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The psychological, healthy, social and law aspekt of child abuse and neglekt
The theoretical part describes types of CAN syndrome, i.e. torture, abuse and neglect of children and their medical, psychological and social consequences. There are also addressed issues of risk factors for the children´s torture, abuse and neglect. In another part of the theoretical work there are given possibilities of a prevention, treatment and assistance to victims of this pathological phenomenon. A large part of the theoretical work is devoted to a legal aspect of the torture, abuse and neglect and finally it describes their possible victimization and prevention. An aim of this thesis is based on a comparison of results from a questionnaire survey conducted at two groups of respondents. These two groups consist of respondents from the village of Vílanec and respondents from the town of Jihlava. The first goal was to find out an awareness of respondents from both groups of the issues on the abuse and neglect including possibilities of their prevention. The second goal was to compare the information obtained between both target groups. Both these goals have been met. The research of this bachelor work was made in the form of a quantitative research, a technique of a questionnaire survey. On the basis of the aims the hypothesis H1 was determined: ?The increased awareness of the issues of children´s abuse and neglect will be proved by respondents from the town of Jihlava against the awareness of respondents from the village of Vílanec.? This hypothesis was not confirmed.
Socio-pathological Phenomena and their Occurrence in Secondary Schools.
My work is about socio-pathological phenomena and their occurrence in secondary schools. Its aim is to localize problems of illegal drugs and young people´s willigness to experiment with them. Then I tried to characterise the reasons of addiction and search typical backgrounds of addicted people, to discover links between their family, school and teenager groups. In the practical part I show analyse and compare the situation of all the grades in SŠ a VOŠ cestovního ruchu and I suppose that it can be used in making preventive programmes.
Ethical dilemmas in the helping professions working with mistreated and abused children from the perspective of various ethical approaches
The aim of this thesis is to examine how ethical dilemmas can be assessed and addressed by the various ethical theories. These are dilemmas experienced by the help workers who encounter within their profession with a group of mistreated and abused children. First part of the thesis provides the description of the specific concepts related to work. The following section is devoted to factors that may influence the emergence of a dilemma and which are reflected within the solutions of the dilemmas. The main part of the thesis deals with the ethical analysis of specific dilemmas identified. Individual dilemmas are analyzed using the literature and ethical approaches. To each dilemma a reflection of its solutions is attached according to ethical theories and ethical codes of the workers from which possible insufficiencies arise. The thesis is concluded by the chapter on the proposed solutions of this situation and the practical benefits of the work.
Cases addressing the situation of vulnerable children by teachers at elementary schools.
The issue regarding the cases of primary school children at risk was selected for the bachelor thesis. Teachers of the primary school have important role when dealing with cases of children at risk. The goal of the bachelor thesis was to help to see what the situation of the issue of children at risk is at primary schools. At the same time the goal was to notify how the primary school teachers subsequently deal with the situation of children at risk. The method of questioning ? a semi-structured interview ? was used for data gathering. On the basis of the research results, hypotheses from the point of view of primary school teachers relating to the difficult situation of children and the way of dealing with these situations if there is a suspicion of a child at risk were stated. This thesis stresses the important role of school for identifying and subsequent dealing with the cases of children at risk. Its results can be used to increase awareness of the issue in question. A leaflet intended for primary school teachers that can be a simple and quick help to understand what to do when dealing with the issue of a child at risk is the practical output of the bachelor thesis.
The Social Environment as a Factor Affecting the Use of Corporal Punishment in the Bringing Up of Preschool Children
KLÍMOVÁ, Alžběta
The Introduction deals with historical circumstances of children{\crq}s position in society. Further, it contains definitions of the terms of education, educational style, educational means and corporal punishment. An integral part of my thesis is also a list and characteristics of factors influencing the choice of educational means. The questions of the consequences of corporal punishment are also paid attention to. The conclusion brings an outline of legislation related to corporal punishment. The primary objective of my thesis is to survey the attitudes of parents to corporal punishment wards in the education of pre-school age children. The next objective is to analyze the obtained data from the point of age, education, family status and income groups. The practical part of the thesis consists of quantitative research conducted by the technique of a standardised questionnaire. Drawing on the research conducted and the follow-up analyses of the results obtained, it is possible to state that most respondents consider corporal punishment as an appropriate educational means, and that the factor that most influences the selection of educational means is one{\crq}s own childhood experience with corporal punishment.
