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Application of Modern Technologies to Production of Prototype Form
Pospíšil, Josef ; Zemčík, Oskar (referee) ; Sedlák, Josef (advisor)
This Diploma Thesis deals with modern technologies such as 3D scanning, rapid prototyping and vacuum casting to production of prototype form. It considers advantages and disadvantages of the modern technologies compared to traditional process of manufacturing prototype form and economical contribution using the modern technologies. Part of the thesis considers a choice of suitable manufacturing technology of a particular product.
Comparison of production possibilities gears plastic and metal
Květoun, Jan ; Žák, Ladislav (referee) ; Kandus, Bohumil (advisor)
This project is focused on comparison technologies of making cogwheels from plastic and metal. Inside are described principles, descriptions of technologies and appropriate usage or advantages and disadvantages. Mentioned technologies of making metal gears are primarily machining for example milling, slotting or grinding. Making of plastic gears is primarily focused on injection moulding. Practical part of this thesis is focused on exchange metal cogwheel with plastic cogwheel with helping calculations and information from resources. Exchanged cogwheel is from motorcycle ČZ 175/453.
Application of Modern Technologies to Concept of Production of Car Part Prototype
Bachorík, Patrik ; Jaroš, Aleš (referee) ; Sedlák, Josef (advisor)
The objective of my bachelor thesis is the design and manufacture of a prototype component for automobile industry. Specific designs and parameters of the prototype component were constructed in 3D parametric software Autodesk Inventor. Additive method Fused Deposition Modeling – a 3D printer uPrint was used for the production of the prototype component. A part of my work was the manufacturing of a silicone form with the use of a vacuum – moulding system. The purpose of this form was casting the required number of prototype components made of commercially available materials. Also, metrologic measuring of the pieces was carried out using 3D measuring machine with the aim of evaluation of manufacturing tolerance limits compared to the engineering drawing. The work was finished with technical and economic evaluation of the manufacture process of the prototype component with the subsequent analysis and overall assessment of the most convenient economic variant.
Design of manufacturing technology for plastic cogwheel
Vyhnanovský, Jaroslav ; Kebrle, Ondřej (referee) ; Kandus, Bohumil (advisor)
This project has been developed within the master study of Engineering Technology and Industrial Management a design of manufacturing technology for plastic cogwheel is introduced. The cogwheel will be produced by plastic injection moulding. POM material with a trade name Delrin 100 NC010 from DuPont Company will be used. An injection mould is a tool for producing a plastic cogwheel using injection moulding technology. Production will take place on the machine Allrounder 420 C Golden Edition 1000-290 from Arburg German Company headquartered in Loßburg, where the seat of parent company is situated.
Production technology of plastic body aperture
Dluhoš, Jan ; Kebrle, Ondřej (referee) ; Kandus, Bohumil (advisor)
This thesis deals with the production of a plastic body of the aperture by the method of injection moulding. The work includes a design of the injection mould for the given component. First, an appropriate material for the moulded piece was chosen and then the necessary calculations for the injection mould were made. A quadruplex injection mould with a heated inlet nozzle and pullout cores was designed based on these calculations. Modular components were chosen when designing the injection mould. The next part of the thesis contains the selection of the injection moulding machine for the given mould. The conclusion contains a technical-economical evaluation including the cost estimating for the injection mould and cost estimating for one moulded piece.
Design of manufacturing technology for plastic plug
Kočí, Ivan ; Žák, Ladislav (referee) ; Kandus, Bohumil (advisor)
This graduation theses analyse a concept of plastic plug production using the technology of injecting plastic into the form. There is performed a design of the technologic process with necessary calculations included here. Besides that the analysis is also focused on construction of the injection form. For the solution the 3D CAD system by SolidWorks and Hasco, Meusburger, Synventive normals were used. The graduation theses is finally valorized by technological-economic summary.
Production technology of mobile phone plastic cover
Heralt, Aleš ; Orel, Daniel (referee) ; Kandus, Bohumil (advisor)
The master´s thesis is focused on technology of injection plastics. The specified part is guard cover of mobile phone. The first part of thesis is focused on description of technology with priority on construction of form. The second part of thesis includes calculations of parameters, which are needed for production, along with techno-economic evaluation of selected construction design.
Injection moulding technology of thermoplastics
Mikulík, David ; Přikryl, Radek (referee) ; Kučera, František (advisor)
The work deals with optimization of the technological mode of injection moulding of test specimens 1A of semicrystalline PP and amorphous PS. It also explores the influence of technological mode changes on the crystallinity of a semi-crystalline PP. Was set the reference technological mode for each of the polymers and subsequently changed the value of the injection temperature, mold temperature, the volume when you switch to holding pressure, injection and holding pressure. After relaxation of injection for time 24 h, and the mouldings and dogbones were weighed and thickness were measured at selected points. From the dogbones made of PP samples were taken for differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) and crystallinity was examined. From the observed weight and thickness of dogbones were determined optimal technological modes for semi-crystalline PP and amorphous PS. Examining the influence of technological change modes on the crystallinity showed no clear dependence. Furthermore, it was found that the processing of a semicrystalline PP injection moulding reduces the value of crystallinity of the polymer, compare to starting PP granulate.
Production single parts "Case of coil winding"
Rudolf, Bronislav ; Kandus, Bohumil (referee) ; Žák, Ladislav (advisor)
Bachelor´s thesis is elaborated in terms of branch B-STG engineering technology. Smoothing - out suggestion manufacturing engaged plastic parts from material PA66- GF25 FR by the help of injection technology. Firstly, the basic materials for injection are described, then is described injection principle, injection mold and injection machine. The practical part deals with their own forms of construction. In the inclusion is simple economics upward revaluation expense and surplus.
Injection moulding
Heralt, Aleš ; Balej, Zdeněk (referee) ; Žák, Ladislav (advisor)
This Bachelor´s thesis is focused on construction forms for injection of thermoplastic matters. The technology for plastic products production is technology that participate more and more in production of all sorts of products - from technical components over kitchenware after as much as toys. Main part of this thesis is focused on description of the injection valve, ejector, annealing and ventilation system forms for injection with the main structural principles.

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