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Stress management and professional focus of workers
The thesis deals with stress management and the problem of stress in the workplace. The methodological approach is based on a questionnaire survey of three selected companies - Madeta a. s. (Madeta), ESW Bohemia k. s. (ESW) and the Central Institute for Inspection and Testing of Agriculture (ÚKZÚZ). The questionnaire was created on the web-site and it contains 23 questions. The data are processed using appropriate graphs and tables through Microsoft office Word and Microsoft office Excel. The results show that in Madeta, most of the respondents are under stress (labourers) - they work in three shifts, in a fast pace most often individually and they are unable to resist the stress. In ÚKZÚZ (administrative workers and non-production type technicians), they work the morning shift in a calm pace and show little stress. Employees are aware of the consequences of long-term stress and therefore take care of themselves through appropriate activities. In ESW (administrative workers and production-type technicians), they work mainly in the morning shift and often in teams. Working in a team helps to reduce stress. Employees take care of themselves in appropriate ways to reduce stress.
Stress management
Objectives: The main aim of the dissertation was to evaluate the current theoretical and newly acquired knowledge about the issue of stress management in the workplace and to propose desirable recommendations for enterprises that want to incorporate stress management into their internal processes. Methods: The theoretical definition of the issue focused on work-related stress, the most important work-related stress models, the sources and causes of stress in the workplace, and especially its influence on the business environment. It also addressed the impact of Industry 4.0 and the COVID-19 pandemic as new significant stressors. Emphasis was also placed on defining the stress management issue and implementing appropriate measures and recent trends. Primary data was obtained through quantitative research. The research was carried out at the enterprise level. The enterprises in the primary set were located in the South Bohemian Region and were part of the CZ-NACE category C (10-33): Manufacturing. The research was conducted in 194 small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises in 2022 by an electronic structured questionnaire. Conclusions: Based on the analysis of primary data, the current state of stress management in small and medium-sized enterprises was determined. The recommendation was made for enterprises that want to integrate it into their internal processes. Based on multivariate statistics, company profiles were created according to similarities in the field of stress management.
Stress and its coping of social workers in low-threshold facilities
The bachelor thesis deals with stress and its prevention among social workers in low - threshold facilities for children and youth. In the theoretical part, I first deal with the description of low-threshold facilities for children and youth. I also describe the methods, forms and competencies of a social worker in a low-threshold facility for children and youth. In the second half of the theoretical part, I focused on stress in general, its consequences and psychohygiene. In the practical part I conduct research, where I compare the findings from the theoretical part with its results and at the end of the work I evaluate it. I carry out the research in the form of qualitative research using semi-structured interviews, which I conducted with employees of low-threshold facilities for children and youth.
Stress management in education
MĚSTECKÁ, Kateřina
The main subject of the bachelor thesis is stress management. The bachelor thesis deals with problems of stress in the workplace. In first part the work describes the definition of stress and stressors. Its also examines the prevention and consequences of stress. The research section of the bachelor thesis is based on a questionnaire which aims to find out if in the education in the Vysočina region affects employees stressful situations and how they affect them. The survey also includes recommendations and instructions which contain suggestions for reducing stress in the workplace.
Stress management in Family Company
This bachelor thesis deals with stress, its causes, symptoms, stress managements and prevention. The work also introduces us with the family company, that is, with their focus, history and individual departments. The main goal of the research is finding about and analysing stress management in a workplace in the small family company through both quantitative and qualitative methods of research. Questionnaires and interviews were conducted with 12 respondents about what kind of stress prevails in the company and why. After a careful analysis of all the collected data conclusions were reached which helped make suggestions for stress prevention and stress management in workplace.
Subjective experience of students of Leisure time education at the TF JU with burnout syndrome
The diploma thesis deals with subjective experiences of students with stress in the field of leisure time pedagogy at the Faculty of Theology od the University of South Bohemia. The theoretical part of the work deals with a professional description of stress and explains concepts, such as stressors. Furthermore, in this part I focus on experiencing stress and also on possible ways to manage it. Due to the focus of the topic of the work, I also explain the very concept of burnout syndrome. The practical part that follows describes the course and results of the research survey. The research is carried out using interpretive phenomenological analysis. Based on the analysis of the interviews, I find out what subjective experience with stress university students have. In the research, I also point out what stressors affect students, how they experience stress it self and what defence mechanisms they use to manage it.
Secondary stress prevention of the Pedagogical Faculty students of the University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice
The diploma thesis deals with the topic of stress of university students of field of study teaching. It focuses on the mental health and mental resilience of future teachers, whose professions are among the risky in terms of stress and its health effects. As part of secondary prevention, it examines students' habits in the field of stress management, while evaluating the effectiveness of individual health-beneficial and non-beneficial anti-stress techniques. The work also maps the students development of coping with stress and focuses on stress as a factor influencing academic success.
Stress management in a selected organization
The diploma thesis deals with the issue of stress and stress management in the workplace. The aim of the diploma thesis was to research the influence of stress, stress factors and their causes. Based on a questionnaire survey and an interview, changes are proposed in the current stress management of the company, including in financial terms.
Occupational Stress
Löblová, Klára ; Kocianová, Renata (advisor) ; Reichel, Jiří (referee)
The thesis deals with load, stress and related questions of the working life. Work-related stress brings numerous difficulties not only to affected individuals, but as a result also to organizations. The thesis follows symptoms, impacts, somatic and mental aspects of stress, its types and also types of stressors, which cause this problem. It is concentrated on workload as a specific area of work-related stress, individual resistance to the load, factors of workload and work-related stress and also on coping with problematic situations. The specific topic related to the stress is burnout syndrome. The thesis describes its formation and development, its causes, symptoms in three main levels - mental, physical and level of social relations and then influence of important factors such as personality and work conditions. It is also focused on professions endangered by burnout syndrome and its prevention. Key words: Stress, work-related stress, load, workload, stressors, work conditions, coping, stress management, burnout syndrome.
The effect of meditation on cortisol levels in saliva
Kačerová, Kateřina ; Jaklová Dytrtová, Jana (advisor) ; Šteffl, Michal (referee)
Title: The effect of meditation on cortisol levels in saliva Objectives: The main objective of the research project in this master's thesis was to objectively (based on changes in cortisol levels) and subjectively (by method of questionnaire) study the effect meditation has on stress levels. Methods: The objective method in this work was measuring cortisol in saliva with the help of an established and certified ELISA method on an ELISA reader device. The cortisol level was measured before meditation and after meditation. A method of questionnaire was used to determine the subjective emotions and feelings of the participants before and after meditation. The total surveyed group consisted of 25 healthy men, students of UK FTVS with a valid medical exam, between the ages of 19 - 35. The experimental part and data collection were conducted in two phases. (i) First, it was determined, on ten of the same participants during two consecutive days, which type of meditation (static breathing or dynamic) will be better accepted by the participants and will have a greater effect on lowering cortisol levels. (ii) Then, static breathing meditation was selected (as more effective for the given group), whose effect on lowering cortisol levels was tested on a larger group of participants (15). Results: Cortisol...

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