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Motivation Towards the Visual Arts via Art Techniques in Free Time Pedagogy
Motivation youth towards the visual arts via art techniques in free time pedagogy. The purpose of bachelor work was analyse by means of young people motivation to positive affinity to plastic art. Theoretic part put brain to explication basic concepts, which be related to work theme. The first chapters I explained bacis consepts, namely conception art, plastic art and aesthetics in human relation to mentioned values. In the next chapters I put mind to guestions of young people, guestions and importance of the free time. The last theme of theoretic part is motivation. Motivation in the concepts definition and motivation youth to visual art activities by means of today`s visual arts projectes. Practical part put mind to the plastic project ,,Colour sensation of music``. The purpose of the project is visual expession of subjective experience, which was induced by the auditory sensation of music. The project is specialised for young people. Now it`s harder motivate them to every activities with the visual activities. So I wanted to find one way to motivate young people to visual activity trough this project. Conclusion of bachelor work summarises knowledges and observations sequence of this visual project.
Anabolics and recreational sportsmen? Social and legal aspects of the use.
MAŠÍK, Josef
Ve své bakalářské práci shrnuji poznatky o působení anabolik a jiných dopingových látek na tělesnou a psychickou stránku jedince. Mým záměrem je vytvořit odborně společenskou charakteristiku tohoto negativního společenského jevu. Práce si klade za cíl také zmapovat rozsah právní úpravy a její dostatečnost při praktickém uplatňování při potírání kriminality související s distribucí a podáváním anabolik osobám mladším 18ti let.
Ve své bakalářské práci se zabývám problematikou internetu z hlediska psycho-sociálního a jeho vlivu na současnou mladou generaci. Mým záměrem je zjistit, k jakým činnostem adolescenti internet využívají a jakým způsobem je internet zpětně ovlivňuje. Výstupem práce by měla být odpověď na otázku, zda si je mláděž vědoma pozitivních a negativních vlivů internetu a jestli je pro ni internet přínosem či hrozbou.
Valuation of Secondary School Young People
The project is about value orientation of high school students in Czech Republic. The theoretic part describes values in a general notion, their functions and agents, that influence them. In this part is also ephebic evolutionary period, free time, life style and value orientation of youth described. The practical part of project is a research, in that I tried to analyse the value orientation of accomodated students that means a sample of high school students. The research followed the preference of instrumental and target values and it tried to verify given hypothesis in advance.
The cause and effect of children and young people delinquency on the Cesky Krumlov region
The goal of my work is to establisch the cause and effect of children and young people delinquency on the Cesky Krumlov region. I suggested two hypothesis. I investigated the children and young people being under the curator{\crq}s supervision working in the town office of Cesky Krumlov. Here, there are two women employees. Each has a case load of a 160 children from the last year. I studied a third of them. It means 100 cases. As a method of verifying the hypothesis, I selected the method of document analysis and of case history analysis.
Young people in the housing estates and their leisure time
VOLCOVÁ, Jarmila
My graduation thesis is concerned with spending of leisure time of today´s young people. It is focused on the life of young people in Znojmo and its surroundings. The target of my thesis is to bring near sociological conception of spare time any by means of evaluation exercises realize what young people are interested in. My graduation thesis is divided into two parts {--} theoretical and practical. Theoretical part includes a few thematic units. These units are related to adolescence, socialization and leisure time. Practical part is based on my own observation of pupils of the second grade of primary schools. In includes information about activities of spare time of pupils. To sum um I am trying to compare current results with theoretical part.
Incentive tourism within framework of youth segment
The presented master thesis focuses on incentive tourism. The thesis presents general definition and theoretical base for incentive tourism, and subsequently the issue is applied to the selected segment {--} the youth. Dealing with the youth segment, the thesis focuses mainly on a specific area of incentive tourism, motivational tourism. The main input factors of motivational process are described for a particular group of motivational tourism products. The research in the field of motivational tourism carried out in the thesis is fully located in Czech environment. Planning and implementation of particular product {--} entering adaptation course {--} is one of the components of the presented master thesis. The theoretical findings are supported by two field studies: evaluation of both quantitative and qualitative research and elaboration of case studies for the specific products.
Prevention of Juvenile Delinquency in Jindřichův Hradec
Nováčková, Pavla ; Sedláková, Jaroslava (advisor) ; Bohmová, Alena (referee)
This thesis is basically an overview of juvenile deliquency development over the past years, centering on the Czech Republic, Southern Bohemia and the region of Jindrichuv Hradec. The thesis concentrates on mapping the causes of the most frequent kinds of juvenile deliquency in Jindrichuv Hradec. It takes into account all factors that have an impact on criminal behavior of youths. The research is based on 50 documents stored within the probation and mediation agency of Jindrichuv Hradec. The research concluded, that the main causes of youth deliquency are unorganized free time together with family problems. There's also a considerable influence from the peers. Taking these facts into account, the thesis goes on to outline preventive measures, mainly free time activities, improving legal awareness among the targeted group, teachers' education and strengthening cohesion within a family.

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