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Landscape structure and biodiversity - a proposal of landscape structure to reach higher biodiversity and sustainability in cadaster of Pěčín (Landscape Protected Area Orlické hory)
In the present planning work there was studied the influence of anthropogenic load of the species of epigenic beetles in the cultural landscape. The landscape fragmentation has the primarily very significant impact on the ability of the survival of populations of beatle species. Using ground traps filled with ethylene glycol was realised capture of epigenic samples. The samples were classified according to the degree of tolerance to the antropogenic load into three groups. The first group forms eurytop samples with neutral habitat demands, which occurs in habitats very influenced by human being . The second group (RII) consists of more adaptable samples capable populate habitats medium influenced by man. The last one consists of samples with closest ecologic quantivalence - the relicts of I.cohort (R I). They have often character of relicts and in our monitored localities were not find on the whole. The traps were installed in four types of locations - cultural forest, wildlife corridor, field and along the stream. All the sites were located in the land register of the willage Pěčín in the part which is situated in the protected landscape area of Eagle mountains. The highest activity of samples and specimens was recorded in the field where predominated europyt sorts. In the other stations were higher occurence of more adaptable species. The land composition has the influence above all on the generic constitution of communities. In the landscape with a higher fragmentation and more land use predominate eurotop samples with less demands for habitat. Construed study confirmed this presumptions.
The historical development of land consolidation in Europe
The aim of this bachelor thesis is processing an overview of the development of land consolidation in Europe from ancient times to the present, in the form of research, which was based on the available literature, documents of the FAO and electronic database ScienceDirect. Bachelor thesis includes the definition of land consolidation, their importance in many spheres of society and the emergence of agriculture, whose gradual changes caused new phases of land consolidation. Particular attention is focused on the Czech Republic, especially from the 18th century, which is followed by a case studies of individual countries in Europe.
Ecological consequences of habitat loss in landscape matrix and the effect on populations and communities of model species
The effect of fragmentation on populations was studied using epigeic beetle collected by pitfall traps with ethylenglykol. Pitfall traps were placed at three sites and namely in: artifical spruce forest, bio-corridor and meadow in the vicinity of České Budějovice on agricultural landscape. The material was collected from May to September. Beetles were determined and classified into goups according to the level of tolerance to anthropogenic influence. The communities (species richness and its activity) were compared in cited biotopes (fragments) in the agricutlural landscape. The highest number of species and its activity was detected in the bio-corridor. The lowest number of species and its activity was found in the spruce forrest. Thel effect of size of biotope was not found. At a meadow and biocorridor previled beetle species named as eurytopic which are characteristic for deforested habitats strongly influenced by human activities. In the forest, the other half consisted of RII. Group, which are adaptable inhabiting habitat moderately affected by human activity.
The fine-scale utilization of forest edges by mammalian mesopredators related to patch size and conservation issues in Central European farmland
ČERVINKA, Jaroslav
In this study we investigated the edge effect in relation to different forest fragment size. We found strong edge preferences for the whole community of autochthonous carnivore species in all fragments regardless the fragment size. Our findings confirm that mammalian mesopredators strongly prefer habitat edges and small forest fragments.
Dynamics and fragmentations of meteoroids during their flight in the atmosphere
Kalenda, Pavel ; Borovička, Jiří ; Spurný, Pavel
The dynamic fragmentation of meteoroids during their flight in the atmosphere is described. The examples of very weak meteoroids, which easy fragments, up to strong meteoroids, which produce the explosive fragmentation, are described.
Is Corridor Use by European Carnivores Driven by Habitat Characteristics or Food Supply?
In the study, we determined if corridor structures use by carnivores is influenced by habitat features or prey quantity. We found that predator utilization of corridors are primarily driven by abundances of its principal prey rather than corridor characteristics but this relationship between prey abundance and carnivore distribution is species-specific. None of the measured habitat features affected the probability of carnivore detection.
Distribution of carnivores inside and at the edge of forest habitats
ČERVINKA, Jaroslav
This thesis is focused on habitat preferences of carnivores in fragmented landscape. By using the scent station method, fine-scale utilization of forest-farm edges by mammalian predators in dependence on patch size was examined. Preferences for edge structures was detected and these structures were equally utilized by carnivores in large as well as in small forest fragments. This shows that edge effect was present in all fragments regardless the patch size.
The belts along the roads as a biotope for organisms.
KRHUTOVÁ, Stanislava
The aim of the work was to describe the biodiversity of model groups of organisms (vascular plants, epigeic beetles and small mammals) in six transect crossing the two year old high way situated close to the town Písek (South Bohemia). The different methods were used for studied groups (phytocenological mapping, pitfall traps and mousetraps). The results documented the possibility of all studied organisms for the quick recolonization of new biotopes beside of the high way.
Studie fragmentačních procesů ve svazcích těžkých nabitých částic pomocí detektorů stop
Jadrníčková, Iva ; Spurný, František
The spectrometer of linear energy transfer based on chemically etched track detectors was irradiated in several heavier ion beams. The importance of fragments and other nuclear reaction products and their contribution to the absorbed dose have been studied.

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