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Motivation to read books for first-year high school students
Reichmannová, Nikola ; Komberec, Filip (advisor) ; Starý, Karel (referee)
The diploma thesis focuses on reading, its support, and development among 1st-grade students in secondary schools, taking into account the requirements placed on students in relation to the final exam. Its goal is to outline some possibilities for appropriately motivating students to read in order to develop a positive attitude towards reading, and to provide inspiration for future graduates to engage with the relatively demanding ancient and medieval texts that are typically part of the curriculum at the beginning of their studies. The introductory chapters map the centrally set educational content of literary communication in secondary education as part of the Czech Language and Literature educational field, the position of reading and reading literacy in curricular documents, comparative research on reading, and professional opinions on literature education in Czech secondary schools. This is followed by a section dedicated to selected motivational means and methods that can be used within literature education to strengthen students' motivation for reading books and texts. The thesis concludes with examples of teaching lessons prepared on the topics of the oldest literature and their subsequent reflection after actual implementation in the educational process. These examples demonstrate that...
The motivational potential of working with culture studies in German language teaching at grammar schools
Špásová, Tereza ; Nečasová, Pavla (advisor) ; Botlík Nuc, Tomáš (referee)
The diploma thesis focuses on the teaching of German-speaking countries' culture studies and their motivational potential in the teaching of German at four-year grammar schools. The theoretical part deals first with the problem of motivation in teaching. It defines terms related to motivation and discusses the negative factors operating in teaching and the role of the teacher in relation to students' motivation. This part also outlines the relationship between motivation and teaching effectiveness and describes the role of motivation in foreign language teaching. Subsequently, the thesis focuses on the German language in general and on the aims and didactic principles of foreign language teaching. This is followed by a chapter on culture studies, which first focuses on defining the concept of culture studies and different approaches to teaching it, discussing also culture studies in key documents related to the teaching of culture studies. Finally, the actual work with culture studies in foreign language teaching is presented. The practical part analyses the processing of culture studies in selected textbook sets used at four-year grammar schools. The aim of the analysis is to assess the representation and processing of culture studies in textbooks and the possible influence of the conception and...
The Use of Stories in the Language Teaching at the Primary School
Benešová, Marie ; Doležalová, Eliška (advisor) ; Hájková, Eva (referee)
The diploma thesis is focused on the use of stories in language teaching in primary school, especially the Czech language. The theoretical part contains basic information about the method of telling stories, storytelling, its possible use in the Czech language and experience with this method in teaching the English language. To work with stories in Czech language classes, the storytelling method is included in the Framework Educational Program for basic education, both in terms of student outcomes and competencies that could be developed in classes using storytelling. The work is devoted to the process of selecting and creating a story, its placement in children's literature and the criteria that should be met for the story to be accepted by pupils. The space is dedicated to the application itself in the teaching unit and to the offer of specific methods and exercises enabling the inclusion of storytelling in teaching. The work deals with the very process of creating a story based on the listed words for the 4th grade, describing the progress of the teaching unit as well as the reaction of the pupils in the lesson, and the preparation of the control test and evaluation. Due to the limited resources regarding the use of storytelling in the teaching of the Czech language, this work could in the...
Threats and opportunities in motivating senior workers in education with experience in further education.
Hájková, Jana ; Svobodová, Zuzana (advisor) ; Liška, Roman (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the motivation of managers in the field of further education. The aim of the diploma thesis is to find out how kindergarten principals with practice perceive their own motivation to continue their education, or to identify a certain key critical period during their career as a kindergarten principal. Attention is paid to the characteristics of managers, their motivation, personal development and further education. Issues related to the burnout syndrome, possible factors causining the resigns of a manager, fundamental obstacles in motivation and critical moments of managers in their careers are also elaborated. The thesis includes qualitative research based on personal interviews with educational leaders, which took the form of semi-structured interviews. Qualitative research was chosen on the basis that appropriate methods could be used to achieve the stated aim of the thesis. A research sample was selected and specified for the qualitative research work. The research sample for this thesis was selected as the headmistresses of kindergartens who have long experience in the position, six years or more. The interviews obtained were then analyzed using the coding method. The coding was divided and identified into five main categories to correspond as closely as possible...
Motivation and Needs of Education of Participants in Courses of Further Education of Pedagogical Staff
Mück, David ; Veteška, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Kříž, Jaroslav (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the motivation and educational needs of teaching staff, specifically primary school teachers, within the framework of continuing professional education courses. The work also deals with the barriers to further education experienced by these workers. Further education of teaching staff enables teaching staff to deepen or expand their qualifications, which is essential for the further performance of their profession. Factors influencing the motivation for such education can be quite diverse and result from the individual educational needs and attitudes of specific individuals. Analysis and identification of these educational needs is important for planning and subsequent implementation of educational activities. The aim of this thesis was to find out what motivates primary school teachers to further professional education, what educational needs they feel and what barriers they perceive in further professional education. The diploma thesis is divided into two parts. Based on professional literature, the theoretical part of this work summarizes the definition of a pedagogical worker with a focus on primary school teachers, describes the system of further education of pedagogical workers and defines basic concepts related to educational needs, motivation and barriers to...
Didactic game focused on the development of the individual needs of the pupil
Jirušová, Michaela ; Wildová, Radka (advisor) ; Ronková, Jolana (referee)
Univerzita Karlova Pedagogická fakulta Katedra preprimární a primární pedagogiky ABSTRACT Didactic game focused on the development of the individual needs of the pupil Bc. Michaela Jirušová Vedoucí práce: prof. PaedDr. Radka Wildová, CSc. Studijní program: Magisterské studium Studijní obor: Učitelství 1. stupně ZŠ, KS ABSTRACT The thesis is deal with activisation methods, mainly with didactic games and their use in teaching, their aim to develop individual needs of learners, their own development, learning, motivation and self-realisation at lower elementary level. The thesis is divided into two parts - theoretical and practical. In the theoretical part, topics and teaching methods are characterised with regard to chosen literature. The practical part is the survey of didactical games use at lower elementary level - their frequency, subjects which use them, their aim at the learner's individuality etc. Finally, a summary of didactic games is prepared. KEYWORDS activation methods, didactic game, motivation, summary of games, game

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