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Chadimová, Tereza ; Jelínek, Jiří (advisor) ; Vokoun, Rudolf (referee)
Title Corruption. English Abstract The rigorous work deals with the evaluation of the level of criminal substantive law and criminal procedural law with the greatest emphasis on the national level. The primary goal of this work is to find out how it is currently possible to face the corruption and whether the Czech legislation provides useful tools to help fight against the corruption. As the necessary prerequisite for the fight against the corruption is the prevention of the corruption, the detection of corruption practices and the need to punish enough the corruption, this rigorous work divides instruments of the fight against the corruption into three groups, first group is preventive instruments, second group is instruments of detection and third group is instruments of sanctions. The rigorous work deals with all of these groups of instruments when attention is paid both in general and also specifically on Czech criminal law. In order to assess the effectiveness of all instruments, the first criterion is a sufficient scale, which means whether the Czech legislation can punish all types of corruption, the second criterion is the ability to search for, secure and make available sufficient evidence, and the third criterion is the stringency of punishments. The introductory part deals with the definition of...
The history of the state statistical service - 1919 – 2014
Kačerová, Eva
The publication provides readers with a brief insight into the history of Czech statistics and acquaints them with the activities performed by the statistical office. In addition to the history of our statistics from the time of the First Republic, through the difficult period of World War II and the totalitarian regime to its transformation after 1989, the reader will learn what are the strategies, visions and priorities of the CSO with a view to 2020.
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A puppet speaks english
Wildtová, Lucie ; BEČKA, Marek (advisor) ; MALÍKOVÁ, Nina (referee)
The thesis focuses in a great detail on relation between scenographer and foreign students. The theoretical part offers an insight to various possibilities for foreign language adepts, especially those supported by KALD programe. Through the conducted questionnaires, this paper examines areas of cooperation between foreign Master’s students, Erasmus + students and Department of Alternative and Puppet Theatre. Practical part presents personal experiences acquired through cooperation on various performances including Three Cigarettes, Persona atlas, and Islands a Včela. Those examples demonstrate in detail, cooperation of foreign speaking students, benefits and challenges possibly enriching the theater artist. The thesis includes visual documentation though photography captured during the performances.
The cooperation of Czech Republic and Mongolia
Szarvasová, Jana ; Zamykalová, Miroslava (advisor) ; Dudák, Jaromír (referee)
This dissertation deals with the cooperation of Czech Republic with Mongolia. In the beginning, it focuses on description of Mongolia and its basic characteristics. It continues with the engagement of Mongolia in worldwide issues through international and regional organizations and partnerships. Major organization as the UN, IMF, WTO, etc. are described, as well as the cooperation within Asia, but also the cooperation with European Union and of course with Czech Republic both in the past and present. Further, this dissertation provides the information about the perception of Mongolia in Czech Republic. It focuses on the culture differences of Mongolians, but also the perception of Mongolia from the point of view of politics, science and research and last, but not least, business. The main outcome of this dissertation is set of advices and recommendations for entering into a partnership with Mongolia and for maintaining the cooperation.
International franchising in museums
Hostonská, Klára ; Prokůpek, Marek (advisor) ; Janištinová, Anna (referee)
The aim of the thesis is to analyze the most important benefits of the international museum franchising, detection of problems associated with it and the conditions that are necessary the process of setting up and subsequent operation of the new museum was sustainable and not put into risk already existing institutions. The thesis contains an analysis of established franchising network of Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum and the Louvre, based on which the objectives above-described are determinated. The objectives of the thesis are also to identify the features of the museums for which the establishment of an international franchise strategy is appropriate and to determinate the conditions that must be accomplished for the museum branch to play the role in urban regeneration, considering that this may be one of the possible benefits of establishing a branch.
