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Clonal evolution of leukemic cells and its role in the progression of leukemia and preleukemia
Svobodová, Karla ; Zemanová, Zuzana (advisor) ; Urbánková, Helena (referee) ; Šubrt, Ivan (referee)
Clonal evolution is a multistep process characterized by progression of the disease, adverse prognosis and shortening of overall survival. The aim of the dissertation was a detailed characterization of identified changes in patients with myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS) and clonal evolution and evaluation of their prognostic impact. We performed detail cytogenomic analyses in 36/469 (8%) patients with confirmed linear clonal evolution. We described 57 primary abnormalities (32% MDS-specific) at the time of diagnosis, the most frequent was deletion of long arm of chromosome 5. We proved 156 secondary aberrations (21% MDS-specific) during the course of the clonal evolution, the most frequent were trisomies/tetrasomies of chromosome 8. We identified acquired uniparental disomies (aUPD) in 19% of patients. In MDS-specific aUPDs 4q, 11q and 17p, we proved homozygous mutations of TET2, c-CBL and TP53 genes. We found a statistically significant difference in overall survival between the groups of patients divided according to their diagnostic cytogenomic findings. In patients with clonal evolution before treatment 54% of aberrations were gains of whole chromosomes, by contrast 44% of abnormalities identified in patients with clonal evolution after treatment were monosomies or deletions. The study of clonal...

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