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Predicting the therapeutic response to cognitive behavioral therapy in patients with pharmacoresistant obsessive-compulsive disorder.
Vyskočilová, Jana ; Šípek, Jiří (advisor) ; Šivicová, Gabriela (referee)
I chose the theme of obsessive-compulsive disorder as a topic of my thesis. The main reason was that it is a disorder I have worked as a therapist in individual or group therapy frequently. Also I have participated in several studies as evaluator in Psychiatric Centre, and I collected data from dozens of patients. In the first part the thesis deals with the symptoms, clinical picture, prevalence, aetiology and treatment of OCD. Thesis is focuses on behavioural and cognitive models of the disorder in detail, because the treatment used in the present group of patients was CBT. Various models of cognitive behavioural therapy I discuss in more detail, because they allow different views of what happens to the patient and how to change it. The practical part has two parts. The first deals with the effectiveness of group cognitive behavioral approach for OCD patients, who use antidepressants but were resistant to previous treatment and were attended a daycare center at the Prague Psychiatric Center. The second part of the thesis deals with finding a predictor of successful cognitive behavioral therapy in these patients. The aim was to determine whether certain demographic or clinical factors that we evaluated before treatment may predict success outcome. The result is the finding that severity of the...
The need to sleep with nurses
Janečková, Pavlína ; Marsová, Jana (advisor) ; Vyskočilová, Jana (referee)
Thesis deals with the need for sleep among nurses. It consists of two parts: theoretical and research. In the theoretical part I concentrate on physiology, classification and definition needs to sleep alone hierarchy of needs and the importance of sleep. I also deal with effects of sleep on bodily functions, factors affecting sleep, sleep duration among different age groups and a separate chapter with an overview of sleep disorders. On chapter fault I focused a little more detail because of the connection with the empirical part where I evaluated the most frequent disorder occurring in nurses in practice, the recommended solution physician or sleep duration required for sufficient rest. One chapter consists of recommendations in the form of sleep hygiene, which can lead to improved sleep habits. The empirical part consists of a quantitative research study conducted using pre-printed anonymous questionnaires. My research group consisted of single-shift nurses and multi-shift orthopedic, internal, surgical and pediatric ward of the hospital in Jablonec nad Nisou. Of the 120 questionnaires distributed, was eventually used to my job 104. Implementation of the survey took place from February 2015. The aim of this survey was to map quantitative frequently reported disorders and consequences associated...
History of nursing professionals in psychiatry
Krejčová, Adéla ; Prošková, Eva (advisor) ; Vyskočilová, Jana (referee)
The main of this work is to penetrate into the history of the care of patiens in psychiatry, as in the Bohemia and abroad from the early beginnings to the present. In the introductory section briefly explains some of the concepts of psychiatry. It also identified a separate chapter devoted to the history of the Psychiatric Hospital Bohnice. The thesis also describes how, overtime, developed such as workload and conditions for nursing staff in psychiatric hospitals, which should be the main objective of this work. It briefly describes the different types of treatment for a psychiatric ill patiens and in part also deals with the important personalities of psychiatry. This work is purely theoretical, so does not contain the practical part. Key words: history of Psychiatry, specialized institutes, psychiatric hospitals, nursing, psychiatric nursing, regulation of the proffesion
Comparison awareness of university students about the effects of smoking on the body
Svobodová, Alice ; Strnadová, Alice (advisor) ; Vyskočilová, Jana (referee)
Smoking is a big global issue that must be addressed. An important step is prevention, which is needed in primary schools, where many children try their first cigarette. Informations are important in other levels of education. Smoking increases the likelihood of cardiovascular disease, it is more likely the emergence of cancer, asthma, reproductive disorders and many other diseases. In my bachelor thesis I have dealt with awareness of Prague university students, depending on their faculty. University school, I categorized the economic, humanitarian, medical, science and technology. First, I compared their knowledge if they know what to disease may influence smoking behavior. Then I asked the place where they were informed about the harmful effects of smoking and what would motivate smokers to quit. To obtain the results I used quantitative research through anonymous questionnaires. Questionnaires was distribute a form of electronic among students of Prague universities. I questionnaires from students returned 539. Research, I concluded that the best informed are medical students. After medical school fell the most technical faculty, then Humanities and ended the worst School of Economics. Most information about the harmful effects of smoking students get from the media, the least reported...
The process of supervision in training in cognitive behavioral therapy and expectations of supervisors and those supervisees from supervisit
Vyskočilová, Jana ; Praško Pavlov, Ján (advisor) ; Kožnar, Jan (referee)
Bc. Jana Vyskočilová, FHS Řízení a supervize, Abstrakt k diplomové práci. ABSTRACT The first part of the study deals with theoretical issues of supervision, especially supervision in cognitive behavioral therapy. The practical part is focused to mapping the expectations of supervision of trainees of CBT training in various phases of their training (after 1 year of training and after the fourth year of training, prior to training) and expectations of supervision of trainees training in CBT supervision. ABSS (Attitudes and Beliefs about Supervision Scale) was used as an evaluation instrument to assessed the expectations and beliefs of supervision. The expectations of probands with different experience in supervision were compared to find out where are consensual and where differ. The results show that trainees in supervision (Supervisors) emphasize particularly the importance of self-reflection and structures, Intermediate and advanced training students differ in their attitudes and expectations of supervision minimally (increased emphasis on counter-transference in intermediate students). Probands who are just going into training and have no previous experiences with supervision generally have higher expectations of supervision than trainees, who are already undergoing training. The finding that...
A change of children's attitude towards school preparation from teacher's point of view from primary schools
This bachelor thesis "Change of children school preparation from the view of elementary school teachers" is dealing with the developement of child in preschool age from the view of developmental psychology. There are definitions of basic concepts associated with the school preparation and possibilities in further development in children´s weaknesses. Qualitative research investigation by method of half structured and narrative conversation is implemented in practical part of this thesis. Teachers view of changes of school preparation over the last twenty years was studied this way. Elementary school teachers have at least twenty years of practical experience are research group.
Business Plan
Vyskočilová, Jana ; Novák, Zdeněk (referee) ; Rompotl, Jaroslav (advisor)
This master's thesis is processed into a business plan that will provide information to management of the company for its decision in the field of innovation in the logistics area. The theoretical part explains all the theoretical knowledge, which performed analysis for the company. The proposed solution will lead to increased productivity and cost savings in the chosen field.

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