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Myths and realities in substitute family care
This thesis deals with the myths and realities which accompany the foster care. The goal of this work was to analyze awareness of inhabitants about the foster care of the Central-bohemia Region. The work is divided into the theoretical and practical parts. The theoretical part describes important concepts with which these problems are linked, such as adoption, foster care, temporary foster care, guardianship, etc.. It deals also with basic needs of the child and family functions which are very important for proper development of the child. The thesis also describes how the process of arranging foster care working and what are the requirements for applicants, there is also the information about file documentation of the applicant and the child. The thesis further concentrates to ministries which are involved in child care outside the family. In my thesis I also deals with myths that often accompany foster care. For example it is a myth that includes the percentage of children who returned to their biological families or a close relative. The practical part of this thesis is processed by using a quantitative questionnaire survey. The research sample includes 100 respondents, who are inhabitants of the Central Bohemia region - it consists of 68 women and 32 men. The questions within the questionnaire were directed to answer the research questions that this work contains. After evaluation of the data of questionnaire that data was processed into graphs. Based on these graphs, I replied in a discussion on the research questions and evaluate how many percent of the sample from the Central Bohemia Region knows what is meant by adoption, foster care and guardianship. How many percent of respondents voted for adoption, if they can't have their own child and what percentage of them would have chosen up for adoption a child of the same nationality. I also answered due to research questions how many percent of the respondents knows where in their area look for some form of institutional care for a child under the age of 3 and what percentage knows which ministries are involved in institutional child care.
Homosexuals and adoption of children in the European context: Study 5.294
Pejchalová-Grünwaldová, Vladimíra
Tato práce pojednává o právní úpravě přípustnosti adopce dětí osobami s homosexuální orientací v evropských státech. V úvodu je vymezena moderní terminologie vztahující se k jiné než k heterosexuální orientaci a k adopcím obecně. Další části jsou zaměřeny na relevantní dokumenty mezinárodního práva a na judikaturu Evropského soudu pro lidská práva v této oblasti. Z poslední věcné kapitoly této práce vyplývá, že individuální a společnou adopci dětí homosexuálně orientovanými osobami umožňují Belgie, Dánsko, Island, Nizozemí, Norsko, Španělsko, Švédsko, Velká Británie, a dále, že adopce dětí pouze svobodnými osobami s homosexuální orientací je přípustná v Rakousku. Z evropských států, ve kterých je přípustná pouze adopce biologických dětí homosexuálně orientovaného partnera, jsou uvedeny Finsko a Německo.
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Alternative family care
Kmiťová, Dana ; Žák, Květoslav (advisor) ; Spirit, Michal (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with an alternative family care. The goal is to approximate particular forms of alternative family care, pointed to system of alternative family care in selected countries of the European Union and clarify the concept of international adoptions. The first chapter is devoted to basic concepts related to alternative family care. The second one approximates particular forms of alternative family care. The third chapter is focused on the impact of legislation of the European Union on alternative family care and approximates system of alternative family care in selected countries of the European Union, especially Slovakia. The last chapter is devoted personal research within adoptive and foster parents. The aim of this research is to find out what is the motivation for applicants to create alternative family care and what are their personal practical experiences with process of adoption or foster care
Transformace organizace na Social Business
Ončo, Martin ; Pavlíček, Antonín (advisor) ; Švík, Martin (referee)
Social networks like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn offer the opportunity to communicate and collaborate with friends and family in our personal life through the social technology without seeing each other on daily bases. This different approach is already common to be used for the majority of people and brings new benefits to now-a-day global environment. The same users of these external social networks are working in companies with various internal collaboration and communication tools. This fact has become stimulus for the theory of using social network technologies inside of the organization called Social Business. Social Business brings multiple new benefits for the organization, which were not possible to be gain through the previous approaches of communication and collaboration. In the present work we study the process of transforming organization into Social Business.
Baby hatches yes or no?: Ethical evaluation in the context of catholic church doctrine.
This diploma thesis deals with an ethical evaluation of baby hatches in the context of Catholic church doctrine. It describes baby hatches in technical and legal prospect. Mainly it shows the situation in the Czech republic. The thesis outlines general objections to baby hatches.From the ethical point of view baby hathes are primarily apprehended on the basis of ultima ratio principle. The thesis also refers to single social institutions like family, state, church and school which are fallen the task of solving problem of children abandonement.
Issues of SOS Villages with a Special Focus on Psychological Issues
The thesis deals with issues of SOS villages with a special focus on psychological problems. Its goal is to point out the psychological problems related to mental deprivation. The work is divided into the theoretical and the practical part. In the theoretical part, the activities of SOS villages are presented. Further explained is the notion of mental deprivation, its origin, historical development and examples, and it familiarizes with different kind of substitute family care. The practical part introduces a research by the method of questionnaire examination, which was conducted among foster mothers from the SOS village and retired foster mothers.
Ethical questions concerning the homosexual partnership
This bachelor thesis deals with the topics which are connected with a partnership between homosexual persons. There is a description of few ethic problems, e.g. registered partnership, adoption by homosexual couples, convention and attitudes towards homosexuality in many different cultures and religions. Some important names e.g. Jiří Hromada (an editor of gay magazines and a gay activist) or important organizations e.g. SOHO, STUD, HRHO and many other organizations are mentioned as well. Homose uality was, is and probably will be discussed very much. It is a worldwide topic not only for ethic, but also for religion. Despite the fact that the Bible does not know the word "homosexuality", we can say that homosexuality is rejected by Scripture. (Lv 18,22; 20,13). The possibility of an adoption can be very often a wish of many homosexual orientated persons. That is why some terms connected with a compensatory family care, a procedure how apply for the compensatory family care and a possibility of IVF are concerned.
Present nursery school in a town and in a village
STAŇKOVÁ, Kateřina
This work discusses the differences of the rural and the urban lifestyle and their influence to the behavior and approve themselves of children and teachers in nursery schools. In the theoretical part I write about the factors, which have the greatest influence to the behavior of children, in the practical part I watch the behavior of children in the preselect activities in 5 rural and 5 urban nursery school.
Possibilities and Limits of Substitute Family Care
The paper deals with the importance of substitute family care in the Czech Republic. Theoretical part characterizes possibilities of substitute family care, importance of family and its ambiance. Next, it describes risk and protective factors and substitute family, focuses on institutional treatment of children and possible problems of child{\crq}s socialization. Practical part contains casuistics and comparison of two chosen cases: case of successful and unsuccessful substitute family care. Both cases have good intention. They offer further view into problems of substitute family care. Its quality is not related only to those who decided to take abandoned child into their family but lies also in the child itself and not forgetting in abilities of workers securing substitute family care.
Náhradní rodinná péče v ČR a ve VB
Košatková, Michaela ; Sedláková, Jaroslava (advisor) ; Sedláková, Jaroslava (referee)
Práce porovná situaci pěstounských rodin a ústavů nacházejících se na území naší republiky a obdobných institucí, které se na území Velké Británie snaží o zařazení dětí bez rodičů do běžného a plnohodnotného občanského života. Těžiště práce bude v komparaci přístupu obou států a jejich úředníků k jednotlivým formám náhradní rodinné péče a také přístupu k pěstounským rodinám ze strany státu. Práce zmapuje legislativu vztahující se k problému pěstounské péče, pokusí se také o ekonomický pohled na danou problematiku. Jedná se o týmovou práci. [cs]

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