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Narrative spaces of lyrical poetry
Melichar, Dominik ; Bílek, Petr (advisor) ; Málek, Petr (referee)
The work is a summary reflection on reading lyrical text and reader's understanding. It consists of two major topics - narratology and poetics of lyric poem - which are dissolved in the body of the work because of their meeting and direct confrontation. The third major circuit also dissolved in the body of work so that it can be functional for each complete part is poetry of Jiří Orten. Narratology now appears as a universal approach to the analysis of art (besides the literary text also film work, theater performances, paintings, etc., etc.). Poetics of lyric poetry is still adrift in a similar methodology. Considerations of this work are based on the assumption that narrative is one of the fundamental noetic structures of the human mind, and that storytelling is organizing principle of the human psyche. Based on this assumption the phenomenon of lyrical poem approaches to man as a kind of narratives that makes up a fictional world. Thoughts on the fictionality of poems, largely based on Doležel concept of fictional worlds is herein supported by Miroslav Červenka studie Fictional worlds of lyrical poetry. One of the last works of Červenka is confronted with other theoretical considerations on this subject (especially M.-L. Ryan, W. Iser and also U. Eco). Likewise this work is becomes a place of...
Postwar Japanese literature and historical transition durin the years 1945 - 1960
Weber, Michael ; Švarcová, Zdeňka (advisor) ; Nymburská, Dita (referee) ; Tirala, Martin (referee)
The thesis presents an assumption that literature is inspired by reality (besides other factors), and that specific literary worlds may, to a certain extent, reflect the actual state of society. Historical events around the end of WWII and the consequent rapid social changes in Japan during late 1940s and 1950s had an indisputable impact on literary production at the time. The aim of this thesis is to affirm this assumption through an analysis of selected short stories and novels from the time concerned. The analysis focuses on remarks and on references about the period of time when the prose was written, and also on behavioral and attitude changes of its characters - prototypes of the Japanese society. The direct impact of historical and social transition on literary work may also be traced in the works' themes, motifs and narrative. We can thus, in many cases, follow the development of the Japanese postwar society from 1945 until the late 1950s, when the country started to prosper economically. The selection of the analysed pieces of literature includes two novels which did not only describe the time of their origination, but also had reverse effect on society. The impact hypothesis is thus confirmed and, what is more, we can see a mutual influence exercised by both, the society and art: The...
Devil Guardian: The Theme of Identity in Mexican Novel on the break of the Millenium.
Alon, Andrea ; Vydrová, Hedvika (advisor) ; Housková, Anna (referee) ; Riebová, Markéta (referee)
The theme of the dissertation submitted is the novel Devil Guardian, whose author is a Mexican writer Xavier Velasco. This dissertation is the very first theoretical work in the Czech environment, devoted to the above-mentioned piece of literature published in 2004. In a sense, Devil Guardian represents a characteristic Mexican novel of the early 21st century, combining tradition and novelty in a surprising and original manner. A significant feature of the contemporary Mexican literature is a departure from the theme of Mexicanity, generally from a programmatic indulging in so-called national literature. Velasco's novel is an exemplary, however, not only piece of literature proving that the literary break-up with Mexico is neither an exclusive nor a dominant attribute of the contemporary Mexican fiction. In Devil Guardian Velasco focuses his mind on the theme of personal and national identity, which he treats in a considerably nontraditional manner, giving an ironical turn to speak to a hypermodern girl moving in the globalized world. The dissertation is divided into six parts. The first part "Originality Rooted in Tradition" refers to Devil Guardian ensuing the tradition of Mexican novel and innovating it. The second part "Xavier Velasco" briefly introduces the author's life and work. The issues...
Report on State of the Anti-communism: Red Scare Movies Between Actual World and Fictional World
Mišúr, Martin ; Hanáková, Petra (advisor) ; Klimeš, Ivan (referee)
The main objective of this bachelor's thesis is to focus on Red Scare movies, which are cultural relics of McCarthyism in the United States. So-called "anti-communist cycle" consists of approximately forty feature movies, only at first sight creating a remarkably compact unit. The intention of this thesis is to select from the anti-communist cycle a sample of twelve movies, which in my opinion most accurately follow the contemporary rhetoric of radical anti-communism in American society, attempt to embrace the idea of omnipresent threat and necessary interventions by anti-communist organizations. Methodologically, the thesis arises from the new film history and relies on the theory of fictional worlds, because it provides a suitable tool for describing links between fiction and its reference to what we experience in the real world. The first chapter deals with the history and film industry context - genesis of the Cold War, ideological background of communism and anti-communism in the United States and manifestation of contemporary pressures in the film industry. The beginning of the second chapter will serve as a contextual framework for the main topic of the thesis: Hollywood anti-communist movies. What follows is an analytical part consisting of three complex subchapters always concluded by...
