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Enterprise WiFi Infrastructure for IoT Applications
Moravčík, Adam ; Zeman, Václav (referee) ; Slavíček, Karel (advisor)
The thesis analyses contemporary WiFi technologies and the requirements of the client for the characteristics of the built WiFi infrastructure. The thesis documents the detailed design of WiFi infrastructure with support of modern technologies such as IoT. The design has been implemented considering corporate standards and secured user access to the network. The design also included the predictive deployment of access points in the company premises. The thesis further documents the actual installation of individual components, their configuration and interconnection to meet the required functionality. The thesis captures the final testing of the required characteristics of the built WiFi infrastructure along with post-implementation measurement of the signal coverage of the premises. Based on the test results, final modifications were then implemented to improve the WiFi infrastructure.
Cryptographic coprocessors for IoT microcontrollers communication protection
Český, Michal ; Zeman, Václav (referee) ; Slavíček, Karel (advisor)
This bachelor thesis outlines the issue of how communication can be secured within the IoT. The microcontroller itself can also be used for this purpose, however, security will never be assured as it will be when using a hardware cryptographic co-processor. To generate the keys and certificate, the ATECC608B coprocessor is chosen which holds the necessary "secrets" used to secure the communication. As a demonstration of the cryptographic coprocessor functionality, the ESP32 microcontroller is connected to the AWS server where all the connections to the server are established using the cryptographic coprocessor.
The Selection of Apropriate Method of a New Device Funding
Semenka, Tomáš ; Chasák, Jiří (referee) ; Zeman, Václav (advisor)
This thesis deals with the selection of the best funding method of purchasing new punching press TruPunch 5000 for company AZ Klima, s.r.o. This work includes analysis of current leasing and credit options on the Czech market and their evaluation in accordance to given kriteria as well. The goal of the thesis is to select the most appropriate funding method.
Hardware cryptographic modules for LAN security
Loutocký, Tomáš ; Lambertová, Petra (referee) ; Zeman, Václav (advisor)
The thesis deal with the problems of virtual private network (VPN). The first part of the thesis is focused on the description of the basic terms of computer security which are useful for better understanding the other parts. There is a description of VPN technology and its separation of VPN by various aspects in the second part of the thesis. The next chapter is dedicated to the description of realization of VPN by using IPSec. There is shown how to secure laboratory network by using of the products of the Safenet Company in the practical part of the thesis. There are also stated the modular techniques how to use products in the network in practical part. Some of the modular techniques describe security weaknesses of the products which are possible to exploit in the laboratory network and they also describe the ways how to protect them against misusage.
Draft Funding of Development Project Jaselská Kasárna
Vyskočil, Pavel ; Mutl, Jiří (referee) ; Zeman, Václav (advisor)
This work is focused on development issues, the current situation in the real estate market, the impact of economic crisis and in particular to finance development projects through grants and developer, or. mortgage loans. Practical analyzes and evaluates offers banking institutions to finance a particular project. The result is a recommendation for the selection of individual bids.
Analysis of the Company Financial Situation and Proposals of its Improvement
Šmídová, Radka ; Veselíková, Eva (referee) ; Zeman, Václav (advisor)
The goal of this thesis is appreciation financial health of chosen company based on the analysis of financial statements. The thesis includes theoretic and practical part. Theoretic part is intent on description methods financial analysis. In practical parts is given to theory apply to company SATT Inc. At the close thesis are mentioned record financial analysis benchmarking summary and proposals that the firm in years to come will help improve pertinent bad financial situation.
Wireless security facility
Gargulák, Lukáš ; Morský, Ondřej (referee) ; Zeman, Václav (advisor)
The content of this thesis is the design, construction and programming of wireless security device. This wireless security system consists of two units. Personal unit and sensor unit. This thesis compares two ISM bands 433 MHz and 868 MHz. The thesis presents a selection of parts for construction wireless security device. The work also deals with the structure of transmitted frames on the link layer. Marginally are discussed ways to reduce consuption AtmelAVR microcontrollers and also two ways of charging Li-Ion battery. It also outlined the firmware of both units. Its complete source code is included on the DVD.
Attacks on Cryptographic Modules
Daněček, Petr ; Zeman, Václav (advisor)
The conventional way of cryptanalysis is based on the cryptographic algorithms weak points examine. The attack model of conventional cryptanalysis covers mathematical description of the cryptographic algorithm used. This model is not with the relation to the physical model implementation and the real environment. Cryptographic algorithms currently used in the combination with strong cipher keys are almost unbreakable and the conventional cryptanalysis is ineffective. The new way of cryptanalysis employs the side channels. The model of cryptanalysis using side channels is enhanced with physical revelation of module performing the cryptographic operations. This dissertation thesis deals with cryptographic module description and studies influence of side channels to the security of this module.
Design of PLC network for remote data acquisition
Šebela, Miroslav ; Zeman, Václav (referee) ; Mišurec, Jiří (advisor)
In thesis is according assignment realized PLC (power line carrier communication) network design for remote data collection. To understand problematic of PLC is this technology described little bit in detail. In thesis are mentioned possibilities use broadband and especially narrowband power line carrier communication. Described is also general structure of PLC network for data collection - automatic meter reading. Finally is described realization of PLC network on chosen area included component supplier selection. In thesis is also mentioned problematic of PLC a communication channel included problems with noise and channel impairments. With selected PLC modems was realized and evaluated measurement of communication speed in different environments and with use of different interfaces. Furthermore was measured spectrum of communication signal from which was possible to define signal modulation. In last step were measured impairments in powerline.
Proposal for Financing Investment Project in Municipality Tavíkovice
Žilková, Veronika ; Hovězová, Jana (referee) ; Zeman, Václav (advisor)
The thesis discusses the possibility of financing investment projects of the municipality Tavíkovice, which plans to make costly investments in roads. Based on the financial and credit analysis the offer of financing this investment by obtaining a loan or a grant will be presented to the municipality. The credit parameters are set as not to overcapitalize of the municipality in order for the municipality to able to perform other investments during the loan repayment.

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