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Support of Education of Economic Entities with the Use of EU Funds
Táborská, Ilona ; Škarková, Zdeňka (referee) ; Heralecký, Tomáš (advisor)
In my thesis, I pursue the possibility of using EU funds for financing a project that is primarily focused on education and providing information. The project is submitted by a real non-profit organization and it might be eligible for EU funds support. It deals with enhancing the quality of life in countryside, which should be reached via more effective and perfect access to the up-to-date information. The purpose of this thesis is to create a successful, high-quality educational project with regard to material and financial side of things.
Analýza dotačních možností v lesním hospodářství 2007 - 2020
Szabo, Radomír
The aim of the thesis was to analyze the Rural Development Programme 2007-2013 and the Rural Development Programme 2014-2020 with concentration on forestry and compare these programs. Another target of this work was to summarize subsidies in the forestry from the budget of the Czech Republic, as well as individual regions. The work was performed by the analysis, comparison and evaluation of the collected data. It was found that the rural development programs studied in the two periods are different in grant titles and the amount of subsidies. Significant difference is in the way of providing of subsidies for afforestation and care of the firstly afforestated agricultural land. Moreover, these programs differ in the percentage of the money amount, overpaid to forest infrastructure. The contrast was also found between the two programs in the ratio of the percentage contributions from the EU and the Czech Republic. A significant difference was also observed in the payment of Natura 2000.
The EU's Common Agricultural Policy and its Impact on Economics of Farms in a Comparison of Circular Economics.
The aim of the thesis is to analyze the principles, intentions and fuctioning of the common agricultural policy of the EU (CAP). Subsequently assess its impact on the ecnonomy of agricultural companies as entities operating in the circular economy. Since joining the EU, financial resources from European funds (EAGF, EARFD) have been flowing to the Czech Republic, and their mediation is the main task of the State Agricultural Intervention Fund (SZIF). In the thesis is analyze the development of payments of the first and second pillars of the CAP from 2004 to 2020, furthermore, the development of agricultural subsidies and their impact on the financial situation in the selected agricultural company including a comparasion with the average agricultural enterprise in the Czech Republic and the EU. Financial data on the development of payments of both pillars are taken from the annual reports of SZIF. Information about the company can be obtained from the public registr and the collection of documents and from the list of recipients of SZIF subsidies. Data about the average enterprise is downloaded from the FADN database. It is found that the CAP is not only financed from the EU budget, but also from the budget of the Czech Republic. From the financial analysis of the company X, Plc., it follows that the company is not capable to make a profit wit-hout subsidies and finally by means of test statistic the hypothesis of no difference in the paid amounts of the first pillar between the selected subject and the average enterprise is disproved.
Vyhodnocení investiční dotace do zemědělského podniku
ČERNÁ, Veronika
This diploma thesis is focused on the issue of the agricultural subsidies. The main aim is to evaluate the investment subsidy in an agricultural enterprise. The theoretical part is based on the literary research. This part focuses on subsidies in agriculture, investment evaluation, investment planning or investment risks. The practical part uses a comparison as a main method. First, an initial research is conducted for mapping of the subsidy titles used by the agricultural enterprise Úněšovský statek, a.s. Furthermore, the practical part is focused on the effectiveness of financial support for the modernization of livestock production under the 4th Measure, Operation 4.1.1 Investments in agricultural enterprises. The last part evaluates the project realization in compliance with the objectives of the Operation.
Common agricultural policy and its influence on Czech agriculture
The Aim of this thesis is to compare chosen agricultural companies from the perspective of drawing of subsidies within Common agricultural policy
Podpora rozvoje venkovského turismu v Jihočeském kraji prostřednictvím PRV
Vrábelová, Soňa
This bachelor thesis focuses on the evaluation of the rural tourism support funded from the Rural Development Programme in period from 2007 to 2013 in the South Bohemian region. The thesis includes a theoretical anchorage of terms regarding tourism, rural tourism and its various forms based on literary search. Furthermore, it includes an overview of the financial support for this type of rural tourism funded from the European funds. The practical part of this thesis consists characteristics of the examined area, its possibilities for rural tourism development and especially the analysis of the projects supported within axis III. field of support 1.3 Encouragement of tourism activities. In the programming period from 2007 to 2013 89 projects were approved for the South Bohemian region, however, only 70 of them were traced back. This number has been analysed according to established criteria. The results of the analysis show that just 40 projects meet the concept of rural tourism.
Proměna podporovaných tematických oblastí místních akčních skupin Zlínského kraje
Procházková, Nikola
This particular Bachelor thesis is dealing with the comparison of supporting areas of local action groups (LAGs) of Zlín district. In the first part we will find the litera-ture review which explains the basic terms, such as rural development, and the coaction of actors of rural area. The monitored area is characterized in the relati-on to local action groups. The valorization of MAS activities is based on the analy-sis of supported projects within preferred bisector IV Program of rural develop-ment 2007 to 2013. In the program's season 2007 to 2013 were made 855 projects. From which MAS of Zlín district were mostly focusing on the area of civil facilities, services but least on the area of environment. Based on the detected strategic goals of program's season 2014 to 2020 came to comparison of these two seasons in the matter of thematic areas, which resulted in opposite results.
PRV na území vybraných krajů: analýza podpory venkovského turismu
Matyášová, Eliška
This bachelor thesis evaluated support of tourism and his development, specifically in countryside by means of Program of rural development in Central Bohemian region. Theoretical part of thesis defined specialized terms, especially terms of tourism, rural tourism and Program of rural development. In following part is given characteristic of Central Bohemia region with putting emphasis on relevance and potential of locality to developing of rural tourism. Practically part of thesis applied analysis approved projects by the Program rural development arrangement III. 1.3.b). Next chapter discuss relevant projects, which were approved by this arrangement and evaluated concretely aspect as for example is realization location, type beneficiary and object of project. The target of thesis is analysed importance support of rural tourism and evaluation PRV for program period 2007-2013 in Central Bohemian region.
Přístupy místních akčních skupin v České republice k rozvoji venkovského turismu
Démalová, Monika
The diploma thesis deals with the evaluation of the rural tourism development through LEADER methods, especially by the local action groups. The rate of support was analyzed in the territory of 18 selected local action groups according to their tourist attendance. The theoretical part includes literary research, which explains the relevant concepts of rural development and development of the area through tourism, namely rural tourism, the possibilities of supporting the development of rural and rural tourism through subsidy programs, especially the Rural Development Program, Functioning of LEADER methods and local action groups, which are the crucial topic of the presented work. The following chapter introduces selected local action groups based on their tourist attractiveness and the inclusion of tourism support in the strategic plan of the each LAG. The major eighth chapter discusses in the detail projects supported by the LAG, which are further classified according to their nature and sorted according to whether they have the ideologies of rural tourism or not. The aim of the thesis is to find out which categories of LAG, according to the tourist ballast, most strongly implement projects supporting the development of rural tourism in the region. The final chapter deals with the evaluation of the support of implemented projects supporting the rural tourism in the current programming period 2014-2020.

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