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Vývoj vybraných socioekonomických faktorů a jejich vliv na stabilitu Egypta v období 2005 - 2015
Bartáková, Michaela
The aim of this thesis is to analyze the factors leading to change the level of security in Egypt in the years 2010 - 2011 and their reflection on the current political regime and the country's economy. Work focuses primarily on climatic conditions and changes that cause fluctuations in agriculture and insufficient agricultural production. This work analyzes the nutritional intake of Egypt's population and food availability in the country before and after the outbreak of the Arab Spring.
Potravinová bezpečnosť vo vzťahu k ekonomike štátu
Roháčková, Simona
This work is focused on food security in relation to the economy of the state. Its aim is to assess the current food security of the Slovak and Czech Republics and their mutual comparison. It clarifies the basic concepts and contexts of food security with an emphasis on economic aspects. It examines the degree of food self-sufficiency of selected commodities of both countries. Data from 113 countries of the World Food Safety Index is processed by several cluster analyzes and factor analysis.
Geneticky modifikované potraviny
Tuzová, Kristýna
Diploma thesis Genetically modified foods discusses about genetically modified foods in the Czech Republic, European Union (EU) and worldwide. The aim of the thesis was to investigate the awareness of Czech and Austrian students and citizens about geneti-cally modified foods and also to highlight the pros and cons of genetically modified foods. The method of literary research and comparative method was used to evaluate the current state of genetically modified food. In the experimental part of the thesis a brainstorming method and SWOT analysis were used to determine the main advantages and disadvantages associated with genetically modified foods. Information on the atti-tudes of interest groups was collected through a questionnaire survey. The results show that the awareness and attitude of the general public and students varies within the Czech Republic and Austria.
Stav potravinové bezpečnosti ve vybraných zemích Střední Ameriky
Syslová, Petra
Thesis explains the most important terms in the field of food security and comprehensively acquaints the reader with the factors influencing this issue. The aim of work is to monitor the current state of food security in selected countries of Central America from different economically advanced groups and to compare data. This thesis presents and analyzes various aspects that form or have any impact on food security, such as economic or agricultural factors. The resulting output is a reflection of the impact of individual aspects on the overall state of food security.
Městské zemědělství
Neveselý, Jakub
Urban Agriculture. Diploma Thesis. Brno 2016 Thesis is describing problematics of urban agriculture. Papers goal is to introduce the problematic of urban agriculture to the reader in form of literature research, to describe influences of urban agriculture on environment, economy and on social aspects. Further, thesis describes advantages and disadvantages of urban agriculture and its hazards. Other important aspect is food security regarding developing countries.
Level of food security of syrian refugees in Tukey
Dobiášová, Kristýna
The bachelor thesis deals with the proposal of change of policy of international actors in providing food security. In order to achieve it there is used the analysis of current level of food security and nutritional intake of Syrian refugees in Turkey since year 2011 when armed conflict in Syria has started. The bachelor thesis is divided into three parts. Theoretical part deals with theory of migration, legal definitions of status of refugees and demographic processes, analyzes a method of food consumption score on the background of the theory of nutritional intake. The second part focuses on the analysis of migration waves on Turkish territory including demographic situation, level of food security, role of active organizations and financing management. Finally, recommendations how to provide sufficient food security and improve the situation are proposed.
Food security problems in West Africa - case study Mali and Senegal
Strolený, Martin
The aim of this thesis is to analyze the food security problems in West Africa together with further analysis of Mali and Senegal. Furthemore, this thesis provides an insight into geographic positions, agricultural development and overall hunger situations of chosen areas as these all named aspects have both direct and indirect impacts on food security. To measure the food security in chosen regions two different indexes were used in order to ensure maximal accuracy of the analyzed criteria (the Global Hunger Index and the Global Food Security Index). Moreover, the thesis analyzes main geographic and demographic challenges in the region and their correlations wtih food security issues. Next, different regional organizations and policies focused on the development of the areas are described. Based on the theoretical and analytical research and results of the thesis, recommendations for sustainable development and improvement of food security are eventually provided.
Comparison of food security in ASEAN countries using composite indicator
Tománková, Linda
Topic of this thesis is a preview for food security in the ASEAN. The goal is to compare the nine countries of the ASEAN and assess which country achieved success in the implementation of food security policy. To achieve these results the composite indicator will be used to analyze this issue. The purpose is to create a suggestion that would help improve the situation of regions which have greater problems with food security.
Food security and staple crops
Čermáková, Lenka ; Milerová Prášková, Dagmar (advisor) ; Jančák, Vít (referee)
Nowadays, with growing population especially in developing countries, hunger and poverty are a huge problem. To reduce or eliminate hunger and poverty, the concept of food security was introduced. This concept describes an ideal situation to be reached. The first part of my work introduces this concept and introduces four basic pillars of food security. Food security is closely related crops, so the second part of my work focuses on selected staple crops that play a role in realizing the food security concept. These crops are rice, corn, potatoes and wheat. The concept will be fulfilled when all four pillars are met simultaneously. There are many obstacles in the way, from economic to climate ones. Changes need to be adapted whether through change in agriculture (more mechanization and electrification) or by improving the conditions of the farmers themselves. Improving the infrastructure will allow the consumer base to be broadened and thus revenue increased. The result is that everything depends on the crops themselves which have the potential to eliminate hunger. In the beginning, it is important to select a seed, to grow a crop that can provide income and that will not grow at the expense of farmers' livelihoods. Avoiding food degradation in poor storage or production can save many crops. With...

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