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Developing functional communication in pupils with ASD at elementary school
Čebišová, Petra ; Sotáková, Hana (advisor) ; Valentová, Lidmila (referee)
Currently, children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) are a highly discussed topic. Children with ASD primarily struggle with social interaction, communication, and behavior. In this thesis, we focus specifically on the issue of communication, and how to develop functional communication in children with ASD at the primary school level. The thesis is divided into five chapters. The first chapter covers the characteristics of ASD, its history, classification of ASD forms, and the triad of impairments. The second chapter focuses on social behaviour in pupils, including defining social behavior, social skills, and pupils with ASD in peer groups. The third chapter is titled "Developing communication in students with ASD" and covers the support for communication development, alternative and augmentative communication, and the role of teachers/assistant educators in communication development for pupils with ASD. The fourth chapter delves into the empirical investigation, discussing the objectives, methodology, and process of the empirical study. The fifth chapter includes a case study divided into three sub- chapters, which focus on respondent case studies, interviews, and observations. Additionally, the thesis contains a discussion and recommendations for practice. Keywords: Functional Communication,...
Intensive Interaction as an approach for helping children with autism spectrum disorder
Drlíčková, Hana ; Sotáková, Hana (advisor) ; Valentová, Lidmila (referee)
This thesis examines the possible use of Intensive Interaction in a child with autism. The theoretical part contains a description of autism spectrum disorders, unravels the difficulties children with autism face in the areas of sociability and communication, offers an overview of the theoretical background of Intensive Interaction and describes the way in which Intensive Interaction works. The practical part includes a case study of work with the Intensive Interaction method on developing social and communication skills in a child with autism. It was found that during the three months of the intervention, progress was made in the areas of sociability and communication and that some new patterns of behaviour emerged, such as eye contact, imitating classmates, social smile, shared attention or pointing to an object or activity. There has also been observed a significant reduction of stereotyped behaviour.
Stimulative program focused on a development of communicative skills of preschool children
Görglová, Michala ; Valentová, Lidmila (advisor) ; Pacnerová, Helena (referee)
This bachelor thesis is focused on issue of communicative competence in relation with readiness of preschool children. The content of the theoretical part explains the basic terms on the field of communication and similar areas as language, speech, verbal and nonverbal communication etc., following by the topic of influence of speech on a development of thinking and satisfaction of the basic children needs. The influence of social environment on communicative competence is the issue of the third chapter and in subchapters, there are information concerning a readiness of preschool children and the General educational program, which defines aims and resources in the area of personal development depending on institutional education. The empirical part of the bachelor thesis contains a suggestion of the special stimulative program for communicative skills development and its following realization in the Petrklíč kindergarten, where only those children, who met the specific criteria (age and communication problems), joined the project. With their help, it was possible to completely assess the effectivity and meaningfulness of the above-mentioned program.
Assessment of the readiness of children at compulsory school teaching public and family
Kopecká, Lucie ; Kropáčková, Jana (advisor) ; Valentová, Lidmila (referee)
The main goal of the thesis was to detect and subsequently present a comprehensive views of educational society and parents for the current issue of school preparedness and its related issues concerning the high number of school attendance delay. To obtain these views was used a method of semi-structured interviews with parents, teachers from preparatory classes and teachers from nursery and primary schools. When analysis of testimony was finished, has been used and also elected procedure confrontation between these dates, then confrontation with professional publications, articles, web discussion forums and also primary data which was find out at conference that was organized on this topic. After the research was found that the issue of school preparedness affects to other issues like: an education and qualification of nursery teachers, the quality of cooperation between school and family, problems of capacity classrooms in nursery and solving number of children and age composition of class, accountability for school readiness child etc. The results of this thesis indicate what opinions have the family and educational public on the current status of the school preparedness disadvantages of children and also parts of school preparedness, in which today's children mainly excel. The main contribution...
Respecting development specifications in present kindergarten
Štrausová, Jana ; Havlová, Jana (advisor) ; Valentová, Lidmila (referee)
This diploma thesis focuses on development specification in pre-school children with emphasis on respecting its needs in present kindergarten environment. The thesis observes development specifications and individual needs of present generation of pre- school children. Main aim lies in observation, searching differences and distinctions in individual needs and specific demonstrations of children. The thesis on one hand looks for potential causation of possible phenomenon and on the other looks for possibilities how to fulfil the needs of all children in the present kindergarten. It tries a deeper insight to the basis of examined events, looks for possible background and connections in present time as well as in historic resources.

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