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Influence of the toy on the game of pre-school children.
Bachelor work is concerned with influence of nature and man made toy on the game of children and realistic needs of toys to the games of pre-school children. Theoretical part contains characteristic of the game and toy, historical development of the toy and some present findings about its influence on the game of children. Object of interest of the practical part was observation of the game with usual toys and games with natural material, their evaluation and comparison. Primarily was judged the reaction to the change, cooperation, self-reliance and creativity of the children, aggressiveness in the group. Experiment and observation realized in two kindergartens showed positive influence on all these factors.
Games and Development of Mind Operation
The topic which I chose for my bachelor essay is very current since playing is irreplaceable in children`s and even in some adults´ lives. When children play, they do not know that they are developing their physical, mental and social skills. They acquire new knowledge and other skills through a game and develop their thinking. In my essay, I will focus on games, playing, toys and last but not least, I will introduce critical thinking as a tool for efficient teaching in kindergartens. In the practical part of the work I will explain the effect of games in kindergartens and I will enhance my bachelor essay my DVD tape called ``Games in Kindergarten``, my research and a list of games
Development of Communication Competencies by means of Games
The aim of this work is to map application of games suited for development in communications skills in group of kids, before school age.Theoretical part concentrate on the definicios of the terms related with the topic. Terms such as evolution of language, communication, games for kids before school age, communications skills and activiteis at nursery. Applied part of this work includes description of social circle with its own rules and research on difficulties when communications skills appliedat nurseries. Research has been done by questionnaire. In attachment list of commmunications games and also description of nursery class at sacral nursery. Also video record of the observation on progres of the communications skills obtained at the class within the social circle. This observation was done in October 2007, December and February 2008 is completing this work.
Using Elements of Drama Education while Working with People with Mild Intellectual Disability
This thesis is dedicated to the possibilities of using elements of drama education while working with persons with a mild intellectual disability. The theoretical part begins with characteristics of intellectual disability, with a specific focus on psychic processes and personality structure of individuals with a light degree of intellectual disability. Besides containing pedagogical-psychological groundwork, which clarifies the essence and meaning of drama activities in the educational processes of persons with impaired intellectual abilities, the text introduces principles of indirect drama-educational work and performance of drama activities. It also describes some methods and techniques of drama education, which reflect the potential and abilities of individuals with intellectual disabilities. The practical part includes a proposal for a project based on literary sources, and mainly oriented at the personality and social development of the target group.
Experiential Learning in Adaptive Courses at Southbohemian Secondary Schools
The work si focused on the experietial learning and its use in adaptive courses at southbohemian secondary schools. First two chapters above all describe the history and present of experiential learning, bring key words and introduce its principles and elements. The third chapter is practical and tries to sketch the realization of adaptive courses in practice. It is based on the survey using guestionnaires focused on e.g. use of games, feedback, motivation instruments, principles of experiential learning etc. These guestionnaires were sent to secondary schools in South Bohemia, that adaptive courses organize. These courses has been organized shortly in the Czech Republic. However, their use is still being extended, which helps mainly children coming from basic to secondary schools to make this transition easier.
The Influence of Theatre on a Preschool Child
KRÁTKÁ, Pavlína
The aim of work is to highlight the impact of theater on the personality development of children preschool age and education elements of theater. The theoretical part is aimed at the preschool age child's personality and the importance of pre-term for shaping the child's own identity. It is aimed at the game and its importance in the lives of children preschool age and the specificities of the performing arts working in the preschool age child. The practical part is devoted to research and to the method of interviews with teachers and parents of preschool children preschool age and the observation of children from nursery schools in theatrical performances.
Current trends influencing development and implementation of sport and locomotive activities in hobby groups in the region České Budějovice
The main poit of my bachelor thesis is to find out how big is the interest in after-school activities in hobby groups, that are offered at primary schools in the region of České Budějovice. To prepare a list of sport branches and activities for the traditional and well known games and sports as football, volley-ball, basketball on one hand and on the other hand a list of untraditional sports as korfbal, frisbee, badminton. I decided to make some training plans that could be used by teachers in their lessons and practised with their students afterwards. In my work I would like to compare how much do the students and their teachers know about these sports. First I asked students and teachers at small school in the coutryside, then at school in small town and at the end I compared them to the school in the centre of České Budějovice. I used list of questions to find out which equipment for these sports is available at schools. My work should also find out which games are popular at students and teacher and if they would appreciate some trainings and workshops about traditional and nontraditional games at their school and if those trainings could be a benefit for the lessons of physical training.\\
Nursery School as the Life Space and a Child of Preschool Age in the View of Marie Montessori
RODOVÁ, Marcela
The work deals with preschool age and the M. Montessori view of the education. The aim is to point out the contributio24n of montessori materials and their use in nursery schools. The theoretic part describes the historic evolution of preschool education, psychological and sociological development of a child of preschool age, game and alternative programmes. I focused mainly on the M. Montessori pedagogy and described it theoretically. The practical part contains comparison of three chosen schools: NS Vokovická Praha 6, Montessori class in NS Meteorologická Praha and Montessori class in Tábor. In all these schools the montessori pedagogy principals are being applied. In these schools they work, not only, with original montessori materials, but also with other materials, which fulfill certain standards and also with some that were made by teachers themselves. In NS Vokovická toys are also being used. Despite some differences all of the schools agree on the basic thought: they put the child in the first position just like M. Montessori used to do.
Application of Experiential Pedagogy on Integration of Physically Handicapped People
The Thesis deals with the possibilities of integration of disabled people with the help of experiential pedagogy. It is divided into three topics. The first part is the naming the terms such as {\clqq}a disabled person``, {\clqq}integration``, {\clqq}experiential pedagogy``. The second part deals with the phenomenon of experiential pedagogy, its history, aims and principles, spectrum of experiential pedagogical activities. It tells what an experiential course is and it emphasizes the importance of the game in people´s lives. The essential part is the last one, which focuses on the practical use of the experiential pedagogy in integration of the disabled people. It informs us about the history and the present situation of integrational experiential courses not only in the Czech Republic but also abroad. It specifies the charactaristics of disabled people and gives ideas about the metodology, preparation and realisation of integrational experiential courses. The outcome of the Thesis can be used for further compilation of metodology of experiential pedagogy of physically handicapped people.
Současné trendy ovlivňující rozvoj a provádění sportů a pohybových aktivit v zájmových kroužcích v okresu Příbram\\
The bachelors of diploma are concerned with problems current young people and their interest about sport, offer and variety out of school physical training and knowledge non-traditional games in county of Příbram. I processed list traditional and non-traditional games, which I am assuming, that teachers should be in its lesson use it. I have been finding by questionnaire methods, which sports pupils and teachers are doing in their free time, which non-traditional games they know and which one they are playing. As well I have been interested in about sports facilities each school, which pupils need to playing.

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