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Regulace environmentálních dopadů dopravy pomocí alternativních daňových nástrojů
Kolouchová, Hana
The topic of this diploma thesis is the regulation of environmental impacts of road transport using tax tools alternative to road tax. The aim of the thesis is to evaluate the tax tools suitable for greening the vehicle fleet and answer the question whether these instruments are more focused on the fleet renewal by vehicles pro-ducing lower emissions or using alternative fuels. Another objective is to formulate conclusions as to whether alternative tax instruments serve as a supplement or replacement for environmental road tax. The result of the work was that use of alternative tax instruments is more related to the use of the alternative road tax and the states are mostly putting pressure on the use of alternative fuel vehicles.
Dopady emisní kauzy na evropský automobilový průmysl
Slunský, Kamil
Slunský, K. The impact of an emission case on the European automotive industry. Bachelor thesis. Brno: Mendel University, 2019. The bachelor thesis focuses on the impacts of the emission issue of the automotive company Volkswagen Group from year 2015. The aim of the thesis is to evaluate the impact of the emission case on the financial situation of the Volkswagen Group and the European automotive industry. In order to determine the financial situation of the company before and after the emission case and its effects, it was necessary to carry out selected methods of financial analysis, on which the potential impact can be demonstrated. A simple analysis of the development of the entire European au- tomotive industry was then elaborated.
Hodnocení paliv pro spalovací motory ve vztahu k životnímu prostředí
Vančatová, Šárka
The name of this diploma thesis is „Evaluation of combustion engine fuel and its influence on the environment”. At the beginning there is a brief history of fuels. After that there is a chapter which divides fuels according to their state thus they are separate to three main types (solid state, gaseous state and liquid state). There are described main characteristics in the next part of this thesis which are heat of combustion, bulk density, dosage, volatility, resistance to detonation burning and mainly octane and cetane number. There are described currently used fuels for combustion engines right after the characteristic of fuels. These fuels are divided to fuels made of petroleum (gasoline, diesel, and LPG), fuels made of natural gas (CNG, and LNG), biofuels (bioethanol, biomethanol, vegetable oils – FAME and synthetic diesel fuel) and there is also an independent group of hydrogen. Thereafter are described European emission standards. The practical part of the thesis is focused on an analysis of previously mentioned fuels and there is a biggest focus on production of carbon dioxide. Other emissions are evaluated as well such as carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and NOx gases. The analysis is done on classical fuels like gasoline and diesel and also on alternative fuels such as CNG, LPG, E85, FAME and hydrogen. In the end there are tables and graphs which contains production of flue gases.
Emise spalovacích motorů ve vztahu k životnímu prostředí
Cahová, Kateřina
This bachelor thesis concerned with emissions issue that arises during the burning of fuels in combustion engines, considering the environment. In introduction there are generally described burning fuels, then chapter about different types of fuels follows. The most important part of this thesis concerned with emissions having impact on the environment and possibilities of reducing their negative impacts on environment, atmosphere and human life. Also, it deals with analysis of individual data relating to emissions in the Czech Republic.
Biopaliva pro osobní automobily
Dubšík, Martin
This bachelor thesis deals with the topic Biofuels for passenger cars. It describes the use of biofuels for passenger cars. Furthermore, it focuses on the types of biofuels and their characteristic properties both chemical and physical. It deals with the issue of impacts on economic and ecological aspects of biofuel operation. Finally, there is an overall assessment and use of fuels in the coming years.
Vliv koncentrace etanolu v palivu na parametry zážehového motoru
Švéda, Pavel
The thesis in the theoretical part deals with the isssue of alternative fuels, especially bioethanol as an essential alternative fuel for spark ignition engines. The next part of the theory describes the exhaust emissions of combustion engines and focuses on the emissions while using alcohol fuels. In the practical part there were evaluated the parameters of the combustion engine, which operated on gasoline (E0) as standard fuel and two concentrations of ethanol-gasoline blend E40 and E70. Based on the results, it was found that the increase in engine torque and effective engine power with ethanol fuels was in the range of the tenth of a percent. On the contrary, the emissions of CO, NOx and HC showed lower values. The fuel E70 did not show optimal combustion of the mixture, therefore the engine had the smallest effective efficiency. Benefits resulting from the content of the ethanol were made use of without distinct proving of the engine setting intended primarily for the gas mixture.
Prostředky pro snižování emisí vznětových motorů
Andrýsek, Roman
This Bachelor thesis deals with the means enabling to eliminate the harmful emissions developed by diesel engines. The introductory part describes the individual components of emissions from combustion of diesel fuel. In connection with emissions from the combustion process, the legislative precautions are mentioned, which should define through their regulations the permitted amount of pollutants. Regarding the regulations, the existing devices complying with established limit values are described in the next part. As we can count on a more environmental friendly operation in the future, the final part of this thesis is focused on the operation of diesel-powered vehicles that can burn off much cleaner fuels than diesel oil. Specifically, it includes a gas fuel operation. Keywords: emissions, regulations, biofuels, fuel injection, EGR valve, particulate filter, oxidation catalytic converter, SCR catalytic converter, alternative fuels
Studium škodlivých látek v hroznech, moštech a vínech z vinic podél různě zatížených dopravních komunikací
Marek, Josef
The bachelor thesis is focused on the comparison of the content of 17 heavy metals with the transport origin in the grapes and the follow-up products from the vineyard near the traffic-loaded road and the reference one from traffic-unloaded locality. The analysis is carried out in 6 stages of grape processing using ICP-MS (mass spectrometry).
Emisní bilance ČR - meziregionální porovnání
Hendrychová, Marcela
The bachelor thesis deals with the development of air pollution on the territory of the Czech Republic in the years 2000 - 2015. The basis of this work are already identified secondary data, with the use of which is analyzed the development of air pollution in individual regions of the Czech Republic. The description of the development of the pollutant emission balance is based on the official data of the Air Pollution Register. Specific pollutants and their amounts are presented in time, which contribute to air pollution in the designated area. For the practical part is based on a literature review, which introduces the basic concepts and types of pollution, introduction of the main pollutants and basic strategic documents on emission issues. The practical part is focused on the basic characteristics of individual regions and the biggest air polluters. The main sources of pollution in the most affected areas are described, the level of pollution and tools for possible improvement of the situation. The development of air pollution by the basic pollutants (SO2, VOC, PM10, NOx, CO, NH3) is described in the period 2000 - 2015. The Moravian-Silesian Region, then the Ústecký Region reaches the highest level of emissions produced in the Czech Republic. The lowest pollution is in the Liberecký, Jihočeský and Zlínský regions.
Environmental and Economic Aspects by House Heating
Ondruch, Jiří ; Brázdil, Marian (referee) ; Lisý, Martin (advisor)
Bachelor thesis deals with all possible methods of heating, which can be used for heating family house. The thesis emphasizes mostly on methods new, progressive and environmentally friendly. In the last part of this thesis, the chosen methods are demonstrated on model house.

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