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Sledování fermentability sladin u vybraných druhů sladů
Zárubová, Emílie
In my diploma thesis on the topic “Monitoring the fermentability of worts for selected types of malt” has been processed information on the fermentabilitity of worts, the degree of fermentation, extractive substances and the factors that affect them. Furthermore, the thesis processes themes, which deals with malt, its production, requirements for malt and especially types of malt. Information is included not only conventional barley malt, but also on some less common types of malt. The first half of the diploma thesis processed this information on a theoretical level. The second half of the diploma thesis is focused on experimental activites related to the production of malts, worts and subsequent fermentation of the worts. For the production of the worts were used barley, wheat, oat, rye, corn and millet malt. The amount of extractives before fermentation, after fermentation and the amount of alcohol were determined for individual worts. Based on the difference between the extract before fermentation and after fermentation, the fermentability of worts produced from individual types of malts was determined. The results obtained are compared with those already known and with those obtained with conventional barley malt. According to the results, wort made from wheat malt shows the best fermentability. Wort made from barley malt shows the second best fermentability. Furthermore follow rye wort, oat wort, wort made from millet malt and the wort from corn malt shows the worst fermentability.
Dosažitelný stupeň prokvašení ve vztahu k ječmeni
Zárubová, Emílie
In my bachelor thesis on “Achievable degree of fermentation in relation to barley” I am dealing with chapters related to achievable degree of beer fermentation. At the beginning of the work, there are information about spring barley, its history, anatomical structure and chemical composition of the grain. Hereafter, the requirements for malting barley varieties are described and several important varieties are characterized. Very important is the chapter about fermentation, its course and individual types. The core is a chapter on the possibilities of determining fermentability and the factors that affect it. Furthermore, the theme of Czech beer is processed, including the requirements for beer to be included under the CHZO Czech beer. The work also includes chapters on beer production, partial stages of production, as well as raw materials needed for beer production.

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