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Comparison of performance of 14 and 15 year-old children in selected athletic disciplines \\
The diploma thesis studies performance of 14 and 15 year-old children in four selected athletics disciplines: 60 metres, long jump, shot put, running at 800 metres (girls), 1500 metres (boys). The goal is to compare the performance of students using statistical methods and comparative methods. Comparing the performance was held at selected schools in the distrikt of České Budějovice. Research was attended by a total of 88 pupils of which 44 girls and 44 boys. From the processed results showed that the schools are no different in terms of performance.
Video programme of the Metodology of shot put
ČEGAN, Ondřej
The goal of the bachelor thesis is creating a videoprogramme on methodology and training of shot-put. The videoprogramme serves as an auxiliary source of information for beginners and also for advanced shot-putters to revise particular training exercises. The videoprogramme includes stretching, preparatory and specialized fitness exercises for shots and throws. The main part deals with methodical series of shot-put. The written part analyzes theoretical evidence which was used to create the videoprogramme.This part furthermore includes training stages, outline of history and determination of athletic rules. An integral part of the thesis is a video feature recorded on the attached DVD.
Prevention of the knee joint soft-tissue injuries in Athletics
This Bachelor Thesis deals with the problems of injury of knee joint soft tissue structure. Knee soft tissue injury belongs to the most frequent injuries in athletics. The anterior cruciate ligament is very often harmed. The injury occurrence may be prevented by means of suitably chosen physiotherapeutic procedures to prevent occurrence of pathokinesiological consequences in the knee joint area as well as the whole locomotor system. The first aim of my work was to monitor the problems related to soft knee injury in selected athletes. The second aim was to prepare and apply the therapy procedure itself upon the obtained findings and to find to what extent the therapy affected the examined athletes with knee injuries. The theoretical part of the Thesis summarises the basic knowledge of anatomy, kinesiology, it deals with the most frequently injured knee soft structures, the most important check-up methods, the therapy possibilities and prevention of the injury. A qualitative research method was chosen for the research itself. The sample consisted of four randomly selected athletes. Two athletes were chosen from a group of short-distance runners and two athletes were chosen from a group specialized in long-distance running. Four individual therapeutic plans were compiled after an anamnestic interview and an entry kinesiology analysis. The plans were focused on an increase of the movement extent, increase of muscle strength, renewal of static and dynamic stability of the knee joint and removal of disturbed movement stereotypes. Positive results of examination in all the patients confirm correct selection of the therapy elements and the therapeutic plan. The extent of improvement in the monitored patients was influenced by the individuality of the patients and their approach. Positive results of the therapy may also be expected in the future and existence of preventive action, particularly in the secondary prevention level may be attached to. I recommend extension of the practical part by instrumentation examination by means of electromyography, posturography or digital baropodometry for extension of the work and making the data related to the issues in question more objective.
Video programme og the methodology of discus throw.\\
Annotation: The aim of this baccalaureate work is to create the video programme of the methodology of discus throw training for beginners, sports trainers and school education. This video programme offers some introductory exercises, specialized fortifying exercises and stretching training for casts. The fundamental part is the methodological line of discus throw. This video programme may be used as a quick repetition of particular parts of training unit. The written part of this work describes theoretical knowledge for making the video programme, which content is analyzed here. This work introduces the history of discus throw, presents the rules and adverts to the selection of talented people for this discipline. It also tells what kind of somatology type and abilities the man must have and it shows checking kinetic tests too.
Sportsman´s nutrition quality assessment centred on athletics and swimming at sports grammar school GON České Budějovice
The thesis is focused on Sportsmen´s nutrition quality assessment and energy balance centred on athletics and swimming at sports grammar school GON České Budějovice. The thesis aims to analyse what are the board habits of young sportsmen who study at sports grammar school GON České Budějovice oriented to athletics and swimming. Found out energy food intake and expenditure of energy, quality of nutrition with help of questionary and compare the differences between this sports branch.
Video programme of methodology for rehearsal of throwing technique
This submitted bachelor thesis deals with a methodology of a training of a correct technique related to an athletic event of throwing of cricket ball, training grenade and javelin. This thesis describes history and developement of these athletic events, their definition in athletic rules and also necessary equipment on a professional level. It analyses motoric abilities which a person interested in this sort of sport should have and, of course, in what way one should begin to develop them. An integral part of this thesis is also a processed video which serves as a visual methodical help for learning the correct throwing skill. This video gradually introduces a basic javelin warming-up, special exercises for rhytmic fore throw steps and actual preparatory exercises arranged into a methodical sequence.
Check methodists for evaluation basic motory skill on 1.step primary school according to Haliwick method.\\
My diploma work is aimed at verifying the methodology for assessing basic motor skills (running, long jump, overarm throwing and catching) at elementary schools according to Ms K. M. Haywood. It is a set of laboratory activities which help us assess a pupil's level of his or her motor skills. My task was either to confirm or to contradict the before mentioned methodology leading towards the level evaluation. My research took place in the third, fourth, and fifth class forms at the 3rd Elementary School in Jindřichův Hradec. The total number of participating pupils was 60. the result of my laboratory activities can serve some teachers (with regard to their personal knowledge) as a guideline for planning a sort of meaningful and appropriate teaching lessons aimed at improving pupils' skills.\\
Video program of methodology for rehearsal of running technique with emphasis of special running exercises
PEJCHAR, Jaroslav
The bachelor thesis deals with the methodology of training of running skill whereas the theoretic part desribes mainly the correct running skill during endurance runs or short sprints, the detailed process of a crouch start and also special running excercises leading to an improvement of running skill and strenghtening of legs and other methods for a development of speed and endurance. Further the thesis defines general issues concerning running, basic terms and runner equipment. Integral parts of this thesis are an enclosed video which serves as an instruction for methodology of running training, and an interview with a professional athlete Ms. Ludmila Formanova which is particularly focused on training of running skill and importance special running excercises.
Marketing communication in athletics
Procházka, Michal ; Novotný, Jiří (advisor) ; Farská, Karolína (referee)
Sports have become economic activity. Marketing, especially marketing communication has played an important role in its shift from pure nonprofit basis to more commercial character. The thesis examines development of communication in one of the sports, athletics (track & field) in the Czech Republic (CR). In terms of narrow approach to marketing in sports it focuses on these subjects - Czech athletic federation, meetings in the CR, Czech athletes. It analyzes level of communication, suggests solutions to improvement of athletics` status in the Czech Republic using promotion. It is one of the first sources of marketing communication in given sports branch.
Quantitative methods in athletic multicontests
Taborski, Jan ; Jablonský, Josef (advisor) ; Šindelářová, Irena (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with evaluation methods of athletic multicontests, especially man decathlon. The main aim of the work is to analyze thoroughly a contemporary way of classification of points that has been used since 1984 and then propose new methods to modify or substitute the contemporary way of classification if needed. The main criterion for evaluation will be the equal way of classification of all disciplines. These methods are described in the theoretical part of the work and they are divided into mere adjustments of current curves for particular disciplines and methods drown from multicriterion evaluation of options. In the practical part, these methods are applied on real results, specifically on 100 best decathlons in history and on the last Olympic race. A specific evaluation of the application results emanates from the results of the application as well as final recommendation.

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