The Questions of Explaining Domestic Violence
The subject I have chosen for my bachelor thesis is ?The Questions of Explaining Domestic Violence?. This bachelor thesis aims to define problems in the course of the explanation of domestic violence, and at the same time, to find out specific aspects in the explanation of domestic violence. The first chapter of the theoretical part deals with the definition of the term of domestic violence and the characteristics of the victim and the offender. It further deals with the forms, kinds, specifics and causes of domestic violence, the questions of battered woman syndrome and Stockholm syndrome. The next chapter deals with criminology point of view of criminal offences related to domestic violence and its explanation. The chapter involves criminal activity, the specifics of its explanation and typical motives, the questions of testimony and cooperation with experts in terms of domestic violence. The following chapter deals with the activity of institutional participants of domestic violence, who are mainly criminal proceedings bodies, intervention centre and a body of social and legal protection of children. The last chapter is focused on legislation. For the practical part, I have set the main objective: ?to define problems in the course of the explanation of domestic violence?. I have also set two partial objectives: ?to find out specific aspects of explanation of domestic violence? and ?to find out the extent assistance provided by the institution in the course of explanation of domestic violence.? To fulfil the objectives I used the qualitative research method along with the semi-standardised interview technique. Six experts were asked seven questions when data were collected. To obtain informative data, I addressed experts working in state and non-state institutions who deal with domestic violence. Drawing on my research, I laid down hypotheses that are described in the chapters Discussion and Conclusion. The main objective is answered by Hypothesis 1: ?The most frequent problems in the explanation of domestic violence are high latency, long-term maltreatment, crime scene, insufficiency of the body of evidence, lack of cooperation from the victim and the specifics of the victim?. The objectives of the thesis were fulfilled. The thesis can be used for a further development of interdisciplinary assistance to persons threatened by domestic violence and prevention development. Further, the thesis can be used in lessons for assisting workers.
The Impact of the Hemp on People
This thesis deals with the hemp, its dividing as for marijuana and hashish processing. Botanic aspect, which means the technical hemp, was also considered, even though this is not the main content of my thesis. This thesis also deals with structure of the hemp, its history and medical view. I would like to point to the fact where is this plant able to help (to which ilnesses).Further, pathological effects are considered, so as if marijuana is {--} straight after alcohol and cigarettes {--} the most sought drug, not only with today's young people. The next tasks are to find out if marijuana is really a starting drug, its comparison with alcohol, and addiction. And last but not least the legality of this plant in the Czech Republic and other countries. This thesis certainly is not written for the purpose of drug addiction spread, but for general awareness of this extraordinary plant.
Experience with alkohol at students of secondary vocational schools in Chomutov
Alcohol consumption has been widespread among young people in the Czech Republic. Since our society accept this phenomenon the problematics has become more and more serious. The thesis should map the situation concerning alcohol consumption among 15{--}19 year old students of secondary technical schools in Chomutov, their first experience with this drug, where they first tasted it and how often they use it, and compare the results of the survey to the ESPAD study. Some other information was requested, e.g. students´ opinion on abstinence from drinking at social events or their personal experience of illegal drugs. The theoretical part of the thesis is concerned with the impact of alcohol use on a human body, alcohol abuse rise, alcoholism as a psychosomatic disease, risks resulting from drinking alcohol and prevention of this pathological phenomenon. The hypothesis stated at the beginning, that most students have personal experience with alcohol drinking, has been proved. A quantitative method based on the unnamed questionnaires for 15{--}19 year old students was used for collecting the data. It was proceeded by a test survey at secondary nursing school where only some students were chosen to respond so that the functionality and completeness of the questionnaire could be checked. There were 259 students asked to fill in the questionnaire. 96,5 % of them drink alcohol occasionally, they first tasted it at home parties when they were 13 years old. The results of this survey were referred to school headteachers and those who are working on social pathological phenomenon prevention so that they can use the information in the framework of primary prevention at schools.
The Impacts of the Syndrom CAN on a Man in Childhood and Adulthood
The thesis deals with the impacts of the syndrom CAN on a man in childhood and adulthood. The first part concentrates on accommodation of needs of healthy development of child. The next text is dedicated to problems of the syndrom CAN. It characterizes concrete forms and features of the syndrom CAN and informs of abuse, sexual abuse and neglect child in detail. Then it shows the impacts of the syndrom CAN on a man in childhood and adulthood. There are some cases of dangerous behavior of children and parents in this part as well. It focuses mainly on psychical deprivation. The last part of the thesis describes subsequent care for abused, maltreated and neglected children. It informs about cooperating organizations working with children suffering from the syndrom CAN too. Enclosed casuistries explain all the problems.

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