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Didactic games within garden pedagogy
VÍTŮ, Štěpánka
The aim of this work was to create a set of didactic/methodological games for teaching biology, that would be appropriate to be realized on school gardens. The games were constructed for the broader cross-curricular usage within the secondary schools. The thesis consists of two parts. Firstly, the theoretical part was processed as literary research with the use of available Czech and German resources. Secondly, the practical part contains a set of games, complemented by methods for teachers. There were special aids created for every single game. Finally, four of the games were verified in practice.
The solving of inquiry tasks by students of primary school
VLČKOVÁ, Karolína
Diploma thesis analyzes pupils' ability to solve inquiry based tasks in biology lessons with regard to original problem solutions and application of theoretical knowledge. The thesis also analyzes in what types of tasks are pupils more successful and what type of problem solution they prefer. The practical part contains four worksheets with inquiry based tasks, which were created and presented to primary school pupils for the purposes of this thesis. The next part of the thesis is a summary of pupils' solutions, which are discussed at the end of the thesis.
Studijní materiály pro badatelsky orientované vyučování k tématu sinic a řas na středních školách
Introduction of the thesis deals with inquiry-based science learning - from the level of research to its evaluation. The following practical advice summarize information about the possibilities of obtaining natural material for teaching, creating permanent diatom preparations and examples of suitable determination literature for teachers. The main part of this work presents 12 elaborated study materials for research teaching method divided into five phycologically oriented topics: (1) cyanobacterial and algal physiology, (2) biodiversity of standing waters, (3) algae defense mechanisms, (4) cyanobacteria and algae like bioindicators, (5) substances in cyanobacteria and algae and their importance for humans. Individual study materials contain information on the level of research, methodological guidance for teachers with a theoretical basis and introductory questions to motivate students, as well as a recording sheet for students and, in conclusion, own proposed solution for teachers. Another part of this thesis is a comparison of inquiry-based science learning with frontal education, which is done by didactic test.
Půdní biologie v učebních osnovách biologie pro střední školy
This study is aimed on teaching of soil biology at secondary schools. Available biology textbooks are assessed and their content on soil biology is evaluated. Part of the thesis constitutes of a survey among teachers of biology. It is focused on contemporary teaching approaches, availability of materials and the requirements of teachers to teach soil biology at individual schools. In conclusion, I propose an educational project focusing on the importance of soil.
High School Students' Attitude Towards Biology
Tichá, Natálie ; Janštová, Vanda (advisor) ; Kuba, Radim (referee)
Understanding of students' attitudes is important in supporting their interest toward a particular subject. Students' attitudes toward science have been extensively studied and it has been showed that their interest decrease with age. In the Czech Republic, there are studies concerning pupils' attitudes towards biology at primary school, but high school students' attitudes towards biology are less known. Thus, the aim of this study focuses on high school students' attitudes toward biology and variables (such as gender, age, the most favourite subject and out-of-school activities) which affect them. In addition, the thesis focuses on the students' view of the particular biology fields taught at high schools, from the point of view of usefulness for life, difficulty and the level of attention given to them by teacher during the biology classes. The research was done using a questionnaire survey at high schools in the Czech Republic and the total number of 192 students took part in the survey. The results of the diploma thesis show that the attitudes of students towards biology are neutral. A more positive attitude towards biology was found in girls and younger students. Furthermore, the influence of the most popular subject and out-of-school activities on students' attitudes towards biology was...
Prague Grammar School Teacher's Approach to their Student's Preparation for Biology Admission Exams to Chosen Universities
Hajžmanová, Tereza ; Pavlasová, Lenka (advisor) ; Skýbová, Jana (referee)
Title: Prague grammar school teacher's approach to their student's preparation for biology admission exams to chosen universities Author: Bc. Tereza Hajžmanová Department: Department of Biology and Enviromental studies Supervisor: RNDr. Lenka Pavlasová Ph.D. Abstract: Students' preparation for biology and science studies on the university level is highly influenced by their biology teachers. Therefore it is very important to know the facts about this preparation: for example, how often it takes place, in which ways, which methods teachers consider successful, if they tailor the content of their lessons to the requirements of certain universities etc. By compiling a list of universities providing biology centred programs and by determining the level of applicants' success in these fields, I identified the most popular biology programs. Subsequently, the requirements of admission tests of these programs were analysed in order to maximize the success of the applicants. From these data, educators can learn how to prepare their students. The practical part of this thesis contains a research: I approached 186 biology teachers at Prague grammar schools with a questionnaire survey. Using these questionnaires I came up with the data showing how and under what conditions they prepare their students for admission...
Control of alien weed plants in agriculture crops: applied methodology for practice with certification
Mikulka, Jan ; Štrobach, Jan ; Andr, Jiří ; Burešová, Věra
Biology, ecology, expansion and reproduction of alien weed plants including latest findings on methods of integrated weed management.
Fulltext: Download fulltextPDF
Use of Primate Expositions in Education at Elementary School
Vilímová, Tereza ; Vančata, Václav (advisor) ; Hlaváčová, Lucie (referee)
This thesis proposes a possibility of using the exposition of primates in the Prague zoo during the school excursion for pupils of the 7th or 8th grade of elementary school. The thesis is divided into individual parts that theoretically analyse the importance of excursions for education and subsequently it is practically focused on facilitating the smooth course of the excursion and other activities that precede the excursion or follow it freely. In the thesis there is the general sorting of primates into individual species described in detail and there is provided basic information about primates that are bred in the Prague zoo. Further, possible excursion trail including individual expositions where the particular animals can be seen is described in detail. The main objective was to provide teachers with detailed instructions on how to make the excursion so it is successful. The purpose of the work was also to create materials which help to actively memorize the information provided and to raise children's interest in such an interesting animal species as the primates. With regard to the fact that most primates are currently threatened by extinction in their natural habitat, the theme of the excursion is closely linked to environmental issues and a responsible approach to the use of natural...
Digestion as an interdisciplinary topic in science education
Šarboch, David ; Teplá, Milada (advisor) ; Martínek, Václav (referee)
The diploma thesis focuses on creating educational materials (educational text and educational animation) for secondary schools emerging topic of digestion in human body. The thesis consists of theoretical and practical part. In the theoretical part the following terms are defined: interdisciplinarity, visualization and animation. Moreover, the presence of the topic in the RVP G and analysis of accesible videos and animations, made in relation with the topic, are investigated. Results of both form a base to create educational materials within the practical part. Finally, a chapter about quantitative research method - questionnaire is incorporated. In the practical part of the diploma thesis, the results of realised questionnaire research are disscused. This questionnaire investigated the state of teaching of digestion in human body at secondary schools. The next chapter is dedicated to a manual for educational animation, the introduction of the programme Adobe Flash Professional CS6 and an educational text. The educational text is devoted to teachers at the first place and consists of basic as well as wider information gathering chemical and biological knowledge, which are related to the topic of the educational animation. The animation itself is put as the attachement on CD-ROM. Both of the...

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