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Personal Income Taxation in the Czech Republic and the United States of America
Doubravová, Lucie ; Rytířová, Lucie (advisor) ; Tepperová, Jana (referee)
This diploma thesis describes the topic of personal income taxation in the Czech Republic compared to the United States of America and on the case studies it compares the tax burden of the family with two children earning average income from employment in the Czech Republic and in the United States of America. The aim is to prove that the results comply with the OECD statistics saying that the tax burden difference between those two states is approximately the same. The fractional aim is to examine if the tax burden for the same family with the above-average employment income in the United States is much higher that it can be one of the motives why people enter or leave different labour markets. The second case study focuses on the differences in the taxation of the different tax return categories of the taxpayers and confirms the theory that the average benefit of 450 USD per year appears with taxpayers filing the married filing jointly tax return. The thesis also describes the international taxation basics with the Double tax treaty and the concepts of tax residence and taxation principles such as tax equity and efficiency.
Analysis of Tobacco Products and its Impact on the State Budget
Vaníčková, Veronika ; Vintr, Rostislav (referee) ; Kopřiva, Jan (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with analysis excise taxes, which is collected in Czech republic. Autor focus on tax from tobacco products. In the end she writes model examples.
Skalická, Hana ; Sadovský, Zdeněk (advisor)
After accession to the European Union, tax issues acquired and are still acquiring an entirely new character. A new legal environment is forming both in the Czech Republic and in the European Union. Until now, only indirect taxes have been harmonised, with direct taxes having remained in the domain of each member state. However, we are now feeling pressure to harmonise this area as well. Cases concerning value added tax belong to those that are now most often being resolved in front of the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg. Cases regarding direct taxes are also becoming increasingly important. Will direct taxes be harmonized to the same extent as indirect taxes have? When potential investor is considering his investment into a company, he needs to match comparable figures. Definitely, one of the most important criterions is the amount of profit after taxation followed by payout of dividends. If there are different ways of taxation of corporations in various EU Member States, then there would be no possibility to compare corporations placed in various EU Member States objectively. Therefore, the aim of this thesis is, based on the research in the whole EU regarding taxation of corporations, to suggest a method how to harmonize taxation of corporations, which now prevents companies from trading in a single EU market, and also to minimize corporation’s costs of fulfilment of tax administration requirements of each Member State. This aim has been achieved through the following partial aims: .. An analysis of taxation of corporations in each of all 27 EU Member States, .. An analysis of proposals of the European Commission regarding harmonisation of taxation of companies, .. Suggestion of own method of harmonization of taxation of corporations in the EU. In conclusion, there are emphasized the contributions of this thesis to the science, to the practice and to education.
Tax administration in the Czech Republic and other advanced countries
Vatrtová, Monika ; Vítek, Leoš (advisor) ; Pavel, Jan (referee)
The thesis describes the tax administration in the Czech Republic and other advanced countries that are members of OECD. The subject of the thesis is analysis of the selected indicators and their comparison within the countries. The aim of the thesis is final evaluation of the indicators with respect to the efficiency of the tax administration.
Daňové nedoplatky v České republice
Kabelka, Filip
This diploma thesis deals with the issue of tax arrears and recovery of tax arrears in Czech Republic. The first part is devoted to the theory of taxation, tax administration and tax execution, which is main form that is used by tax administrator to recovery of tax arrears. In this part there is also described the theory of securing tax and relations between tax arrears and criminal law. Following part is focused on analysis of tax arrears administrated by Financial Administration of the Czech Republic and the success rate of the recovery of these arrears. In this part there is also the identification of elements that influence rise and recovery of tax arrears. In the conclusion there are the recommendations given, which should reduce rise of tax arrears and increase the success rate of their recovery.
New Tax Regulations
Jančurová, Hana ; Kozlová, Taťána (advisor) ; Beran, Vladimír (referee)
The basic aim of this diploma thesis is to preset readers with Act. No. 280/2009 Coll., Tax Code, which came into force on January 1st 2011. Others aims are to describe main benefits of the new Tax Code, to find what are the main problems to put into practice and to evaluate the annual activity. The thesis also introduces and explains how to proceed in accordance with the Tax Code and the specific examples of common situations that may arise in tax administration.
Analysis of selected areas of tax administration of the Czech republic
Smíšková, Jana ; Láchová, Lenka (advisor) ; Dugová, Alena (referee)
The aim of this bachelor thesis "Analysis of chosen areas from tax administration of the Czech Republic" is to specify the area of tax payment, i.e. analyse practices of tax administration, to compare tax regulations and Tax administration Act and analyse tax payment and tax arrears.My work is divided into four chapters. The first one devotes to basic notions which are used in tax administration. The second chapter is aimed at chosen tax administrators (land and finance authorities). The third chapter deals with tax payment with deeper view at all three phases - tax accounting, tax collection and. The last chapter is analytical and my focus of intention is directed to the comparison of interrelation between defined rates in particular years and number of tax subjects with values of total cash and tax arrears.
The development of application of the principles of tax process in the CR
Klvaňa, Libor ; Vančurová, Alena (advisor) ; Finardi, Savina (referee)
This diploma work has, as its main objective, the investigation of the influence of the court judicature on the interpretation and application of the tax procedural rules, particularly their principles of the tax process and tax administration in the CR. The object of the investigation was to ascertain if the Act No. 337/1992 of Collection of Law, respecting the administration of taxes and charges, was a satisfactory and suitable procedural norm in the tax process, and if the principles of the tax process and existing judicature provided the tax subject and the tax administrator with an adequate legal certainty in these problems. First, I examined constitutional principles in the CR and the general principles of the administrative law in relation to the tax theory and tax administration. Then I moved on from principles of the tax theory to a detailed analysis of the court judicature in the interpretation and application of the principles of the tax process. I carried out a comparison of the existing, and the new, principles of the tax process and tax administration, which are govern commencing January 1, 2011, when the new Tax Rules came into force. In the diploma work, in the area of the principles of the administrative law, I dealt with the investigative question: To what extent it might be possible to use the existing Administrative Rules, in a subsidiary manner, in the tax process and tax administration, mainly focusing on all the principles stated in it, which are not included in the new Tax Rules.
Tax administrator methods for collecting and exacting of taxes
JAREŠOVÁ, Štěpánka
My work deal with the legislation of current problems in tax administration in the Czech Republic. The principal goal in improving tax administration is to increase its effectivenesss. Mainly enhancement of effectiveness in tax collection and achieving the situation when the tax administration is in accordance with the standards of EU member states to set long-term objectives for legitimate tax collecting and plannig its activity. With the EU entry, there is still growing importance and deepening cooperation in international tax affairs. In my work I mainly target the means which the Czech Tax Administrator use for tax exaction and I mention the most frequent barriers that obstruct the process of tax collection.

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