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Report from the business trip to the Executive Board LIBER
Svoboda, Martin
Účast člena Výkonného výboru LIBER na jeho podzimním zasedání. Přínosem pro NTK (kromě prestiže) je dostupnost aktuálních informací o dění v prostředí, v němž knihovny fungují.
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Courts libraries in the Czech Republic
Mizlerová, Kateřina ; Korhoň, Ondřej (advisor) ; Krčálová, Kateřina (referee)
Aim of this bachelor's thesis is to characterize the current state of judicial libraries in the Czech Republic. Judicial system in the Czech Republic and the organization of court libraries are described in this work. Aim of this bachelor's thesis is to find out how and by whom are court libraries managed, how big is their fund, who is in charge of the library and what services they provide for judges. Libraries selected for the comparison are library of the Constitutional Court in Brno, Library of the Czech Supreme Court and the Library of the Arbitration Court in Prague. Keywords courts, judiciary, judical organization, court libraries, academic libraries, specialized libraries, services of libraries, users of libraries, library collection, legal literature, law
Information base for foreign students selected the Czech university
Sikorová, Zuzana ; Římanová, Radka (advisor) ; Landová, Hana (referee)
(in English) The aim of bachelor thesis is an analysis of information base for foreign students at Czech University of Life Sciences. The theoretical part of the thesis describes situation of foreign students at universities, economical aspects of recruiting foreign students to higher education institutions and programs of mobility offered by Czech universities. Further the thesis deals with problematical definition of concept information need connected with information seeking behavior and types of information needs. Information needs of foreign students are identified by analyzing foreign user studies. In the end of the theoretical part services of universities and academic libraries for foreign students are characterized. The practical part is aimed to analyse information base for foreign students at Czech University of Life Sciences Prague. At the beginning of practical part Czech University of Life Sciences is briefly described with its history, offered programs of mobility and numbers of foreign students at university in recent years. The next part of the thesis presents services of university dedicated to foreign students - website in English language, Guide for international students and orientation week. The last part of the thesis deals with services for foreign students provided by Study...
Methods for measuring service quality in university libraries: a case study of libraries AMU and JAMU
Bártová, Tereza ; Landová, Hana (advisor) ; Drobíková, Barbora (referee)
This thesis examines the issue of measuring the quality of services from a theoretical and practical perspectives. It's trying to define the term quality in the context of library services, particular performance indicators used in practice and try to provide an overview of the possibilities of its measurement in the Czech environment as well as abroad. It describes methods Balanced ScoreCard, Benchmarking, Total Quality Management, ServQUAL and SWOT analysis, which originally came from the commercial sector and Benchmarking of libraries, Bibliotheksindex and LibQUAL +, which were created directly for a field of librarianship. It also maps the various activities in this field at national and international level. The practical part of the thesis consists of a survey in two selected libraries performed on the basis of three selected methods of quality measurement: Benchmarking of libraries, Bibliotheksindex and SWOT analysis. In conclusion of the thesis is based on the information gathered from own experience and practice created a general framework for service quality, the possibility of increasing quality and it's measurement in academic libraries.
Technical University of Liberec Library: Strategic plan for the years 2012-2015
Vencláková, Jitka ; Landová, Hana (advisor) ; Drobíková, Barbora (referee)
(in English): The theme of this thesis is a strategic plan for the University Library at The Technical University of Liberec for years 2012-2015. The first two parts give a detailed analysis of the present condition of the Library containing all the accessible statistical data and the research outcome of the users needs. Based on the collected data in the following text targets are set which when reached should increase the prestige of the Library and thereby the University. The next chapters outline the specific steps to reach the set targets. A part deals with changing the processes of Acquisitions and Cataloguing. Futhermore additional features as reference services, web sites, accessing Electronic theses, dissertations and organization. Potentially some new things should be considered such as an institutional Repository, a discovery system, expansion of RFID technology (Radio Frequency Identification), a selfcheck, providing e-books and other new electronic developments. The conclusion is devoted to the meaning of the strategical plan for the University Library at TUL.
A book captured by networks: the electronic book as a new social phenomenon of a global network society
Pavela, Tomáš ; Křížková-Pessrová, Hana (advisor) ; Souček, Jiří (referee)
This work describes the electronic book as a medium of the information age which fully corresponds to the requirements of effective dissemination of information in a global network infosphere. The first part of the thesis deals with definitions of basic terms. The second part outlines the position of the electronic book in the context of conflict between two environments - print and digital. An electronic book is presented as a product of social and technological changes. The new media's attributes of an electronic book are described. Problems emerging from the different nature of print and digital environments are highlighted, covering selected points of view of copyright problems in a digital world. The third part explains the problems of libraries in the network environment. Libraries are described as institutions in the process of adapting to the new forms of services including the provision of electronic books. The new role of libraries in the network environment is clarified as well as the reactions of the professional library community to the new challenges for libraries.
