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Contemporary Hebrew Dystopian Novel
Vlk, Michal ; Boušek, Daniel (advisor) ; Zouplna, Jan (referee)
This thesis aims to provide a thematic analysis of the leading Hebrew dystopian texts in contemporary Israel and to present a broader context of utopian thought within which these texts are best understood. The research attempts to explore and examine how the various anxieties and fears of Israeli society are reflected upon in contemporary Hebrew dystopian novels and how the Israeli reality is transformed and re-imagined, by means of authors' thought experiments, in the selected narratives. Dystopian fiction is an extremely useful tool for cultural studies inasmuch as it constitutes a direct interaction with the contemporary culture in that it describes an entire society suffering from oppressive and disastrous conditions which grow out of certain real-world social, political, and economic trends. Zionist utopian fiction which sought to imagine a Jewish homeland waned soon after the creation of the State of Israel and the local realities set the narrative on a much darker and more pessimistic course. Today many Israeli authors project a dystopian and (post-) apocalyptic future from the present Israeli reality by examining the current cultural and political situation. The thesis is, then, also an exploration of how these dystopian narratives come to terms with the current Israeli reality and what...
Israeli Reality As Seen Through the Eyes of Sayed Kashua
Vlk, Michal ; Boušek, Daniel (advisor) ; Šedinová, Jiřina (referee)
This study aims to illuminate and analyze the Israeli-Arab reality as it is reflected in the novelistic works of Sayed Kashua. Sayed Kashua, an Israeli-Arab writer and journalist, who writes in Hebrew, has become a cultural phenomenon in the modern Israel. He opts to write and describe the hyphenated identity of Israeli-Arabs and their ambivalent perceptions of the Jewish majority. Kashua is torn between the Arab and Jewish worlds and he does not feel satisfied with either of them: the Jewish-majority society accuses him of anti-Zionism, while the Arab society considers his choice of language as a treachery and denial of the Palestinian rich cultural, linguistic, and literary heritage and accuses him of being highly critical of Palestinian culture and society and of expressing pro-Israeli attitudes. The thesis presents an analysis of the recurrent theme of co-existence of Arabs and Jews in Israel and of the identity crisis of Israeli-Arabs in Kashua's novelistic production. At the same time, the study contextualizes Kashua's literary writings within the writings of other prominent Israeli-Arab authors, who published their works in Hebrew, while seeking an answer to the question of how these writings are perceived in the Israeli society and abroad.
The usage of modern dance techniques in ballroom dancing
Vlk, Michal ; Rebcová, Monika (advisor) ; Vurmová, Marie (referee)
This bachelor work concerns about the development of basic social dancing and about its history. Moreover I tried to illustrate the basic ideas which are related with modern and social dancing. A description of modern dancing utilization in practice use in social dancing is the main part of this bachelor work.I tried to write down several movement variation for limbering of the most important parts of body.These exercises should improve the total movement coordination and its plasticity.It also pushes dancers skills more up.It is about my knowledge connection in both dance styles which I was able to accumulate till now.This bachelor work should be the first step in composition of effectual coordination exercises for dancers.There exists a lot of other exercises, but I want to be engaged in them in more detail in my another work. To my future work I would like to incorporate not only theoretic, but also practical experiences, which amout during my regular contacts with dancers grows up.

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