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Medieval churches in Benešov region in the settlement context
Vnoučková, Darina ; Štefan, Ivo (advisor) ; Klír, Tomáš (referee)
This Bachelor's thesis is about relationship between Early- to High Middle Ages settlements and Romanesque and Gothic churches located in the Czech county Benešov. It is also focused on roads and their Early- to High Middle Ages placement that had an impact on the settlement of this region. Pivotal part of this thesis consists of two catalogues: the Catalogue of Archeological Sites and the Catalogue of Churches. The first catalogue provides a summary of all discovered archeological sites with findings from Early Middle Ages to early phase of High Middle Ages. They are supplemented with archeological sites which are located outside of the demarcated area, but are simultaneously closely related to the settlement of the region. Data from the Catalogue of Churches were used to creation of maps which are depicting the settlement of the region in different time periods. The whole picture is completed with evidence from written sources that are closely related to ruler's, catholic church's, early nobility's and later noble families' possession of properties. The second catalogue contains detailed description of all discovered (and assumed) churches from Romanesque and Gothic periods. Information from the catalogue are visualized in maps that picture their construction in different eras. Due to frequent...
Samaria ostraca, their function and relation to the Old Testament
Šebestová, Veronika ; Melmuk, Petr (advisor) ; Beneš, Jiří (referee)
The main goal of this thesis is to present Samaria Ostraca - an important archeological discovery made in the beginning of 20th century, which offers an insight into the administrative system of north Israel. Thesis briefly introduces history of north Israel since the reign of Omri until the fall of the capital Samaria in 722 BC. There is also complementary information regarding politics of surrounding countries, which had influence on the course of events in Israel. Following is description of history of Samaria and it also contains a brief chapter regarding excavations that took place in the former capital of Israel. It is in this chapter, where the discovery of ostraca is mentioned. The thesis then mainly focuses on the ostraca themselves. Thesis searches for the time of creation of ostraca and their purpose using clues, given by ostraca themselves in combination with information we can find for example in the Bible, on stelas, in administrative records from Assyria or in archeological discoveries. Thesis contains many links to the Bible and it attempts to find potential relations between the information found in the Bible and on the ostraca.
The personality of JUDr. Karel Hostas with a focus on his historic and archival activity
Seltenhoferová, Klára ; Woitschová, Klára (advisor) ; Ebelová, Ivana (referee)
This bachelor's thesis deals with the person of JUDr. Karel Hostaš. The aim of the thesis is to map the scope of activities of JUDr. Karel Hostaš while focusing on his historiographical and archaeological activities. JUDr. Karel Hostaš was born, lived and worked in Klatovy and is therefore inextricably linked with Klatovy's region, however, his work, with its significance, has transcended regional borders. Following a chapter with his biography there are chapters that focus on the work of JUDr. Karel Hostaš: he was universally oriented person engaged in advocacy and notary, public political activities, collections, museum and ethnographic researches, archival science and literary activities. This is followed by the main section, which is devoted to historiography, archival and archaeological activities of JUDr. Karel Hostaš.
History of restorations of the church of Mary Magdalene in Přední Kopanina
Chabičovská, Hedvika ; Scholz, Stefan (advisor) ; Šmied, Miroslav (referee)
This thesis is concernet with Romanesgue church in the village of Přední Kopanina today in Prague 6. After analyzing interdisciplinary research object, this work presents as a preliminary point prehistoric and early middle ages settlement and history of the area's Přední Kopanina and not only from archaeological findings, but also to construction history and written sources. Will be followed a short overview of historical and of economic development the Church of Marie­Magdalena particulary and we will follow also the associated parish since its establishment at the church to decomposition stage, reconstruction in the 19th and 20th century until today. The main part VI will be devoted to the concruction development of the church in the 19th and 20th centuries. The scientific contribution of this work is to provide information authenticity of the core the value of the romanesgue church, which should be reflected in the docu­ mentation project. KEYWORDS Archeology, cunstructionhistory, developments, church, renovate, settlement.
Archaeological Evidence of Pottery from Truhlářská Street in Prague
Volf, Vojtěch ; Klápště, Jan (advisor) ; Žegklitz, Jaromír (referee)
This thesis deals with archaeological evidence of medieval pottery products which were discovered during the emergency archaeological excavation in the area of former Jiřího z Poděbrad barracks on Náměstí Republiky square in Prague. This area is nowadays called Palladium shopping centre. The first part of the thesis deals with real findings. These are construction debris of burning kilns and historical evolution of its construction. The second part of the thesis compares results of excavation with historical datas. The last part of the thesis evaluates the extraordinarily huge file of ceramic artefacts from waste areas, especially defective pieces which complement the picture of medieval pottery production.
The settlement evidence of the Middle Danube Tumulus Culture in the Prague-Slaný region (Central Bohemia)
Lipovská, Silvia ; Bláhová, Zuzana (advisor) ; Chmela, Tomáš (referee)
7 Abstract - aj In addition to general information, this Thesis represents specific knowledge about settlement and the settlements dating from the Middle Danube Tumulus Culture in central Bohemia. A catalog encompasses basic information about the locations of previous research. The catalog includes not only the sites of destructive archaeological research and collections, but also the ancient sites with the insufficient information, incidental findings and the findings from the museums. These sites serve as a basis for analyses, defining the problems of this Thesis. In the Annex are enclosed maps with locations where destructive archaeological research was conducted, the goal is to identify the locations accurately. Keywords Central Bohemia, Prague, Bronze Age, Middle Danube Tumulus Culture;, settlement, archeology
Settlement of early Roman period in Beroun - Plzeňské předměstí
Ničová, Magdaléna ; Košnar, Lubomír (advisor) ; Beneš, Zdeněk (referee)
This thesis deals with the settlement archeology of the Roman period in Bohemia and summarizes the findings of the Beroun settlement in this period. The work is mainly focused on processing and evaluation of archaeological research at the site Beroun - Plzeňské Předměstí, which were carried out by P. Břicháček, P. Charvát and V. Matoušek in years 1979-1981. There were unearthed settlements from the early Roman period with above ground and sunken objects. The main attention was paid to the recessed huts. The ceramic material and chronologically sensitive (metal, bone and antler) items were assessed with quantitative and qualitative analysis. The work also includes a brief description of other objects and their mutual relationships. At the conclusion of the work there is presented the importance of the settlement for Beroun area in Roman period.
Titian, classical mythology and Ovid
Vorlová, Magdalena ; Konečný, Lubomír (advisor) ; Bažant, Jan (referee)
The thesis examines the classical motifs in the works of Titian. The author focuses on a closed set of works inspired by classical motifs (i.e. motifs of classical mythology), which were created for the Spanish king Philippe II. The thesis deals with the question of possible literary or material sources which could have been at the painter's disposal or could have served as his inspiration. The set of works is defined by themes chosen from Ovid's Metamorphoses. The question is whether Titian based his compositions on their classical version or on a Renaissance adapted or commented translation, or whether he even inspired himself by other classical authors.

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