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Tender for teachers of vocational subjects
Kocina, Roman ; Trojanová, Irena (advisor) ; Trunda, Jiří (referee)
TITLE: Tender for teachers of vocational subjects AUTHOR: Mgr. Roman Kocina DEPARTMENT: Pedagogical Faculty of Charles University in Prague SUPERVISOR: Mgr. Irena Lhotková, Ph.D. ABSTRACT: The aim of the thesis describes how the selection process for the position of teachers of vocational subjects and look at the issue of secondary schools in region. In the theoretical section describes the recommended procedure for making the tender complete ad design, design a personal questionnaire and the interview questions. Analyze the problem here is the Ten selection, applicant tracking, using a variety of sources addressing, pre-selection and use of personal interview, test and demonstration work as a method of selecting candidates. In the practical part of the research was conducted at the high school Region in the selection process. Based on the lessons learned was to map the situation and evaluate their results and advice on problem areas announced by the proceedings. KEYWORDS: Selection, teacher, education, interview, tests, tender
Teacher training system. Focused on the area of the capital city of Prague
Janušková, Jindra ; Trunda, Jiří (advisor) ; Trojanová, Irena (referee)
The professional development of teachers, which also includes the teacher's further education, is one of the main strategic objectives of the contemporary school system. This work examines which types and forms of further education are most frequently chosen. The work also investigates the processes of this kind of education at different types of schools - kindergarten, primary and secondary schools. The theoretical part of the work gradually focuses on the history and explanation of the basic terms and objectives of further education. In the following chapters the work concentrates on the legal background, the kinds and the forms of further education. The empirical part of the work makes statements on the basis of the research objectives. The text content analysis (of kindergarten annual reports and other records) is used in order to verify the statements. The research sample was randomly chosen from the representatives of kindergarten, primary and secondary schools. On the basis of the above mentioned research it is stated that the heads of primary and secondary schools act accordingly to the school regulations: which means that the evaluation of teacher training and further education is included in the annual reports of the schools. The parallel studying is the most frequently implemented type...
Primary school management system
Tůma, Jan ; Trunda, Jiří (advisor) ; Voda, Jan (referee)
The goal of the bachelor thesis is to summarize bibliography focused on the problem of primary school management. The empirical research reveals if it is unified management system, what are its common features, how much and which parts are influenced by school size. Method of empirical research is questionary investigation. The respondents are basic school managers from Kladno district. In order to investigation were addressed 59 managers with returnability 59 %. Results of the questionary investigation were charted into a table, described and compared with Primary school Zlonice, Kladno district. KEYWORDS management, management system, Primary School, director, Kladno district
Managerial work of the representatives of directors in the kindergartens with four classes in Prague 4, 11, and 12
Vacková, Jitka ; Trunda, Jiří (advisor) ; Trojanová, Irena (referee)
Managerial work of the representatives of directors in the kindergartens with four classes in Prague 4, 11 and 12 Abstrakt: The bachelor thesis discusses managerial work of the representatives of directors in the kindergartens with four classes in Prague 4, 11 and 12. It also discusses the delegation of managerial functions to the representatives of directors. It deals with cooperation between directors and their representatives, determines their level of managerial competence from the perspective of themselves and also from the perspective of directors. Bachelor thesis compares conditions of the representatives of kindergartens directors for their managerial activities and compares work of the statutory representatives and leading teachers. This thesis deals in theoretical level with the concept of school management and defines its characteristics, defines the structure of managerial functions and deals with their delegation. Keywords: education management, managerial functions, delegation, competence
Changeover of school culture after taking the office of director by a director of kindergarten
Balcarová, Dita ; Trunda, Jiří (advisor) ; Voda, Jan (referee)
TITLE: The changeover of school culture after taking the office of director by a director of kindergarten AUTHOR: Dita Balcarová DEPARTMENT: The education management centre SUPERVISOR: Mgr.Bc. Jiří Trunda ABSTRAKT The changeover of kindergarten culture after taking the office by a new director This bachelor project deals with problems of the alteration in the school culture after assuming the office of Director. The theoretical part is based on scientific literature, which explains a culture of the school, its diagnostics, the evaluation and consequent changes. The research part tries to investigate the actual situation of the school culture in the specific institution. It attempts to identify problematic factors of school culture using analysis of data and find out how to initiate a convenient process leading to alteration of school culture. The question was if it is necessary to involve employees in the process or leave this difficult task on a director. The answer to the question "How to change a school culture" is certainly very difficult, because of different conditions in each school, different people working in the school and last but not least different values and attitudes, which they share. The goal of the project was to verify specific cases (in the specific conditions) by using general methods...
School Management Evaluation and Selfevaluation
Geringová, Lenka ; Trunda, Jiří (advisor) ; Svobodová, Zuzana (referee)
This thesis is focused on process of evaluation and self-evaluation of school-management in leisure time centres in Central Bohemia and Prague. The thesis aims to discover how and whether at all evaluation and self-evaluation of school-management takes place in leisure centres, including sources, methods and criterias being used. In theoretical part we define origin and meaning of the evaluation and self-evaluation concept and we present main thoeries of this discipline in so called Evaluation theory tree. Then, Leisure time centres are classified presented in context of Czech school system and types of education - informal, non-formal and formal. Individual chapters deal with general presentation of leisure time centres, definition of school management (including legal requirements concerning their education), evaluation tools, projects, methods, competences and competence models of middle management in leisure time centres. We also introduce here evaluation tools created for leisure time centres, especially online system Olina. In empirical part we combine quantitative design of research (survey among leisure time centres in Central Bohemia and Prague) and case study in chosen centre. Analysis of current state of evaluation in chosen leisure time centre is focused on evaluation processes and on...
Comparison of managerial competencies headmaster and manager in the commercial sector
Hassmanová, Lucie ; Trunda, Jiří (advisor) ; Trojan, Václav (referee)
Final thesis presents a comparison of managerial competencies of headmaster of elementary school with middle management manager in the commercial sector in the area of leadership. The issue is based on experience, knowledge and skills of the current headmasters of the primary schools and middle management managers within their managerial competencies. The aim of the work and chosen qualitative research using of methodology "shadowing", which comes from all day observable behavior is to compare specific managerial skills among primary school headmaster and manager of middle management in the commercial sector in area of leadership. By comparison of the specific managerial competencies we will be able to compare the level, purpose and importance of the specific managerial competencies to the primary school headmaster and manager of middle management of the commercial sector. During the research has been used an interview, which has been followed after several observed situations of concrete behavior of the headmaster of the elementary school and middle management manager in the commercial sector. Concrete managerial competencies have been defined based on combination of competence models, which has been mentioned and described in theoretical part of this thesis. Contribution of the research could be...

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