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Management of Personal Development
Dvořáčková, Dagmar ; Hubinková, Zuzana (referee) ; Franková, Emilie (advisor)
Diploma thesis „Management of personal development“ is focused on the analysis in the management of personal development in the production company ITAB Shop Concept CZ, a.s. focusing on technical-economic workers, and especially to the managers of company. The theoretical part is focused on the fundamental concepts in this area, defining the manager’s personality, his demands, self-management (time and stress management), training and development employees. It also discusses the internal and external factors acting on managerial development, improving performance through mental hygiene, lifestyle and wellbeing. The practical part focuses on the current status of management of personal development and the rules under which the selection process and the choice of development and education. It is focused on finding the requirements for managers and design of a particular solution that is focused to the opportunities for further development company.
Management of Personality Development
Krejčířová, Alena ; Ondrušová, Denisa (referee) ; Franková, Emilie (advisor)
Diploma thesis „Management of personality development“ is focused on analysis of issues in case of managers of the company Advantage Consulting s.r.o. Theoretical analysis is focused on time management, stress management, personality development and then issue of personality types follows. The analysis of individual managers in all mentioned fields is given and recommendations for increasing level of management of personality development are for-mulated.
Stress Evaluation, Coping and Reduction
Bohatcová, Tereza ; Otavová, Jana (referee) ; Franková, Emilie (advisor)
Master's thesis deals with the stress applied to the employee in a work process in the company ABC, Ltd. It focuses on the factors that cause stress. It examines its manifestations and effects on health and work performance of employees. The theoretical part includes an overview of this issue. The practical part is analytical, processing questionnaires students - future employees and current employees. Visions of students at secondary and university level of stress that occurs in the process, are compared to the fact how stress manifests itself directly to employees in working conditions. The conclusion presents proposals to reduce or eliminate stress and increase resilience against him.
The personality of a manager - professional in public administration
Štíchová, Ludmila ; Mašková, Helena (referee) ; Pokorný, Jiří (advisor)
The diploma work seeks for a personality of an ideal manager in chosen institutions of public administration, defines, who is an ideal manager and compares theoretical knowledges with reality. It contains a concept of training and a manual conductive to increasing in professionalism of managers in public administration.
Psychosocial situation of parents with the handicapped child.
Bachelor thesis psychosocial situation of parents of a child with disabilities is concerned with the families who care for a disabled child. Theoretical section outlines bio-psycho-social factors that affect the life of a family with a disabled child. This section also deals with the family of the affected child, the changes that family is going through, due to the different members of the family and extended family. Finally there is the possibility of dealing with difficult family situations. The practical part contains eight case studies of families with a disabled child and my research examines how families manage child care and specifically how the birth of an affected child affected the lives of families. Further investigation shows the preference of parents in communicating information about the child's disability.
The case study of motivational structure of resiliency of kindergarten teachers
This case study deals with the theme of resiliency and motivational structure of kindergarten teachers. The first theoretical part focuses on a teacher?s personality, stress and burn-out syndrome connected with this profession, resilience and motivational structure. The practical part consists of four case studies, which are based on four life stories. The case studies are analysed with a help of resiliency thermometer and PCI (Personal Concern Inventory) questionnaire, which discovers a motivational structure.
Stress and coping with it
Zikeš, Tomáš ; Syrovátka, Oldřich (advisor) ; Beroun, Tomáš (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with stress, it's kinds, causes, functioning mechanisms and impacts on human body. It also deals with methods how to cope with it's negative effects on human body. Survey amongst the students of FM VŠE will be made in practical part, that will be focused on wider aspects of their stress perception and their current ability to cope with it. The goal of this survey is to acquire data for consideration of pertinent solution of preparing the future managers for stressfull events within their education.
The case study of motivational structure of resiliency
The thesis deals with the theme of resiliency and motivational structure. The theoretical part of the thesis includes several thematic areas {--} stress, stress management (coping), resistance, motivation and motivational structure. The practical part of the thesis is consisted of the three case studies, interpretations of these studies and interpretation of Personal Concern Inventory (PCI), which was used to detect their motivational structure Aim of the work is to find out the basic personal characteristics of resilient individuals, their coping strategies and motivational structure.
Teachers` and medics{\crq} burnout syndrome
The bachelor thesis offers an overview of information related to problems of stress and burnout syndrome. I deal mainly with causes, symptoms, risk factors, prevention and getting stress and burnout syndrome under control. The aim of my bachelor thesis is to find out symptoms of burnout syndrome at teachers and health service employees. I supposed different manifestations of the burnout syndrome due to different demands put on these people in their professions. Another aim was to establish the level of informedness of teachers and health service employees about the burnout syndrome and possibilities how to face it. I supposed for only 60% of those inquired to know the burnout syndrome. So as to increase the level of burnout syndrome knowledge, I developed materials that should inform in a clear and brief way about the problems of burnout syndrome and its prevention. On the basis of my request, two teachers and health service employees assessed the materials. So as to obtain the data, I used an anonymous questionnaire, establish personal data, informedness and {--} using the Inventory of Manifestations of Burnout Syndrome of Tošner Spouse {--} the manifestations of burnout syndrome on cognitive, emotional, physical and social fileds. I made a percentual assessment of the data established. On the basis of obtained data assessment there was confirmed the pre-assumption that the manifestations of the burnout syndrome appear in different fields at teachers and health service employees. It was established that the level of informedness of teachers and health service employees about burnout syndrome is much lower than expected. So the hypothesis was not confirmed. The results show significant lack of informedness of respondents reffering the burnout syndrome and posibilities how to face it. All the respondents positively assessed the information material created and they consider it beneficial. Some of the respondents would appreciate further information about the burnout syndrome in the form of lecture.
Analysis of assumptions of students and managers for stress management
Mergová, Natália ; Bedrnová, Eva (advisor) ; Pauknerová, Daniela (referee)
Graduation thesis is focused on subject of stress, stress management and soul hygiene. The main goal of this thesis is to collect relevant literature dealing with questions of stress management and soul hygiene and to process the most important aspects. Subsequent goal is to carry out the empirical research on target group of university students and managers and to find out their approach against stress, stress management techniques and the level of psychohygiene in their lives. Results of the empirical research will be the base for the final recommendations.

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