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Visual Navigation of the Vehicle
Jaššo, Kamil ; Richter, Miloslav (referee) ; Horák, Karel (advisor)
The thesis consists of retrieval of known solutions of autonomous vehicle navigation. Thesis further describes options for controling autonomous vehicle, and using of sensors in autonomous vehicles. From different types of sensors are selected two types, that are most suitable for visual navigation of the vehicle. Thesis describes the function and way of using these two types of sensors in the visual navigation of the vehicle. The program for obtaining and saving data from selected sensors is also part of the thesis.
Utilization of Inventor Studio for modeling, vizualization and animation
Kučera, Petr ; Vaněk, Jaromír (referee) ; Kuchyňková, Hana (advisor)
Software program Autodesk Inventor is described in bachelor thesis. The aim is the description of the options of module Inventor Studio and its use at manual process and creating of a simple model of the electrical equipment and creating their presentations.
Design and Analysis of Systems for Advanced Guarding and Securing Objects and Areas
Komínek, Petr ; Šimek, Václav (referee) ; Strnadel, Josef (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with design, realization and analysis of security and surveillance systems for buildings and spaces containing advanced components. One of the main design's parts is dedicated to intruder alarm system, access system, attendance and CCTV systems with the possibility of automatic motion tracking. Controlling and monitoring of particular subsystems is possible both locally and remotely from a computer via a web interface or by means of a software. The access to camera system from a mobile phone is also possible. IAS/ACS systems also enable controlling and transferring information about their state via SMS. The designed system was realized completely and its operating was demonstrated. The realization is described in detail including illustration of configuration of particular components. A security analysis and a possible future development of the project is summarized in the conclusion.
3D model
Sejkora, Martin ; Janáková, Ilona (referee) ; Richter, Miloslav (advisor)
This document focuse on computer vision and backward spatial reconstruction of the object from camera images. It describes the theoretical foundations needed to understand the problem and how to solve it. Software solution is created in C ++ language and uses OpenCV library.
Track detection and planning
Brázdil, Jan ; Horák, Karel (referee) ; Richter, Miloslav (advisor)
The goal of the thesis was to design and create a line follower with one-line camera on The Freescale Cup 2013 car model platform. Computational unit is microcontroller Kinetis K40, which receives data from camera and other sensors. Then use these inputs to calculate the ideal path. This bachelor thesis leads to test several different types of controlling in unknown environment – data table control, vector control and PSD controller. It then expolores in known environment – map creation and drive control with map data. The thesis describes all used components, control theory and creating and programming controllers. In conclusion of this thesis all algoritms are tested on real track and results are compared.
Design of camera crane
Navrátil, Pavel ; Hutař, Pavel (referee) ; Koutný, Daniel (advisor)
This Master’s thesis deals with several variants construction design of camera crane. Two optimal variants are chosen with regard to practical usage. The thesis includes complete design of these variants with 3D models and strenght analyses. This analyses are processed by final element method. The first variant made based on technical documentation and it has worked for company Filmochod s.r.o..
Capturing Very High Quality Images of Planar Surfaces by a Smartphone
Masaryk, Adam ; Bartl, Vojtěch (referee) ; Herout, Adam (advisor)
The aim of this thesis is to create a mobile application for Android, which allows users to create high-quality photos of planar objects. User can create multiple photographs of a selected planar object. These photographs are then aligned and combined into one final image. Various shortcomings that can be present in the photographs are filtered.
Moving object detection
Škuta, Pavel ; Petyovský, Petr (referee) ; Richter, Miloslav (advisor)
The aim of this these was devise a automatic system applications, monitoring entering of motors vechitles with in automaric collection of trafic data. Automatic system allows identify of mooving vechitlses in slow speed and searching of the area registration number. Theoretical analysis of possible kind solving problems detection moving vechitles and their localization. From possible solutions was selected solution by camera systems. Was take a pictures of vechitles, whitch is as true of the real scene. On the pictures was testing of algorithm for detecting of area registraction number of vechitles. Designed system is possible to use for automatic monitoring mooving entering vechitles.
Lab exercise of the hidden camera and intercept.
Kočíř, Michal ; Pust, Radim (referee) ; Burda, Karel (advisor)
This thesis deals with design and build lab exercise of the hidden camera and intercept. The thesis describes the history of emission of safety, types of intelligence, intercept, camera and build their own laboratory experiments. The first chapter describes the history of the issue of safety. In the next chapter intelligence activities are focused on different types of intelligence. In Chapter interception mentioned the location, description and utilization, protection against eavesdropping and acoustic equipment GSM. Then the chapter describes the various camera parameters, location and detection. In other kapitel describes the concept of laboratory tasks. In the next chapter describes the design and build their own laboratory experiments. Then in the next chapter describes the design and build their own lab exercise. In this work are designed and assembled two lab exercise. The role of the laboratory deals with acoustical interception. The second deals with the role of the laboratory system of hidden cameras. The laboratory is the role of acoustic interception device used in radio memory analyzer MRA-3, with which you can find radio frequencies in the laboratory. In this lab exercise is also attached table of the laboratory spectrum. In the table are recorded audible radio frequencies to find in the lab. The table also recorded two intercept devices that we have attached the lab exercise. In the second lab exercise used hidden cameras are analogue devices video receiver, camera and video scanner XCS-99X. This role is focus tested the camera with attached zoom tools, which are accompanied by lab exercise. This target is gradually record in video receiver. The laboratory tested the role of distance function and image transmission between the camera and analog video receiver. Then tested the functionality of short smart noise generator SNG.
Robot for Robotour 2012
Vass, Robert ; Luža, Radim (referee) ; Rozman, Jaroslav (advisor)
The aim of this article is the theoretical analysis, proposal and implementation of a method for the operation of an autonomous robot for Robotour 2012 with the help of camera and sensor usage. Key issues to be faced are the computer vision, robot sensing uncertainty and the localization problem. Firstly, road extraction is achieved by using colour segmentation. Secondly, for the combination of information of different uncertain sources, Kalman Filter is proposed. Finally, the information received by the camera which serves for the building of an occupancy grid map corrected by sensors is de facto the representation of environment for the robot.

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