Actors' behaviour and the militarization of space: Cooperation vs. conflict
Gréková, Lenka ; Doboš, Bohumil (advisor) ; Střítecký, Vít (referee)
The thesis deals with the question of militarization and weaponization of the outer space and it analyse the actor's behaviour regarding space militarization and weaponization. The aim of the thesis is to find out whether the key actors cooperate or not in dealing with the use of the outer space. The relations between the key actors are analysed from the perspective of the game theory, particularly with the two models of behaviour: prisoner's dilemma and the tragedy of the commons. These models are used based on the assumption that they best describe the relations between actors in international relations as either cooperative or competitive. The aim is to evaluate whether these two models are valid in researching the behaviour of the key actors in the question of militarization of space. The analysed actors are the United States, Russia and China, as these are the three most important and successful space-faring nations with the biggest potential in the future of space exploration. Analysing their relations, the thesis attempts to evaluate whether the two models of the game theory are valid or not. For evaluating the prisoner's dilemma, bilateral relations are analysed, for the tragedy of the commons, their multilateral relations are analysed. What we learn from the analysis is that both models...
The Geopolitical Significance of the Bering Strait Region in the 21st Century
Raková, Alena ; Sehnálková, Jana (advisor) ; Bečka, Jan (referee)
As Arctic warms twice as fast as the rest of the world and the polar ice-cap melts, the strategic importance and geopolitical significance of the Bering Strait as the only maritime gateway between the world's fastest-developing and dynamic regions, the Asia Pacific and the Arctic region, will steadily grow. The climate change triggered the reduction of the Arctic ice-cap, which results in increased maritime traffic activity as new shipping routes are becoming more viable and mineral resources more accessible. This has a tremendous impact on the region as it opens it to economic development but at the same time it puts strain on its fragile environment. The goal of the paper is to affirm that the geopolitical significance of the Bering Strait is increasing and will increase in the near future. The work examines the causes of the Bering Strait region's rise, its characteristics, challenges and opportunities together with the assessment of major regional actors' interests and approaches towards the region. Next, paper focuses The emphasis is put especially on the role of the United States and on their attitude toward the Bering Strait region. It therefore pays attention namely on the US policy and goals in the region, and on the implications the Strait's growing global importance has for the United...
German Left-Wing Terrorism of the 70's and 80's in International Context
Vizi, Štěpán ; Šafařík, Petr (advisor) ; Renner, Tomáš (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the international context of the German left terrorism of the 1970s and 80s. Its main goal is to analyse the influence of the international aspects on the activities of the West German terrorist groups in this period. The thesis focuses mainly on the Red Army Faction as the most important representative of the movement in question, however, it also includes other formations that are important from the international point of view: the Revolutionary Cells and the Movement 2 June. The theoretical background of the thesis is provided by the Wave Theory of modern terrorism by David C. Rapoport and the Revised Academic Consensus Definition of Terrorism by Alex Schmid. The international aspects are divided into three sub-chapters: ideology, international cooperation, and strategy and tactics. The thesis deals with international cooperation of German terrorist movements with both state and non-state actors. The research question is based on Rapoport's claim, that unreliable international connections contributed to the failure of the new-left terrorist wave and caused it to fade out sooner. Analysing the influence of international aspects on the activities of German terrorist groups should therefore demonstrate, whether their impact was rather positive or negative and whether...
The impacts of climate change on environmental geopolitics of the Arctic
Pelletier, Mireille ; Landovský, Jakub (advisor) ; Romancov, Michael (referee)
The new fact that the environment is becoming the main factor of geopolitical transformations in the Arctic region has been triggered mainly by climate change. In the North, this recent aspect of geopolitics, in correlation with the environment, leads sometimes to tensions between countries, but also to a need for cooperation. The question brought by such conditions is, to which extent will this climate change provoke cooperation or conflicts between the Arctic states. The purpose of addressing the problem is to understand what kind of challenges would be facing the international relations between circumpolar countries and how the environment is playing a geopolitical role in them. The objective of the main research question is to assess the importance of climate change over the geopolitics of the Arctic through several spheres of geopolitics: environment and bio-diversity, economic activity of the region, sovereignty and territoriality, security of the circumpolar states, and international and diplomatic relations. The trans-border and transnational nature of environmental issues is another important factor, since nature does not respect human-made boundaries and an environmental concern, such as climate change and its aftermaths, cannot be exclusive to a state along the lines of its borders.

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