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Odměňování a motivace v generaci Y
Foretová, Monika
Foretová, M. Rewarding and motivation generation Y. Diploma thesis. Brno: Men-del University in Brno, 2017. This diploma thesis deal with the question of rewarding and motivation gen-eration Y at workplace in companies providing wellness services. The theoretical part describes basic definitions and connections between generation Y, rewarding and motivation. In the practical part, there are the results of quantitative research described, there are also described the statistical hypothesis testing. In the con-clusions there are summarised all findings, there are also formulated recommen-dations for improvement for the companies providing wellness services in the field of rewarding and motivation generation Y.
Stress management
Objectives: The main aim of the dissertation was to evaluate the current theoretical and newly acquired knowledge about the issue of stress management in the workplace and to propose desirable recommendations for enterprises that want to incorporate stress management into their internal processes. Methods: The theoretical definition of the issue focused on work-related stress, the most important work-related stress models, the sources and causes of stress in the workplace, and especially its influence on the business environment. It also addressed the impact of Industry 4.0 and the COVID-19 pandemic as new significant stressors. Emphasis was also placed on defining the stress management issue and implementing appropriate measures and recent trends. Primary data was obtained through quantitative research. The research was carried out at the enterprise level. The enterprises in the primary set were located in the South Bohemian Region and were part of the CZ-NACE category C (10-33): Manufacturing. The research was conducted in 194 small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises in 2022 by an electronic structured questionnaire. Conclusions: Based on the analysis of primary data, the current state of stress management in small and medium-sized enterprises was determined. The recommendation was made for enterprises that want to integrate it into their internal processes. Based on multivariate statistics, company profiles were created according to similarities in the field of stress management.
General Nurses satisfaction with the working facilities at the hospital
This thesis deals with the topic of general nurses ' satisfaction with the working environment in hospitals. The aim of the research was to find out if nurses are satisfied with the working environment in hospitals and whether there is any difference among nurses working in state and non-state medical institutions. The satisfaction of nurses is influenced by various external and internal factors. Internal factors are determined by individual personality, age, gender, ability to manage stress, or also his/her current psychological state of mind. As for external factors they are determined by the working environment itself. It is the team, the ability to communicate, physical factors, biological factors, compliance with the principles of safety and hygiene, or also the equipment of individual departments. The financial budget of individual medical institutions is also important.
Company remuneration system and innovation
MICHNOVÁ, Veronika
The theme of this thesis is "The system of a remuneration of employees in a chosen organization and innovation". The aim is to evaluate the current system of remuneration in the selected company and to provide drafts possible innovations. The diploma thesis contains two parts. The first part of the thesis is the theoretical section. This part defines basic concepts in the field of remuneration. It focuses on system of remuneration, total remuneration and innovation. The second part is the practical part. This section describes chosen organization and the system of remuneration in this company. The organization wanted to be anonymous in this thesis. The data was obtained by means of a questionnaire survey. A chosen segment of employees took part in the survey. The results are shown in graphs. This thesis contains suggestions for innovation. Innovation proposals should improve the company's remuneration system.
The influence of the working environment on the performance of employees in services
ČERNÁ, Kateřina
The diploma thesis deals with the influence of the working environment on the performance of employees in services. The aim of the diploma thesis is to evaluate the impact of the working environment on the performance of employees in a selected company providing services with emphasis on ergonomics and, as a result of indentifying any shortco-mings to propose steps to improve it. Ergnonomics aspects that influence satisfaction with the current situation that prevails in the workplace in a selected company are examined. The theoretical part is focused on ergonomic factors that are important for empoyees in the work environment and that significantly affect it. The practical part is focused on the evaluation of the current situation in the company and proposals that aim to improve the physical characteristics of employees, but also to increase their motivation and satisfaction in the company. For individual proposals, there is a cost calculation that the company can use in case of interest in their implementation.
The Analysis of the Organizational Culture in a Company
MACKOVÁ, Martina
The Bachelor thesis is based on the analysis of organizational culture in Löttco company, which is an engineering business. The aim of this work is to study a current situation of the organizational culture, to compare it with the literary theory and then to analyse it in the business. It is necessary to examine the existing working environment, values, standards and the rules through the interview process with the management and current employees. A subsequent research is a questionnaire survey, which forms the basis for quantitative evaluation of the organizational culture. The analysis of the organizational culture illustrates how important part of company it is, how it influences the pace of work and the long-term sustainability of the business in the market. In the company there were detected some defects of the culture, the possibilities of changes were suggested for rising a healthy working environment.
Management of the restaurant facilities
Employees in restaurants are assumed to have longer working time that means their motivation is very important. The main aim of this bachelor thesis is focused on the best ways how to manage and motivate employees. This work deals with two competitive restaurants in Vysočina region. At first, the thesis contains a literature survey about management, managerial functions and motivation, presents the importance of a small business and brings some general information about the restaurants. Then the analysed information from literature is utilized for processing methods. Results of the thesis are achieved by STEP analysis, questionnaires and SWOT analysis. Finally, some suggestions for improvements are recommended.
Employee Satisfaction and Motivation in the Selected Company
Havlátová, Tereza ; Jobánková, Lenka (referee) ; Konečný, Štěpán (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with the analysis of satisfaction of employees in selected manufacturing company. Theoretical part of this diploma defines basic concepts and factors of satisfaction of employees based on literary research which then proceeds to the main practical part – quantitative survey research. Proposal part of this diploma thesis comes from results of analysis in the practical part with a purpose to make recomandations and to improve current situation in selected manufacturing enterprise.

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