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Evaluation of efficiency of self-service BI implementation in small and medium-sized enterprises
Aleinikova, Aleksandra ; Pour, Jan (advisor) ; Fortinová, Jana (referee)
The main goal of this Bachelor thesis is to evaluate the efficiency of implementation of self-service Business Intelligence (SS BI) in small and medium-sized enterprises (SME). To achieve this goal it is necessary to define essences of BI and SS BI, evaluate the relation between SME and BI, and assess possibilities of SS BI in case of enterprise, which specializes on fermented milk products. The theoretical part of this thesis explains methodology behind BI and SS BI, and emphasizes the definition of SME. The practical part provides the description of the small enterprise called Lakto and analyses the implementation of the prototype of SS BI solution in this company. In addition, the practical part provides visualization of results using Qlik Sense Desktop tool. The main contribution of this thesis is assessment of self-service BI implementation in SME and discussion of its main benefits.
Financing of small and medium-sized enterprises
Zhuravleva, Iana ; Rajl, Jiří (advisor) ; Galuška, Jiří (referee)
The subject of this bachelor thesis is the financing of small and medium-sized enterprises focusing on issues of financial management of entrepreneurial subjects and identification of business risks related to financial management. The work contains theoretical and practical parts. The theoretical part is comprised of three chapters and is aimed at deepening the theme of small and medium-sized enterprises financing and linking the topic with the concept of risk. The practical part deals with the analysis of business risks of a selected company and the design of recommendations for its reduction.
Finanční podpora Malých a Středních podniků v Evropské unii v období 2007 až 2016
Mestická, Kamila ; Ševčíková, Michaela (advisor) ; Pekárek, Štěpán (referee)
Small and Medium-sized enterprises represent the backbone of the economy and they play a crucial role in the development of regions. Promoting position of SMEs within the economy may be done through their financial support. The aim of this work is to depict the current SME environment in the European Union and to determine different levels where the companies may acquire funding. The European level process is analysed on two different real projects with the EU funding.
Comparison of Staff Evaluation As Part of Personnel Activities in Educational Institutions and Profit Organisations
Galata Hrbková, Aneta ; Trojanová, Irena (advisor) ; Tureckiová, Michaela (referee)
This paper deals with a comparison of the staff evaluation systems in the commercial sector and the education system. The theoretical part highlights the role and significance of personnel work for achieving goals and an organization's strategies, and defines the basic terms from the personnel and staff evaluation areas. It particularly focuses on the description of the functions, goals and methods of staff evaluation; potential problems arising from the evaluation have been covered as well. The small enterprise and the Czech primary school have been selected as representative subjects for the subsequent comparison. Further, the difference between the roles of the for-profit (business) sector and the public sector, between the organizations' goals in both sectors and the basic background of the workings of both organizations are explained. Regarding the enterprise, the focus is also on the context of personnel work and staff evaluation as a means of attaining the financial goals of the business. The section about schools deals with the methods of school management, the particularities of the teachers' profession and the resulting characteristics of personnel work at schools as well as the methods used for teachers' evaluation. The research part of the paper takes on the form of qualitative...
Foreign Trade Promotion of the Federal Republic of Germany: Bavarian Export to the East-Central Europe after the 2004 Enlargement of the European Union
Marek, Martin ; Janura, Lukáš (advisor) ; Kučera, Jaroslav (referee)
The bachelor thesis "Foreign Trade Promotion of the Federal Republic of Germany: Bavarian Export to the East-Central Europe after the 2004 Enlargement of the European Union" deals with the phenomenon of the German export industry and its institutional promotion. The objective of the thesis is to examine the efficiency of the institutional promotion of foreign trade and to examine possible weaknesses of the export-led economic growth. Special attention is dedicated to the current Bavarian economic relations to the countries of the East-Central Europe. The first hypothesis "There are some weaknesses of the export-led economic growth in Germany" explores the sustainability of the German export industry. The core factors of export are analysed as: the dependence on external demand, the risk of imported inflation, the dependence on foreign resources and the dependence on exchange rate. This hypothesis is handled in the first chapter. The institutions and instruments of the foreign trade promotion are analysed in the second chapter. The main participants and the political and legislative framework of the system are examined as well. The Bavarian export is included in the third chapter. It describes the economic relations between Bavaria and selected East-Central European countries, namely the Czech Republic, the...
