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Analysis of the shortcomings of the financial statements reported by municipalities and their elimination after the financial reform
The aim of this thesis was to analyze the shortcomings of the financial statements, namely of the balance sheet and profit and loss account, reported by specific municipality in terms of accounting before and after the financial reform in 2010 and in terms of lack eliminated thanks to this reform. The first part focuses on eliminating defects thanks to this reforms, it is about the transition from cash to accrual accounting, the obligation to begin with depreciating the property and the exchange of the financial statements. The second part is devoted to the elimination of the basic shortage of balance which is displayed through financial analysis, respectively the analysis of absolute indicators. In conclusion, the influence of inflation is projected in the reported values and the overall appreciation is added.
Business Plan-Establishment of a Private Kindergarten
Veselá, Petra ; Navrátil, Jaroslav (referee) ; Rompotl, Jaroslav (advisor)
The thesis comprises a business plan describing the establishment of the private kindergarten in Brno-Slatina district. Based on the analyzes the draft describes concrete marketing plan, scheme of sales, staffing and financial plan including the economic evaluation. Important is the profitability of the business plan and the ability of its implementation.
Analysis and Optimalization of Running Reception Desk in Wellness Centre
Veselá, Petra ; Ing.Martin Pernica, Ph.D. (referee) ; Hanušová, Helena (advisor)
Bachelor’s thesis is based on analysis of the company Infinit, and the further optimalization of its management for reception desk. The main porpose is focus on effectiveness of work, time saving, cost saving and making working proces more easy. The thesis is divided into 3 parts. The first part is devoted to the theoretical background of this work, in following parts the company is analysed via many analysis focused on running reception desk and organization structure. Thanks to all acquired data I introduce several proposals of solutions with their impacts as they were shown in analysis.
Development in Taxation of Individuals since 1993
Veselá, Petra ; Chrobák, Miroslav (referee) ; Brychta, Karel (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with the development in taxation of natural persons since 1993, when the Law of Income Tax entered into force. The target of the thesis is to evaluate changes in revenue from business and self-employment, which occurred over the years and show how they impact on the tax-payer and his tax liability.
Evaluation of the Financial Situation of a Company and Proposals For Its Improvement
Veselá, Petra ; Ulmanová, Ivana (referee) ; Bartoš, Vojtěch (advisor)
The master’s thesis is concerned with the evaluation of financial situation of a company. The first part of the work is focused on the presentation of activities of the company as well as on the determination of its present-day state. The master’s thesis uses mainly financial analysis methods whose theoretical basis is introduced in the second part, being followed by the practical application on the situation in the company. Based on the achieved findings, some steps are put forward to help to improve the financial condition of the company.
Business Plan
Veselá, Petra ; Kovář, František (advisor) ; Trachta, Václav (referee)
The aim of the thesis is to create a business plan for starting a restaurant. The business plan is to fill the gap in the market of the restaurants with healthy eating in the district town Pelhřimov. The theoretical part deals with processing a business plan and describes the strategic and economic analysis, on whose basis comes in a practical the evaluation of the business plan and the development of the business plan. There will be used PESTLE analysis, Porter's five forces model, risk analysis and SWOT analysis in the thesis. The main part is the compilation of the financial plan of the restaurant, which allows assessing the feasibility and viability of the business plan. The financial plan is complemented by the most important financial ratios, resulting from the financial analysis.
Tvorba konstruktů pro studium funkce DRM1 u Arabidopsis thaliana
Veselá, Petra
The aim of the study called Creating of constructs for study of function DRM1 in Arabidopsis thaliana was to create a construct harbouring the gene of interest DRM1 (dormancy-associated protein), and other components necessary for successful transgenosis, by which will be transformed Arabidopsis thaliana plants in order to study the function of this gene in the plant organism. DRM1 function has not been identified yet, but the gene was annotated as putative dormancy-associated protein. The final gene cassette, containing DRM1 gene under promoter for the enzyme ribulose-1,5-bisphosphate carboxylase/oxygenase (Rubisco), was inserted into the vector pGreen II giving the recombinant plasmid pWell17A whose completeness was verified by restriction analysis. The Rubisco promoter ensure DRM1 gene overexpression in transgenic plants and on the basis of this overexpression is determined DRM1 gene function.
Analýza nabídky zahraniční cestovní kanceláře
Veselá, Petra
Tato bakalářská práce analyzuje nabídku německé cestovní kanceláře. Podle německé literatury a legislativy vymezuje základní pojmy související s touto oblastí. Dále se zabývá tím, jakou roli hraje cestovní ruch v německém národním hospodářství a představuje nejvýznamnější cestovní kanceláře. Práce seznamuje se zájezdovou činnost cestovní kanceláře, tedy tvorbou zájezdu a stanovení jeho ceny. Hlavní část je věnována cestovní kanceláři Crystal Tours a podrobně popisuje její nabídku. Prostřednictvím několika analýz jsou stanoveny slabé a silné stránky cestovní kanceláře. V závěrečné části jsou pak uvedeny opatření, která by cestovní kancelář měla učinit, pokud se chce prosadit na trhu. Pro lepší názornost analýzy je text doplněn přehlednými grafy.
Managing the material and information flow in the selected supply chain
The filling of the thesis is the analysis of managing the material and information flow focused on the analysis of the relationship with suppliers and customers in the company Moravia Lacto, a.s., which deals with milk processing and diary production. The thesis is concerned with competitive companies in the current market and the rivalry among them. The evaluation also includes revealed problems solutions and the realisation of suggested solutions should lead to the improvement of the contemporary financial situation and to the cost reduction in the company.
importance of coffee in international business
Šťastná, Eva ; Zamykalová, Miroslava (advisor) ; Veselá, Petra (referee)
The first part focuses on the characteristics of coffee, where it comes from and how we distinguish between different types of coffee. Chapter first describes the actual facts about coffee types, processing, marketing and subsequent developments and current trends. The second part is devoted to the concept of Fair Trade. Firstly I describe the terminology and then cafes. In the practical part I profile café Korunní and the results of questionnaires.

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