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The Rules of a Healthy Diet and the Dietary Measures for Dealing with Relapsing Infections of the Urinary Tract and Kidneys.
The theoretical part of the thesis presents the current knowledge about functional anatomy and pathology of kidneys and the urinary tract, infections of the urinary tract, their etiopathogenesis, epidemiology and classification. The thesis also describes the issue of the diet therapy in nephrology, namely the general principles of dietary measures, a diet to deal with acute and chronic infections, and prevention through diet. The practical part deals with a quantitative research. The data were collected by the method of inquiring, using a technique of questionnaires. The research results show whether the respondents, i.e. patients suffering from relapsing infections of the urinary tract, are aware of the appropriate dietary regimen and of the fluid intake, suitable and unsuitable kinds of fluids, as well as the diet composition and the meals that are recommended for exclusion from the diet. The data obtained in the actual research demonstrated insufficient knowledge of patients suffering from infections of the urinary tract about dietary measures, and disconfirmed the main hypothesis.
Methodology of reducing overweight and obesity by the older school aged children.
This bachelor{\crq}s work is concerned with the methodology of reducing the overweight and the obesity by the older school aged children in ZŠ Lišov by help of the interventional motion program. In the first section of the theoretic part of this work is defined the term of the older school aged children, cleared up the basic characteristic of the pubescence and described the physiological evolution and the psychological aspects by these individuals. In the second section of the theoretic part is the attention paid to the prevention and characteristics of the overweight and obesity by the older school aged children, described the causes and the consequences of the obesity and also the prevention possibility. The practical part consists in the set up and the realization of the interventional motion program and the statistics evaluation of the effects of this program in practice.

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1 Vyskočilová, Adéla
3 Vyskočilová, Alena
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