Business environment in the Czech Republic
Sekuličová, Dominika ; Petříček, Václav (advisor) ; Bolotov, Ilya (referee)
The thesis deals with the quality of business environment of the Czech Republic, nevertheless, the main goal of the thesis is to evaluate the current system of the export support. Firstly, the opening chapter attempts to define the term business environment theoretically, after that it puts forward the possibilities of quantifying the quality of this indicator and then summarizes its evolution specifically in the Czech Republic. The second chapter is particularly devoted to the system of economic diplomacy in the Czech Republic and concentrates primarily on the support of export as a part of national business support programs. In this context, the thesis analyses in full detail the Export Strategy of the Czech Republic for the period 2012-2020, its updated version of 2016 and also how defined goals are met on an ongoing basis. The final part provides the export survey carried out within small and medium-sized enterprises. This survey evaluates whether the system of the state export support is generally known and used within this segment.
Support for small and medium-sized businesses in the Czech Republic in terms of reference networking- impact on income tax and newly established working positions in 2014
Pelikánová, Šárka ; Vostrovská, Zdenka (advisor) ; Bartůsková, Lucia (referee)
The thesis deals with the issue of support for small and medium-sized businesses in the Czech Republic focusing on one of the market-based forms of such support in terms of networking. Specifically, the work is aimed at reference networking, and describes it in detail using an example of its representative in the Czech market. Within its theoretical part, the work defines the concept of small and medium-sized business. Further it explains the concept of promoting entrepreneurship in terms of public and market support. In the framework of this distinction, examples of some of the forms of such support have been listed. On the example of Switzerland, local representative forms of public support of entrepreneurship have been presented and compared to those in the Czech Republic. Further, networking concept has been introduced, and some principles of its operation have been defined. Different kinds of networking have been described. In the practical part, functioning of reference networking in particular, has been described more in detail on the example of the company Business for Breakfast Česká republika s.r.o. Using a questionnaire survey among the members of this concept, its benefits for both the members of the concept, as well as for the state budget have been investigated. The analysed benefits are examined in terms of both budget revenues, as well as in terms of cost savings. Fields of business, for which reference networking seems to be most beneficial, have been mentioned. In the end, benefits of representative public forms of business support with reference marketing have been compared. The study has confirmed that reference networking is an effective form of market-based support for small and medium-sized businesses, and has a positive impact on both the state budget, as well as on creating a favourable business environment in the Czech Republic. Despite public forms of business, these benefits are demonstrable and measurable.
The business plan for SnackBag company and its expansion into the foreign markets
Ježová, Jana ; Svobodová, Ivana (advisor) ; Srpová, Jitka (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to create a business plan for the newly established business subject in the health food industry and evaluate the viability of the plan. The plan also includes the choice of the appropriate form of potential expansion into the foreign market. This thesis is divided into theoretical and practical parts. To create this business plan, firstly it was necessary to write down the complex theoretical framework of the basic aspects which are crucial for small and medium businesses. Secondly, it was needed to sum up the general principles of creating a business plan, characterise its structure and mention the most common mistakes and problems that entrepreneurs may encounter. The theoretical part is concluded by a description of the appropriate forms of expansion for small and medium businesses. Based on this theoretical framework the business plan for the company SnackBag was created with the emphasis on the project´s financial calculation. The calculations confirm the business plan as viable. Analysis of the main advantages and disadvantages of particular forms of expansion to foreign markets concludes that the franchise was evaluated as the most suitable for SnackBag.
Internationalization of business activities of SMEs
Straka, Jakub ; Sato, Alexej (advisor) ; Komrska, Jan (referee)
This Master Thesis is focused on the topic of internationalization of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The main goal of this thesis was to find out if the czech SMEs are able to participate in international trade, how can they achieve that and if the provided support of SMEs is sufficient. The theoretical part describes the term small and medium-sized enterprises, its specifics, significance and the evolution of the SME sector in Czech Republic. The theoretical part further deals with particular aspects of internationalization and with the quality of the provided support of SMEs in Czech Republic. The practical part was realized in the form of semistructured interview with a owner of Simplejohn, inc and the main goal of it was to verify the conclusions reached in the theoretical part.
Financial Product Analysis for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises
DUDOVÁ, Michaela
This bachelor thesis deals with the financial product analysis for small and medium-sized enterprises. Such enterprises would be owned by a self-employed person with a trade licence, who is looking for an optimal loan to buy new facilities. This thesis discusses the detailed analysis of the market with loans with a focus on the selection of the optimal loan option. The theoretical part describes the institutions offering such loans and their basic terms. This section also defines the specifics of trading and provides an explanation of multi-criteria decision-making methods. The practical part investigates a selected self-employed person and his criteria, including interest rate, loan arrangement fee or the possibility of early repayment period. Based on the market analysis, several options are then selected and assessed by using multi-criteria evaluation, which results in the selection of the most appropriate option.

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