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Material analysis of renders of the St. Andrews´ church in Havlickuv Brod
Slížková, Zuzana ; Frankeová, Dita ; Petráňová, Veronika ; Mácová, Petra ; Zeman, Antonín ; Krejčí, Jan
Three samples of mortars with surface coatings were delivered by restorer. The aim of analysis was the determination of the binder quality and description of the layers´ system (thickness, chemical composition). To determine these characteristics optical and electron microscopy complemented by thermal analysis were performed.
The determination of material characteristics of natural and artificial stone samples from Marian Column at Hradčany Square in Prague
Slížková, Zuzana ; Zeman, Antonín ; Petráňová, Veronika ; Viani, Alberto ; Pérez-Estébanez, Marta ; Frankeová, Dita ; Ševčík, Radek ; Mácová, Petra ; Janotová, Dana ; Hasníková, Hana ; Niedoba, Krzysztof ; Hauková, Petra
Within the survey before restoration intervention material properties of natural and artificial stones that are part of the Marian Column at Hradcany Square in Prague were determined. 15 samples were subjected to extensive instrumental analysis, whose output is not only chemical and mineralogical composition of the samples, but also the degree of degradation including a description of the porous system and the level of salinity.
Chemical and mineralogical composition of mortars and plasters from Church of St. Margaret of Antioch in Kopčany
Slížková, Zuzana ; Petráňová, Veronika ; Zeman, Antonín ; Frankeová, Dita ; Hauková, Petra
The aim of work was analysis of the historical mortars from the 9th century. This unique specimens with exceptional durability were provided by restorer during the renovation of the church. Small amounts of samples allowed to perform only the microscopic analysis, which results in the characterization of aggregates and mortar binder. The composition of the mortars is changing as binder shown of aerial, dolomitic and hydraulic lime.
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A survey of the mortuary in Ostrovec at Velečín
Slížková, Zuzana ; Frankeová, Dita ; Petráňová, Veronika ; Zeman, Antonín ; Hauková, Petra ; Mácová, Petra ; Niedoba, Krzysztof ; Viani, Alberto ; Pérez-Estébanez, Marta ; Zíma, Pavel ; Janotová, Dana
This report presents the results of a survey of the mortuary object in Ostrovec by Velečín which has been selected for testing the samples of plaster developed in the project MK NAKI DF11P01OVV008 (High-performance and compatible lime mortars for extreme application in restoration, repair and preventive maintenance of architectural heritage). The survey focuses on the plinth of the morgue, where the plaster repeatedly freezes and falls off after one winter season. Causes of failure of the repairs plasters and material composition of were examined by following techniques:x-ray diffraction (XRD), thermal analysis (TG), optic and electron microscopy, FTIR and Raman spectroscopy.
Material characteristics assessment of the stone sample from the decorative vase. Technical report
Slížková, Zuzana ; Zeman, Antonín ; Petráňová, Veronika ; Niedoba, Krzysztof ; Janotová, Dana ; Hasníková, Hana ; Frankeová, Dita
Two polished petrographic thin section sized 4x11mm and 5x10 mm were examined under polarizing microscope Zeiss NU 2. Pictures were taken by Olympus T 5060 camera.
Analysis of mortar used for grouting of enclosure wall of St. Wenceslas church in Chlum near Třebíč
Slížková, Zuzana ; Drdácký, Miloš ; Hauková, Petra ; Frankeová, Dita ; Janotová, Dana ; Niedoba, Krzysztof ; Zeman, Antonín
Investor of building (Roman Catholic parish) asked ITAM AV ČR, v.v.i. for an analysis of wall mortar of the St. Wenceslas church in Chlum. The reason for this investigation carried out was the fact that the mortar applied to the wall in 2010 shows after winter disturbances, which reflected a lack of cohesion and adhesion of mortar to the substrate. The mortar is crumbling in many places, sometimes its fragments fall off. The investor asked for an analysis of the composition of applied mortar and the assessment of the suitability of materials for the construction.
Glass tessera from st. George´s convent at Prague castle
Zeman, Antonín ; Franc, J. ; Langrová, A. ; Frolík, J. ; Kučera, J.
Our work concerns glass tessera from Virgin Mary/St. Anne chapel in the St. George’s convent on Prague Castle and represents continuation of our work from last years (com. Zeman et al. 2009). This work is focused on one blue tessera in detail.
Study of historic mortars from Charles Bridge
Slížková, Zuzana ; Drdácký, Miloš ; Frankeová, Dita ; Nosál, Libor ; Zeman, Antonín
Results from laboratory investigation of historic mortars sampled from masonry of Charles bridge in Prague are presented and disscused in the paper.
Characterisation of historic mortars. Determination of characteristic properties with respect to repair
Válek, Jan ; Slížková, Zuzana ; Zeman, Antonín ; Frolík, J. ; Bruthans, J. ; Chotěbor, P. ; Měchura, P.
Paper presents approach to characterisation of historic mortars, which is a part of a project that aims at a development of an advanced parametrical data base of properties of historic mortars and renders. The project develops its own method of sampling and selects the information to be collected.

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