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Semantic Annotation of the OpenDocument Format
Nakládal, Jan ; Šperka, Svatopluk (referee) ; Schmidt, Marek (advisor)
This work is about analysis, design and implementation of application as an extension to office suite This application allows users to view metadata RDF format found in text content and editing By using this functionality, we can see specific information about people, places or objects mentioned in the document and paste it directly into the document itself. Practical we can use this for more details information about the person used in text.
Extended Manipulation of Music File Playlists and Metadata in GMPC
Adamec, Jakub ; Peringer, Petr (referee) ; Janoušek, Vladimír (advisor)
The aim of the bachelor thesis is to design and supplement a client application for the music server Music Player Daemon (MPD), which allows editing local music files and downloading data from internet services. Along with provide extraordinary operations with playlists and extracts tempos from songs. Before solution of application, we can find  theoretical analysis, which includes a description of metadata, music data formats and an analysis of MPD and GMPC. In the last chapters of the work is a description of the application solution ending with the evaluation of the results.
The API of a Video and Image Datastore
Fröml, Vojtěch ; Volf, Tomáš (referee) ; Zendulka, Jaroslav (advisor)
This master's thesis proposes and implements an extension of the database interface VTApi which is being developed as a part of the MV ČR project "Tools and methods for video and image processing for terrorism prevention" at FIT VUT. This interface provides support for representation, management and indexation of multimedia data and related descriptive metadata used by analytic applications based on computer vision. It currently uses DBMS PostgreSQL as its default datastore. Paper describes basic techniques for processing image and video data, VTApi concept and proposes and implements its modifications for the purpose of supporting multiple types of datastores. As an example of an alternative datastore, support for usage of a SQLite database is integrated into VTApi.
Multimedia Browser for Lectures
Kubalík, Jakub ; Potúček, Igor (referee) ; Schwarz, Petr (advisor)
In preamble reader will understand the purpose of this project and why it was initiated. It's large team project, so description of its structure represents main part of this report. A core of the browser contain a lot of techniques, e.g. system of components, special internal communication and other. The main goals of this system are portability and reusability - there is exact specification of syntax rules and used data formats. Non-interchangeable role in project has format XML. Invention of new components was the last intervention in project, with intention to use of the project in future and involve in complex search engine - the engine discuss final part of report.
Detection of Groups and Duplicities of Photos
Václavík, Vojtěch ; Kolář, Martin (referee) ; Zemčík, Pavel (advisor)
The bachelor's thesis aims to create an application that allows import of photographs and to sort duplicities. The application simplifies the import by showing already imported photographs and also hiding the not necessary ones. The application can also be used for finding duplicities or comparing folders, helping the user to clean their photo gallery. Other than that, it is also possible to show photographs with similar timestamps. To identify duplicates the application uses EXIF metadata included in photographs. The application was implemented in C++, graphical interface in Qt framework, work with metadata mediates EasyEXIF library and the database communication uses SQLite library.
System for Import of Photos
Pučálka, Martin ; Mlích, Jozef (referee) ; Zemčík, Pavel (advisor)
The goal of this thesis is design and implementation of stand-alone program for import of photos. Program can find already imported photos in computer and skip them during next import. Searching for identic photos is based on comparing metadata. Thanks to this way of comparasion, aplication doesn't need to load and compare image data and searching can be faster. Implemented were also functions for separating, renaming and adding metatada to photos.
Jankovichová, Ludmila ; Toman, Radek (referee) ; Kristek, Jan (advisor)
The cataogue card, as a link to all the data of the archive, is the main point of the research room and surrounding depositories, where they are sorted in the dark and dry individual archives.
System for a Room Acoustics Measurement
Stojan, Martin ; Mošner, Ladislav (referee) ; Szőke, Igor (advisor)
This work follows up on Marin Lach's thesis. It deals with Audified Audio Processing System. The work is about making control of the system more pleasant, testing the functionality of the system with eventual modifications, extending the current functionality and creating a web application to ease the collecting of metadata about the recording. It also contains manuals for dealing with the system and using the mentioned applications.
Metadata Extraction from Scientific Papers
Lokaj, Tomáš ; Dytrych, Jaroslav (referee) ; Otrusina, Lubomír (advisor)
This work deals with the Metadata Extraction from Scienti c Papers. There is generally described issue of information extraction, focusing on the processing of text documents. There is also presented programme designed to search for relevant  information in scienti c publication, created by the author. At the end of this work is a comparsion of systems dealing with the same issue, especially with the CiteSeerX system.
Music Files Metadata Management
Saloň, Marek ; Peringer, Petr (referee) ; Janoušek, Vladimír (advisor)
The main goal of this bachelor thesis is to design and implement application that is able to process metadata of local music library. For this purpose, custom methods were implemented to ease and automate working with large number of files. One of the main means of automation is the use of internet services to obtain relevant information. This work describes the music files and methods of storing metadata, the structure and use of individual services, discusses possible extensions and, last but not least, evaluates the resulting implementation.

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