Transmedial storytelling of the Star Wars fictional world
Vitoušová, Valérie ; Švelch, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Jirků, Jan (referee)
In my thesis I focus on the problematics of the transmedia storytelling which can influence the original story, even if its main aim is to elaborate that story. Innterferencies can be done on the level of the very story or on the level of the theories,, which can be applicable on it. I'm using the example of Star Wars fictional world, to which theories of Vladimir Propp, Joseph Campbell, J.R.R. Tolkien can be applied, just as the concept of mythology created by Roland Barthes. I'm going to present how transmedia storytelling influences the original story, presented mainly by the film episodes and "G-canon", on the chosen examples of Star Wars transmedia. At the same time transmedia storytelling changes the meaning of the theoretical frames named above, which can be applied to the original story. My aim is to show that the impact of transmedia is much greater that it is usually presented.
Alessandro Baricco's postmodern novels
Přívozníková, Pavla ; Flemrová, Alice (advisor) ; Pelán, Jiří (referee)
Tato diplomová práce zmapuje románovou tvorbu současného italského spisovatele Alessandra Baricca. Úvodem bude představen autor v kontextu současné italské prózy. V další části práce nastíníme charakteristiku postmoderního románu, zejména pokud jde o tříštění či dekompozici prostoru, času, příběhu a s tím související žánrovou heterogennost textu. V centrální části práce rozebereme jednotlivá díla, přičemž se budeme soustředit jak na příběh, jeho hlavní motivy a témata, tak na jeho kompozici a strukturu. Ve čtvrté kapitole využijeme dílčích analýz jako východiska ke komparativnímu přístupu k textům a pokusíme se najít společné i odlišné konstrukční principy jejich výstavby a návratná témata či motivické konstanty Bariccových próz. Závěrem zhodnotíme přínos tvorby Alessandra Baricca pro současnou italskou prózu.
Concepts of a Fictional Character in Contemporary Narratology
Dvořák, Jan ; Bílek, Petr (advisor) ; Málek, Petr (referee)
The goal of this thesis is to present essential concepts of literary character in fiction as they were produced by literary theory and criticism mainly in the second half of the twentieth century. The thesis offers comprehensible comparation and reflections of individual concepts and then attempts to offer some relevant implications for conceptualization of literary character. The implications are considered in practical interpretation of a particular narrative: the short story The Death of Mr. Baltisberger by Bohumil Hrabal.
Fictional Worlds of Fantasy Literature
This bachelor thesis focuses on issues of fictional worlds in fantasy literature. Basic terms important for creation of the fictional worlds and also creation of stories from fantasy genre will be explained in this thesis. The use of these theoretical basis will be shown on several examples from books within the fantasy genre. This thesis is also focusing on comparison of two fantasy stories Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll and The Chronicles of Narnia by C. S. Lewis. On those examples will be also shown how both significant authors of fantasy genre approached the theme of transition from the natural world into supernatural world. This thesis also show the different approaches to animal characters from both authors.
"Qui a revé cette histoire?" Kundera´s French Novels
This dissertation deals with three selected French novels written by Milan Kundera: La lenteur, L´identité, L´ignorance. The aim is to make an analysis of these works, which are known as "the French cycle". We focus especially on the process of the construction of a narrative world (by using the semantics of fictional worlds and narratological concepts), as well as on the thematic level of these works. At the center of our dialogue with the novels is the question of whether they could create a real cycle, and what are the aspects that could connect them to each another. We also pay attention to the position of these works in the context of Kundera´s other writings.
Fictional Worlds of Fanfiction
This bachelor thesis introduces basic knowledge about the so-called phenomenon of fanfiction, i.e. a complex of narrative works of literature written by fans. It presents the most significant details and issues of this phenomenon and introduces its place among other works of literature. An explanation of how fanfiction uses a fictional world of a canonical work and a comparison of fanficion and transcript follows after. The thesis discusses fictional entities and the positions of an author, a narrator, and a reader. A summary of the most common terms used in fanfiction completes this thesis.

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