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Impacts of climate change on the water quality in a dimictic reservoir
Růžička, Martin ; Hejzlar, J. ; Cole, T. M.
The study deals with prospective change in water quality in a reservoir caused by predicted climit change. Change of quality of the water on its way through watershed and reservoir was simulated by an modeling system consisting of a precipitation-runoff model,an empirical model of the river water composition and a hydrodynamic and water quality model of the reservoir processes.Boundary conditions for model were based on the 20-year real data series(1981-2000) and predicted climate characteristics according to the results of the contemporary global circulation models(GCMs).
Research on possible climate change impacts
Huth, Radan ; Dubrovský, Martin ; Žalud, Z. ; Šťastná, M. ; Trnka, M. ; Hejzlar, Josef ; Buchtele, Josef ; Růžička, Martin ; Kalvová, J. ; Nemešová, Ivana
Brief information about the projects on climate change impact research running at the Academy of Sciences. Their common part is the construction of climate change scenarios for experimental sites.
Environmental Problems in Europe in Relation to the Environmental Policy of the European Union
Medková, Kateřina ; Jeníček, Vladimír (advisor) ; Abrhám, Josef (referee)
This thesis deals with certain environmental problems in Europe and with attempts to solve these environmental problems within the framework of the European Union. The purpose of this work is to make its readers acquainted with the scope of the EU environmental policy and Community legislation on the protection of the environment. The thesis is focused on four main subject-matters: (i) climate change as a consequence of the global warming process, (ii) air pollution and the ozone layer depletion, (iii) water contamination and (iv) soil degradation. The issue which of the environmental problems require a regional approach and which a global approach is also considered in the thesis.
Specifics and problems of countries in the Horn of Africa
Mikeš, Martin ; Steinmetzová, Dana (advisor) ; Pavlík, Petr (referee)
The paper is concerned with the problems of countries in the Horn of Africa (Ethiopia, Eritrea, Djibouti and Somalia). The first part provides general geographical, historical and demographic information about the Horn of Africa. Further it analyzes the political and security situation in this region, with a special focus on piracy in Somalia. The second part, in particular deals, with economic problems and region specifics problems such as an economic dependence on agriculture and the impact of climate change, further macro economical development, foreign aid, standard of living and the fall-out from HIV/AIDS on poverty. The last part describes territorial and commodity structure of foreign trade with special an emphasis on Ethiopia, where important role has coffee growing.
Development of EU's energy dependence
Glockner, Martin ; Vondrušková, Barbora (advisor) ; Bič, Josef (referee)
There is a huge disproportion, in the world we know today, in terms of geographical distribution between the mining sites and the location of final consumption of energy resources. The aim of this thesis is to analyze this imbalance, to quantify the dependence of the EU region and to analyze European energy policy, its conception, evolution and transformation.
Efficiency in international funds for climate change
Husová, Kateřina ; Jílková, Jiřina (advisor) ; Vojáček, Ondřej (referee)
In years long negotiations on the new global climate change regime, financial support provided for adaptation and mitigation in developing countries have been one of the most contentious issues. Billions dollars are in questions annually, disbursed both by private investments, as well as substantially via public funds. The fundamental question resonating in the negotiations and elsewhere though is the issue of efficient delivery. Given the scale of resources, which should be mobilized and disbursed, given the current experience with inefficiencies in ODA, given the fact that existing climate change funds are now disbursing millions but not billions, the efficiency is really the key for success of future climate regime. Moreover, efficient delivery is a pre-condition for "preventing dangerous interference with climate change", which is the ultimate goal of climate change policy enshrined in the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change envisages. It is a widespread belief that inefficiency in disbursing public funds remains at the recipient's side. This paper tries to approach the efficiency question at the case of the Global Environment Facility, the Kyoto Protocol Adaptation Fund and the World Bank Climate Investment Funds. It asks the question whether the existing funding mechanisms in climate change are set up optimally in order to disburse funds efficiently. When looking at their internal policies and guidelines, it focuses on the four leading questions -- how can funds be accessed, who decides, who and how implements and how are funds held accountable. It finds that there are major differences between the tree funds in how and by whom are priorities and objectives decided, what are the fund's requirements on recipients, and how does the fund control the efficiency of its spending. This paper brings an in-depth analysis of weak and strong policies in existing climate change funds with regard to efficient delivery.
EU energy policy and fighting the climate change
Kováč, Štefan ; Bič, Josef (advisor) ; Vondrušková, Barbora (referee)
In my bachelor thesis I am focusing on EU energy policy in the realm of cutting CO2 emissions. The solution of stopping the climate change lies in consecutive introduiction and implementation of more ecological technologies. EU energy policy is affected by the goal of stoppint the climate change. I describe the measures which were already approved and goals to the future. I consider renewable energy sources as a good step towards the cutting of emissions greenhouse gases and towards greater EU's energy independance of imports of energy sources. The last chapter is focused on European Union Emissions Trade System which was established in order to motivate companies to cut CO2 emissions.
Global climate change
Janečková, Zuzana ; Jeníček, Vladimír (advisor) ; Vondrušková, Barbora (referee)
The work analyzes the current scientific understanding of causes and consequences of the climate change. In order to remain objective, both the views of scientists, who believe that the climate change is caused by human activities and the scientists, who disagree with this theory, are presented. In the first part, the main natural mechanisms including possible causes of climate changes are presented. The second part describes the international cooperation, which was initiated in order to combat the climate change and the climate models, which predict the development of the climate in the 21st century, including the impacts on society. These models are based on the assumption, that human activities are the main cause of the climate change. The third part presents the opinions of the opponents of the "traditional" view of the climate change. These so called "sceptics" disagree with the theory, that mankind is responsible for the climate change and therefore disagree with the current way of fighting against the climate change.
Environmental and economic impacts of include aviation to EU ETS
Tauferová, Michaela ; Jílková, Jiřina (advisor) ; Vojáček, Ondřej (referee)
The main topic of this thesis is analysis of supposed impacts of include aviation to EU ETS. Analysis is built on estimation real situation in topic and data analysis. In the first part of work is explicate aviation from environmental view and legislativ. The second part handle about emissions trading. In the third and fourth part of work are described the new direction of implementing the aviation into EU ETS and position of particular involved sides and economics and environmental impacts. The final part is handled comparison of considered environmental policy to reduce aviation effects to climate change.

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