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Use of Chiral Separations for the Determination of Enzyme Enantioselectivity
Břicháč, Jiří ; Zima, Jiří (advisor) ; Tesařová, Eva (referee) ; Flieger, Miroslav (referee)
Conclusion Enantioselective enzymes pray important rore in metaboric pathways of chirar compounds. Enantioselective metabolism of lipid peroxidation product HNE was studied using measurement of enzyme kinetics. Difference in ability to detoxiý individua| HNE enantiomers by rat brain mitochondriar ALDHs was found. Based on kinetic parameters of purified recombinant enz),Ťnes' it was concluded, that rat ALDH5A enantioselective|y oxidized (R)-HNE' whereas rat ALDH2 was not enantioserective. Moreover, direct and indirect RP-HPLC methods for the separation of HNEA enantiomers were deveroped and validated. The indirect method involved pre-corumn derivatization with a chiral amino agent ANPAD' and subsequent separation ofdiastereomers on a Spherisorb oDS2 column. The direct separation of HNEA enantiomers was performed using the porysacharide-based CSP, Chiralpak AD-RH. Enantioserective enzymes are useful biocatalyzators a'owing cheap preparation of optically pure chemicals. screening of epoxide hydrolases produced by various microorganisms was performed and enantioselective enzymes were found using chiral GC on cyclodextrin-based CSps. In summary, this thesis describes development and optimization of the analytical methods for determination of various chiral compounds implicated in enzyme enantioselectiviý. All...
Enzymatic Studies of Organohalogen Formation By Model Compounds
Blažková, Ivona ; Tesařová, E. ; Forczek, Sándor
Research in recent years has demonstrated that halogenated organic compounds are formed in\nnature due to biotic and abiotic processes. One of the most known sources of these substances are\nfrom the reaction catalyzed by haloperoxidases which include chloroperoxidase enzyme (CPO)\nisolated from Caldariomyces fumago. CPO enzyme was incubated with chloride or bromide, in the\npresence of hydrogen peroxide and organic substrates. Experiments were conducted with three\nsubstrates (acetone, acetic acid, and glucose), and different concentrations of halides.\nMeasurement of the samples by gas chromatography with an ECD detector showed the influence\nof the substrate type and halide concentration on the formation of the organohalogen products.
Uptake and Distribution of Chlorphenols in Barley
Jíšová, Tereza ; Forczek, Sándor ; Tesařová, E.
Chlorinated phenols represent one of the most common groups of toxic industrial compounds.\nThey are resistant to biodegradation in the environment and persist for a long time. Food crops\nsuch as spring barley, are susceptible to contamination by various pesticides and organic waste,\nand these substances can then get into the plants. Uptake and distribution of 2-chlorophenol were\ninvestigated in axenic spring barley. After absorption of 14C-labelled 2-chlorophenol, the plants\nwere harvested and extracts were analyzed for 2-CP derived radioactivity. The uptake of 2-CP to\nroots and transport to leaves were confirmed. Radioactive balance was calculated for individual\nplants.
Natural Sources of Chlorinated Volatile Hydrocarbons in Spruce Forest Undergrowth
Štangelová, Pavla ; Wimmer, Zdeněk ; Tesařová, E. ; Forczek, Sándor
Chlorine as one of the most frequently occurring elements in nature, is involved in biogeochemical\ncycles. Several anthropogenic and even natural sources of volatile chlorinated hydrocarbons of\nemission is known, yet natural sources have not been explored enough. The aim of this study is to\ngather information of potential sources of chlorinated organic hydrocarbons in spruce forest\nundergrowth. Emissions of chlorinated volatile hydrocarbons of selected species of bryophytes,\nferns and fungi were measured by SMPE sampling technique and analyzed with GC-MS analysis.\nSodium chloride solution was used as a stressor to simulate increased environmental chloride load.\nTrichloromethane (chloroform) was found in most natural samples, dichloromethane,\ntetrachloroethene and tetrachloromethane were found occasionally. Increased chloride\nconcentration caused elevated emissions of trichloromethane and tetrachloromethane in some plant\nspecies.
Evaluation of the Financial Situation of the Company and Proposals to its Improvement
Čuperová Šebková, Lenka ; Tesařová, Eva (referee) ; Pernica, Martin (advisor)
This bachelor's thesis deals with the evaluation of the financial situation of the company in between years 2012 and 2015, which for 2015 are known to preliminary results. In the first part is described theoretical knowledge about the various ways a comprehensive evaluation of the financial situation of the company. And the second part is a description of the company and evaluated factors affecting in market position. The third part contains calculations of individual indicators, interpretation of results and SWOT analysis. The conclusion is contained proposals to improve the financial management of the company.
Charakteristika a srovnání přístupu francouzské a české generace Y k pracovnímu uplatnění.
Tesařová, Eva
The diploma thesis deals with the generation Y and its approach to employment. The theoretical part is devoted to generational theories and characteristics of existing generations and detailed focus on generation Y. Practical part focus on surveys realized on the topic generation Y in the labour market. There is also own survey in the practical part. The goal of the survey is the comparison of generation Y in Czech Republic and French and its approach to labour market. Based on the results of the researches, proposals are recommended for employers to introduce new instruments for adaptation generation Y in the workplace. Consequently there is assessment of costs for these proposals.

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