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Thermal stability of Ti/Ni multilayer thin films
Václavík, R. ; Zábranský, L. ; Souček, P. ; Sťahel, P. ; Buršík, Jiří ; Fořt, Tomáš ; Buršíková, V.
In this work, thermal stability and mechanical properties of Ti/Ni multilayer thin films were studied. The multilayer thin films were synthesised by alternately depositing Ti and Ni layers using magnetron sputtering. The thickness of constituent layers of Ti and Ni varied from 1.7 nm to 10 nm, and one coating was deposited by simultaneous sputtering of both targets. Single crystalline silicon was used as a substrate. The effects of thermal treatment on the mechanical properties were studied using nanoindentation and discussed in relation to microstructure evaluated by X-ray diffraction. Annealing was carried out under low-pressure conditions for 2 hours in the range of 100-800 degrees C.
Interdisciplinary research of medieval sacral architecture
Derner, Kryštof ; Havrlant, Jaroslav ; Křivánek, Roman ; Kuljavceva Hlavová, Jana ; Lissek, Petr ; Peksa, Vojtěch ; Skopec, Jaroslav ; Václavík, František R. ; Witan, Joanna ; Zeman, Václav
The methodology is divided into three basic areas of the cognitive process of sacral architecture, which differ according to the nature of the studied sources. I. Problems of knowledge of sacral architecture on the basis of written, cartographic and pictorial sources. II. Sacral architecture in terms of material sources of archaeological nature (artifacts, ecofacts and their finds). III. Sacral architecture on the basis of material sources of a building nature, examined by a building historical survey. These areas are accompanied by subchapters devoted to other methods, other cognitive and documentation processes. A necessary part are also small excursion chapters, in which specific examples from research practice are described.
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Study of mechanical properties of nanolayered Ti/Ni coatings
Zábranský, L. ; Václavík, R. ; Přibyl, R. ; Ženíšek, J. ; Souček, P. ; Buršík, Jiří ; Fořt, Tomáš ; Buršíková, V.
The aim of the present work was to study the dependence of mechanical properties of Ti/Ni multilayer thin films on the thicknesses of constituent Ti and Ni layers. The multilayer thin films were synthesized by deposition of Ti and Ni layers alternately on single crystalline silicon substrates using direct current magnetron sputtering method. Thicknesses of Ti and Ni layers varied from 1.7 nm to 100 nm. The micro-structure of the multilayer films was studied using X-ray diffraction technique, scanning electron microscopy with focused ion beam technique and transmission electron microscopy. Mechanical properties obtained from nanoindentation experiments were discussed in relation to microstructural observations.
Czech Union of Warriors
Václavík, Robert ; Gebhart, Jan (advisor) ; Šedivý, Ivan (referee)
In the period of the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia, the Czech Union of Warriors (CUW) was an organisation collaborating with the occupational power. Te founder of the CUW, Otto Bláha, a retired colonel of gendarmerie, in 1940 promoted to general, tried to achieve the dissolution of military associations existing till then, attempting to form a unified organisation of war veterans. One of the pillars of the CUW was the Czech Union for Collaboration with Germans, in which Bláha was in charge of invervention activites with German authorities. The scond pillar of the rising CUW was the Union of Front Soldiers. Bláha took over the leadership in this union and from the occupational bodies acquired an approval to form a unifeid organisation under the managment of the newly forming CUW. In spite of all the endeavours of CUW, it never happened. The Articles of the CUW were approved of in 1914 and Bláha was appointed its head. The CUW was often in contact with the bodies of both the protectorate and occupational administrations and filed a number of proposals ofrt he integration of CUW int the public and political lives.
Committee of the Regions
Línková, Aneta ; Abrhám, Josef (advisor) ; Václavík, Radek (referee)
Práce pojednává o jedné z institucí Evropské unie - Výboru regionů. Výbor regionů je analyzován jak z pohledu teoretického tak praktického. Praktická část je založena na dvou konkrétních dokumentech, kteeré byly touto institucí vytvořeny a na jejichž vzniku se podíleli členové České delegace Výboru regionů. V závěru práce je zhodnocení významu Výboru a jeho pravděpodobný vývoj v letech budoucích.

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