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Analysis of safety at work and accident rate at work in manipulation with agricultural products
LEXOVÁ, Jarmila
My diploma work deals with issues of safety at work and accident rate at work in the field of the manipulation with agricultural products. A work accident is usually caused by a number of interrelated factors. Thus, the sources and causes of work accidents affect their frequency. Undoubtedly, the most essential element in health protection and work safety not only in our country, but in the whole of the European Union (EU), is prevention. The obligation of risk assessment seems to be one of the basic principles of the preventive approach to the maintenance of health protection and work safety standards implemented in EU countries. The objective of this paper is to carry out an analysis of factors which play a role in the occurrence of work accidents and, as a result of these analyses, to establish general rules and recommendations for the elimination of the occurrence of such accidents and to design recommendations aimed at practical application.
Utilization of aids for handling of non-self-sufficient patients at departments of intensive medicine.
Departments of intensive medicine often hospitalize patients with self-sufficiency disorders in routine daily activities. Nurses working in those departments have to handle such patients on daily basis, as a part of providing quality nursing care. To make their work easier there are more or less available aids, however, they are not always fully used. The reasons include complexity of the use, unavailability of the aids in hospitals or saving time for other duties. This thesis is divided into two parts. The first part considers the theoretical side of the issue. We have focused on patients at departments of intensive medicine, who are dependent on assistance provided by nurses. Nurses function primarily as attendants. The theoretical part also describes the most common aids used for handling of non-self-sufficient patients. The second part of the thesis focuses on research. We have conducted surveys in selected hospitals in the Czech Republic at departments of intensive medicine. The survey used anonymous questionnaires for nurses working at intensive medicine departments. The objectives of the thesis were as follows: To find out whether nurses at departments of intensive medicine use all aids for handling of non-self-sufficient patients; to find out which aids are used most frequently by nurses at departments of intensive medicine for handling of non-self-sufficient patients and to find out whether nurses at departments of intensive medicine are able to use correctly the available aids for handling of non-self-sufficient patients. To achieve the objectives, three hypotheses were established H1: Nurses at departments of intensive medicine do not use all aids for handling of non-self-sufficient patients. H2: The aid most frequently used by nurses at departments of intensive medicine is a positioning mat. H3: Nurses at departments of intensive medicine are able to use correctly the available aids for handling of non-self-sufficient patients. The objectives of the work have been met and three hypotheses were confirmed in the survey. This thesis may serve as an information material for nurses interested in nursing in intensive medicine. Further, it may serve for manufacturers of aids for handling of non-self-sufficient patients; it presents opportunities for improvement of the most frequently used aids and for simplification of work with aids used by the nurses less frequently.
HOLÁ, Michaela
Among with many changes brought to us by the modern times, we may also find changes in current understanding of religions. In spite of the strong deconsecration trend the experts agreed on growing popularity of new forms of religions and divergence from the traditional religions on the other side. Many alternative religions occur. Groups are diversified by their confession, establishment, methods of finding new members, behaviour models and relationship to the traditional religions. The phenomenon of new religions establishment itself can not be overlooked anymore and to me it seems interesting to learn more about possible reasons, why individuals choose this way. The objective of my research was to identify what motivates people to join alternative religious groups. The research includes a quantitative and a qualitative section. In order to collect adequate data for the quantitative research method of e-mail inquiries was applied as well as questionnaires. The questionnaire was designed for the determined objective of the research and was intended for experts in organisations involved in religious issues both in the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic. Specifically responses were received from employee of the Association for Study of Sects and New Religions in Prague, the Centre for Prevention in the Area of Religious Sects (CPoNS) in Olomouc and from o.z. INTEGRA - Centre for Prevention in the Area of Religious Sects, based in Banská Bystrica. I had three hypothesis determined for this part of my work: the Hypothesis I (Phenomenon of new religions popularity is related mainly to younger population, which is more sensitive to era changes), the Hypothesis II (Decision of an individual to join a new religious group is subject to expected satisfaction of currently unsatisfied needs) and the Hypothesis III (Psychological methods misused by the alternative religious groups play a significant role in individual´s decision to joint a sect). The above hypothesis has been confirmed upon analysis of collected data. In addition I used a quantitative method as well, consisting of semi-standardized interviews with former members of some of the alternative religious groups. The research group included three individuals, who shared their experience with a specific religious group. Considering the small number of respondents it was more a complementary type of method in addition to the quantitative research. The subject bachelor work may be used for more detail research of the given subject and extension of knowledge related to the phenomenon of the alternative religions. The work may be also used for description of processes taking place in the current society and affecting distrust to the traditional religions. Results of this research may be also considered when searching for an effective solution for prevention of sect impact.
