports and some do not.
Ecological Education in Term of Physiogeny of Individual
NEBESKÁ, Martina
Ecological education in term of physical development of individual This study focuses on an ecological education in term of physical development of individual. First it devotes to perception of animals in the historical context, further describes ecological education, its methods and system and brings out activities of Centrum ekologické výchovy OFČR. Then study continues with characteristics of particular life stages of pre-school children, early school children and adolescents. The final part of the study describes the specialties, on which are composed the training programs.

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