History and development of the Geographical Library of the Faculty of Science, Charles University in Prague
Šimánová, Helena ; Vášová, Lidmila (advisor) ; Stöcklová, Anna (referee)
(in English) The master thesis describes formation and activities of the Geographical Library of the Faculty of Science of the Charles University in Prague (http// The thesis deals with the formation of the library in the 1880s and outlines its development to the present. The focus of this work is to describe the current situation and outline the anticipated direction of the library's development in the coming years. Emphasis is placed on the growing importance of the Geographical Library as one of the most distinctive information institutes of the Faculty of Science, as well as the gradual introduction and use of new technologies and finally on cooperation with other information and academic institutions. In addition, all the program units (that are in use in the library) of the automated library system Aleph 500 are described. The author also focuses on the description of services, divided into basic and complementary, which the Geographical Library provides for professionals and general public. This work also provides information on projects, in which library participates, especially the Czech Geographical Bibliography Online. In the future, Geographical Library intends to pursue the digitalization and preservation of the library collection as well as...
Information Education in Italy: Projects and Activities in Academic Environment
Klimešová, Pavlína ; Landová, Hana (advisor) ; Dombrovská, Michaela (referee)
This thesis deals with the issue of information education in Italy and focuses primarily on projects and activities in the academic environment. This thesis deals with the issue of Information Education in Italy and focuses primarily on Projects and Activities in the Academic Environment. In the introductory chapter several theses are formulated, regarding Italian environment in relation to Information Literacy and Information Education. In the second chapter many aspects and challenges of Information Education in Italy are briefly zoomed - a system of legislative efforts on the path towards the Information Society, a characteristics of the current state of Higher Education and Information Education at universities, the interpretation of terms Information Literacy and Information Education and their terminological pitfalls in Italian, characteristics and tools supporting Information Education, the issue of Plagiarism. The third chapter discusses several major Italian initiatives (including one European, based in Italy) from a non academic sphere. The fourth chapter discusses the status of libraries and librarians in Italy and their role in the educational process. The fifth chapter is devoted to analysis of specific Information Literacy Projects in selected Italian universities. The conclusion summarizes...
Academic libraries of public universities in the Czech Republic and their services aimed for foreign students : analysis of current state
Jeřábková, Eva ; Landová, Hana (advisor) ; Stöcklová, Anna (referee)
(in English) The aim of master thesis was to describe and asses current state of services offered by libraries of public (i.e. non-private) universities in the Czech Republic to foreign students. The first chapter briefly characterizes university libraries in the Czech Republic and aims at legislative framework, financing, institutional background, users, offered services and information sources typical for university libraries. The second chapter deals with foreign students at universities in the Czech Republic. It presents an overview of works which dealt with the theme of foreign students in the Czech Republic until now, informs about which public universities in the Czech Republic are preferred by foreign students and which countries these students come from. The third chapter presents the principal part of the work. It contains the report on the survey carried out in public university libraries in the Czech Republic to which a questionnaire was sent focusing on services offered to foreign students. This chapter coincides with the former chapter dealing with general characteristics of barriers and describes practical and particular manners through with university libraries try to overcome these barriers between a library and foreign students. The fourth chapter offers a view on the situation in...
Information literacy of students of private universities in the Czech Republic: case studies of selected private universities and their libraries
Kratochvílová, Zuzana ; Landová, Hana (advisor) ; Dombrovská, Michaela (referee)
(in English) The thesis deals with information literacy of students of private universities in the Czech Republic and presents the results of a survey of information literacy conducted in four libraries of private universities. The introductory chapter presents a brief introduction to the topic. The second chapter then deals with private higher education and the status of academic libraries of private universities in the Czech Republic. The third chapter is devoted to information literacy and presents international definitions and standards of an information-literate university student. The current status and activities in the field of information literacy in the Czech Republic are mentioned as well. The core of the thesis consists of four case studies of academic libraries of private universities (The University of Finance and Administration, Skoda Auto University, The College of Nursing, and The Metropolitan University Prague) and the results of the survey for each of them. The conclusion summarizes the results of the survey.

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