Marketing as an instrument of manipulation.
POLÁNKA, Vladimír
The object of bachelor´s thesis is the posibility how to change behaviour of a target group with using marketing instruments. The institution which deal with anti-drug prevention within South Bohemia region were chosen as a course of study. The thesis should find out, if anti-drug coordinators use marketing as an instrument of influencing their customer´s behaviour.
Manioulation of spatial behaviour of the slug \kur{Deroceras reticulatum} by the parasitic nematode \kur{Phasmarhabditis hermaphrodita}
Slug pathogenic nematodes are under a serious threat of predators and scavenging invertebrates and can easily be destroyed together with consumption of the host. Invertebrate cadavers are rapidly and preferentially removed by predators and scavengers within minutes or hours, The nematodes need several days to finish their life-cycle in the cadaver. By comparing the after-death positions of slugs killed by 6 different methods, it is evident that P. hermaphrodita can manipulate the spatial behaviour of its slug host to prevent the host from being predated or scavenged, or from desiccation conditions until the nematodes complete their development.
Psychological Aspects of Advertising
My thesis deals with the subject of advertising, both as a specific kind of information as well as a phenomenon within society. My focus is given to its influence on a person and the description of those mechanisms, as well as its influence. It also concerns the biological and psychological predispositions and the sensitivity of a person towards advertising. The central theme is to examine all of these special mechanisms of advertising messages within modern society. The practical part contains the elaboration and evaluation of a questionnaire and a television survey through common available channels. The records are evaluated in these given charts.
Using the compensative aids helping with movement and handling at an immobile patient
This BA thesis looking at "The Use of Compensatory Aids Enabling Movement and Handling of Immobile Patients" describes the reaction of the organism to immobility, the compensatory aids and handling of immobile patients. The practical part takes form of a quantitative research. The research compares nurses' experience with handling immobile patients correctly in hospitals and the homes for the elderly. Furthermore, the research states which establishments use lifting equipment and if nurses are aware of the existence of compensatory aids.
Analisis of safeness in traffic and in manipulation with mount, concept of general measures to increase labour protection
Bachelor work is concerned with analisis of safeness in traffic and in manipulation with mount and project general measures to increase labour protection.
Manipulation, disinformation and faults in television news
Ziková, Jitka ; Roll, Marek (advisor) ; Běláčková, Vendula (referee)
The thesis considers with balance and objectivity of the main news program of Česká televize. It tries to unfold inaccurate coverages, being transmitted in Události from september 2009 until december 2009. Inadequacies are further described and analysed in detail. Based on personal judgement, there is a possible reason and inflictor stated. The objective of this thesis is to point out Inadequacies in main news service of statutory television from view of objectivity, balance, correctness and other faults. Further provides aspects, which are the most frequent purpose of making faults. Thesis supplements monthly reports of Czech info company, which judges balance of news service only in constrained scale. The results of analysis provides valueable ratings of Události not only for television management, but for redactors themselves and other members of news team. The thesis doesn't lack even consideration about possibility of minimalisation the mentioned inadequacies. The source of information and data are articles, documents from Česká televize database, news service online archiv and experience from working in news room ČT. First part of thesis is concentrated on theoretical base. Serves to understand the whole problematics and as starting point for rest of the thesis. Even contains practical examples of manipulation and disinformation from the past and present. Second part describes the way of investigation of Česká televize news service and defines criteria of ratings. Third part of the thesis summarises results of the analysis, judges frequency and importance of inadequacies in news service and summarises their characteristics and elimination possibility. Conclusion summarises knowledge of the thesis, their comments, and enrichment from ČT news room experience.
Media influence on people's life and behaior in the period of financial crisis.
Pikman, Oxana ; Hubinková, Zuzana (advisor) ; Surynek, Alois (referee)
This work is about media influence on people's life and behavior in the period of financial crisis. The purpose of this work is to find out what media products do effect people's psyche and behavior, why person doesn't want to avoid media activity and what we could expect in the future after this crisis. In theoretical part of this work I am trying to explain basic problems of mass media processing and its role in the society using such examples as news, advertising and propaganda. In the practical part I want to prove the truth of hypotheses, which were observed in the theoretical part.

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