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Data Updates from Web Sources
Valušek, Jan ; Šátek, Václav (referee) ; Rozman, Jaroslav (advisor)
This thesis deals with the analysis of archive websites in the Czech Republic and their technologies to create an autonomous program for bulk downloading of details about archival materials, and their scans. The resulting application is developed in the Python programming language using the Scrapy library. The output of the program is files with data of archival materials stored in individual archives.
100 years of leisure activities in Dolní Bukovsko (1900 - 2000)
The bachelor thesis is about exploring leisure activities in Dolní Bukovsko in the years 1900-2000. The thesis consists of four chapters. The first chapter describes the concept of leisure time and its history. The second chapter describes the history in the Czech lands and the village of Dolní Bukovsko. The third chapter is about leisure activities, which were organized by the school, the library and the municipality. The last chapter describes leisure clubs that existed in Dolní Bukovsko.
Schwarzenberg Archivist František Tyl in mutual correspondence with the historian Josef Kalousek - an annotated edition of the preserved correspondence
The qualification thesis entitled Schwarzenberg Archivist František Tyl in mutual correspondence with the historian Josef Kalousek - an annotated edition of the preserved correspondence is based on the study of personal documents and aims to bring its reader a picture of the life and activities of Schwarzenberg archivist and librarian František Tyl (1830-1899) mutual interaction with the important Czech historian Josef Kalousek (1838-1915). František Josef Tyl worked for many years as an archivist at the Schwarzenberg Castle Archive in Orlík nad Vltavou, where he probably also met Josef Kalousek (during his frequent research in the South Bohemian archives) for the first time. The diploma thesis begins with a topic with a list of used archives and literature. The text itself is divided into three main parts, namely acquaintance with both actors (including information about their professional work or author's work), analysis and thematic analysis of edited documents and an annotated edition of mutual correspondence from 1885-1898. The text of the annotated edition is a necessary editorial note and contains all preserved correspondence between František Tyl and Josef Kalousek, which is in the personal collection of J. Kalousek in the National Museum Archive and in the collection of the Orlík nad Vltavou Agricultural and Forestry Archive located in the State Regional Archive in Třeboň. Ninety-one documents made available for publication are arranged chronologically. Each document has a brief abstract with the date and place of origin of the document and its short description, a natural part of the edition is also a register of names. The last part of the presented work contains an exhaustive list of sources, literature, Internet resources and, among other things, pictorial appendices.
Web for Displaying Archive Materials
Tříska, David ; Zbořil, František (referee) ; Rozman, Jaroslav (advisor)
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to survey the state of digitization of archives in the Czech Republic. Design and implementation of own website for displaying archive data, with scripts for automatic acquisition of this data.
The transformation of memory institutions in Europe and in the CR with focus on their "media acts"
Fridrich, Tomáš ; Bednařík, Petr (advisor) ; Sekera, Martin (referee)
The aim of the thesis "Memory institutions on the threshold of the 21st century: media activities of the National Film Archive and the Deutsches Filminstitut" is to explain the context in which the archives are acting, and in particular explore specific media operations of two leading European film archives. The focus of the first part of the text is to describe the changing conditions mainly related to digitalization. The traditionally rigid institutions must adapt to this new conditions if they want to onform to the standards of cultural institutions of the 21st century. The main part of the text then analyzes the media actions of the National Film Archive and reference institution Deutsches Filminstitut. The thesis analyzes the specific media actions from onlinepresentation of the institution up to the work with journalists and, if necessary, proposes the optimization of existing processes. The reason of focusing just on media activities is the increasing need to develop new audiences, recruited from persons who were up to this moment not interested in the activities of the archives, and last but not least, the fact that a good media activity can be a compelling argument when approaching sponsors from the private sector. In the perspective of continual reduction of state contributions to cultural...
Central Military Archives as information system
Pýcha, Josef ; Vlasák, Rudolf (advisor) ; Procházka, Milan (referee)
SUMMARY: The aim of the thesis is to define a development and contemporary status of the Central Military Archives as a information system. It describes the entire information cycle of a document from its origin through the deposition at the department of conservation, in the administrative and final archive at last. It shows Central Military Archives and its importance as a significant entity in the field of digitization. Finally the thesis analyses the issues of implementation of the system of electronic record services. [Author's abstract]
Creative centre - Koprivnice
Křížová, Lucie ; Zdvomka, Ondřej (referee) ; Marek, Jiří (advisor)
Right in the city center, there is a plot with old factory halls. These halls are fascinating and have great potential. But now, they are more of an obstacle. They form a barrier, they are in poor condition, and it robs the city of its values. In my diploma thesis entitled Creative Center in Kopřivnice, in addition to the design of the creative center, I will also deal with how to use the beauty and potential of these old halls, further, how to create beautiful and modernized buildings with a new value. I want to open the whole area, to create a place where people would like to meet and where various functions will be mixed- a place for fun, relaxation, culture, education or even just a shopping or walk. The work is very diverse - from the urban design of the entire plot, through the revitalization of old industrial halls and the layout of a new building, to the interior design of a new gallery.
Archiv družicových dat CENIA
Kvapil, Jiří
Laboratoř dálkového průzkumu CENIA, české informační agentury životního prostředí v rámci své výzkumné činnosti vyvinula a pro širokou veřejnost zpřístupnila informační systém Archiv družicových dat. Aplikace je dostupná na webu Laboratoře dálkového průzkumu na Data jsou využitelná pro nejrůznější aplikace v zemědělství, lesnictví, monitoringu životního prostředí, sledování vývoje území apod.
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